Mass Killer

The images posted here would be very disturbing, reason its posted is because I want you to know the atrocities and how extensive war crimes were committed to the Sri Lankan Tamils.

Whenever someone talks about God and religion, and if that certain someone does not have faith in God, he usually ends up saying that God and religion had been the real reason behind the suffering of mankind. I will agree to a certain extend. But saying God is responsible for the suffering is not really accurate, people are divided today not because of God. It is because we; the humans decided that we’ll draw up lines in between us in the name of religion. God did not create religion, men created religion.

We think what we’re talking is the ultimate truth, and whenever someone goes against your teaching; a new religion is born. I believe this was what happened thousands of years ago. Although we all descended from the same forefathers, we chose to divide ourselves in the name of religion because we were so obsessed with power, money and greed. We forgot that we’re all from the same breed.

War and sufferings were created by mankind. The intelligence that nature had given us had been misused, to annihilate our fellow men. I’ve been following up the issue on Gaza. But really what can I say about it? We’re each backing up our own ‘kind’. We’re disguising under the name of humanity, but in reality we’re just voicing out whenever someone ‘related’ to us are suffering.

According to online news, 133 people had been killed in the recent Gaza war. Malaysians were outraged, our Prime Minister, Najib Tun Razak called up President Obama to stop the violence in Gaza. Malaysian politicians suddenly rose up to the occasion and condemned the attack that has killed a lot of children’s and women.

Now listen…

Nearly 100000 people were killed in the recent Sri Lankan war. Almost 50% out of it were civilians. 30 % out of the civilians were kids and women. How many Malaysians really stood up to condemn the attack? Not many, although nearly every day hundreds of women were raped publicly, and some were tortured, tormented and executed in public. Mass graves were built all over to bury Tamils.

Isaipriya – LTTE TV Presenter – Gangraped and executed, body left naked.

Women were raped and AK 47 was jolted through their vagina, before shots were fired through their private parts. Pregnant women abdomen was cut open and the baby taken out before being executed. Girls as young as 12 was gang raped till they suffocate and die. Men were brought to the killing fields where they were executed. Nearly 50000 people died this way.

Mother raped and executed, children hung to death by Sri Lankan Army

Do you see suffering?

Killing fields – young man executed in fields

I do not want to talk anything about Gaza, or any other war anymore. Because we humans are so sick that we think we’re fighting along the lines of humanity, when in fact we’re all fighting for our own religion and race. Whenever something struck your race and religion, you become enraged. Whenever it’s not, it’s none of your fucking business, isn’t it?

Our Prime Minister, Najib Tun Razak is one perfect example. When 24 countries voted in favor UN resolution to pressurize Sri Lanka to investigate alleged war crimes, Malaysia refrained from voting. They refrained from voting although knowing that thousands of innocent lives were lost. Fucking ridiculous isn’t it?

Bodies hauled in a truck for mass burial – civilians

As if that is not enough, the mass killer Mahinda Rajapaksa, President of Sri Lanka had been welcomed to Malaysia by our Prime Minister to attend the three-day World Islamic Economic Forum in Johor this Dec 4-6. Isn’t that an insult for us Malaysians? A man who initiated mass genocide in Sri Lanka is being invited to address a forum.

What is he going to highlight? How to kill Malaysian Indians more effectively?


Fuck off Mahinda Rajapaksa. 

Update – 25/11/2012 – 20:22


Rajapaksa trip to Malaysia had been cancelled.  Perhaps PM got  so scared he  might lose the bits and pieces of Indian  votes he is currently gaining now. Will he dare to speak against the atrocities committed in Sri Lanka though? I doubt it, because Sri Lankan Tamils is not his ‘kind’.

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  • alan

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    Eat shit u bloody mahinda dog!

  • Vaniee

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    dear najib,

    I have been having this conflict for the past few months..(you know)..on whom to cast my vote to. I must thank you for helping me to make the decision. You have been very resourceful in clearing my doubts on this matter. By the way, thank you for the ‘personal’ letter with your photo on it, my family, friends and neighbors are happy to have a copy of your autograph. It must have cost you time, money and effort to do this…we will look at it before we cast our know, just so that we don’t vote for the wrong person in the coming election…

  • warmonger

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    My dear Najis, this is the final nail in your coffin. Sk, it hurt man seeing the picture of the murdered kids. I hope all the assholes who think MIC is the saviour of the Tamilans and the Indians will receive a little knowledge. Not agreeing to getting the Sri Lankan government investigated for war crimes clearly shows that BARISAN NASIONAL does not give a shit about us. Now how many of you ***** would like to vote for those pariahs in UMNO, MCA, MIC, GERAKAN, PPP, IPF, MAKKAL SAKHTI and all the other cock and bull shows?

  • sarravana kumar

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    The time will come for the changes, there will be no religion, and no borders between the countries. Only the mass natural disasters can achieve that…

  • random

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    our brother and sister are still suffering there until today, even the war had ended, the worst case the sri lankan government is declining outside help till today, and we also have to be aware of another traitor eho played a major role in killing our siblings fromm different mother, karunanithi, he declined to help the tamilians who really really needs it but was organising semmoli vila in tamil nadu

  • natasha

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    Very disturbing images.

  • bavani

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    my fellow Indian sisters and brothers,

    we all will have the same faith IF BN wins with majority in the upcoming election.

    they tore down ONE temple and now our honourable PM is going temple by temple to win Indians’ votes. in addition to this, he has even donated
    RM1Million for that very same temple to be re-built. He is not only buying Indians’ votes, but even our God, I suppose!!


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