Ripped Apart

Sources are put together to write this article,any inaccuracies , I apologize. She had just finished watching the ‘Life of Pi’ with her friend, and boarded the school bus to get back home, a ride that proved fatal for her. We all know the story by now, it is now a massive hit with millions […]

Malaysian Kampung Elvis Presley

There are times that I will feel like I’m a complete dumbfuck. There are times that I will feel what I’m trying to explain looks like one extremely immatured view of how I see things. But what moves me forward and instill hope inside me, is seeing a person more insane, and particularly idiotic and […]

Yogyakarta; Stunning and Touristic

It was 3.30 am, very early in the morning when I reached Yogyakarta. I was not due to meet my host until at least 8 am, so I knew I was in trouble.Fikri, my host from Malang was picked up by his brother. Carrying my huge backpacks and ignoring the touts, I walked towards one […]


I’m in the ship cruising to Medan, all the way from Jakarta, which would take at least 3 days. I’m already on my third day in the ship,in a small cell  with my other jail mate, going through hard times. I have many other travel blogs pending, but I decided to bring forward this post. […]

Makanan Tradisi – Malang

“Lazat..Lazat…Makanan Tradisi Mas…coba..coba…” I looked and gazed into the eyes of the Indonesia guy, who is trying to offer some sort of food to me. It looked like some type of ‘meatballs’ , a greenish type of thing I’ve not seen anywhere in Indonesia. I was in the bus on the way to Malang from […]

Surabaya/Mt.Bromo – Encounter with Local Thugs

When I touched down Surabaya, I immediately felt something is wrong. As soon as I knew I’m in Indonesia, I’ve started missing my own country. How the fuck am  going to last 7 months travelling all over? Alone? I don’t know why I felt so, but probably things will get better over the days. Probably […]

Journey to the East

One year ago, I posted the below as my status. I was disappointed at that time, living a life where our family and corporate responsibilities supersedes our real goal in life. We’re all chasing after something, but we’re just chasing after it because everyone else is doing the same thing. We start studying from the […]

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