Ripped Apart

Sources are put together to write this article,any inaccuracies , I apologize.

She had just finished watching the ‘Life of Pi’ with her friend, and boarded the school bus to get back home, a ride that proved fatal for her. We all know the story by now, it is now a massive hit with millions of prayers for a beautiful girl who lost her life due to the greed of several men. Everyone was outraged.

Ram Singh,Mukesh Singh,Pawan Gupta, Vijay Sharma, and Akshay Singh were all waiting to strike. Intoxicated with alcohol, they turned into beasts. Dhamini’s male friend, was held and assaulted by Pawan Gupta and thrown out of the bus. Dhamini, stuck alone now in the bus, was at the mercy of 6 animals who took turns to rip her apart. Each time Dhamini relented, she was assaulted with a metal rod. The animals became more outraged and started to abuse her physically, gaining satisfaction seeing her struggling to protect her dignity. Not stopping at that, the metal rod was jolted in her private part , ripping and tearing her internal organs causing dislocation of her intestines and internal organs.

After an hour of fulfilling their demonic fantasies, Dhamini was thrown out of the bus; left to die. Buck naked by the roadside, no one even bothered to stop and help. No one was even bothered to cover her body. Until the police were there, people were just watching her wriggling her body and panting in pain by the road side.

Her coffin

Every other person that I’ve been talking to seems to be talking about this, and asked me to write about it. Yes of course, but really, what do you really want me to write about a girl who was raped and ripped apart? Pictures are spreading all over Facebook that each share of the pictures would pressure the authorities for capital punishment.


Seriously are we that stupid?

In Saudi Arabia, men are mutilated or stoned to death for crimes like rape and theft. But does that prevent them from doing any crime?There, women are covered from head to toe, yet some men get aroused.

Rallies and protest are going on all over the world about how the accused should be hanged to death or given capital punishment. Yes, hang all 6 of them. Then? Rape will stop?


A few months back, a good friend of mine, Mathu posted a link. The link was basically about Self Defense Workshop for Women, it was offered by a retired army captain who was well trained in field combat.A self defense workshop would teach you how to protect yourself when you’re attacked.

I shared it across, and to tell you the truth not many even bothered to make an effort to share it. I don’t really blame all of you, things like that might not make any sense, unless anything tragic just like the cases of Dhamini comes up. We are not pro-active. We all need a wake up call.

If only someone had shared things like above rather than sharing something after an incident had happened, these type of tragedies could have been prevented.

Everything dies down, just like how Dhamini died. A week from now everyone would forget about Dhamini and will eventually get on with their lives. Then another Dhamini would get raped, and then everyone would start being alert again.

In Malaysia, rapist are protected , for an example the recent National bowler who was released despite proven guilty of raping an underage girl. Why? Popularity and money. With money and power, you’re above law. A rapist was predicted to have a bright future ahead of him by the court and released with just a fine. Brilliant isn’t it? While the innocent gays and lesbian community are subjected to public humiliation and legal action, a convicted rapist is released to roam around perhaps to fuck another one in future.

Protect yourself, protect your family members. Girls, don’t put yourselves in dangerous situation, and equip yourself with survival skills. 2012 has ended with so many tragedies, from the school killings in US to the girl who was shot in the head in Pakistan and now Dhamini. Always remind yourselves that there will always be animals out there.

May peace be with all, Happy New Year 2013. Inbame Sulge, Yellorum Valge…

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