Bawani KS

You probably would have heard about Bawani IPS, a Tamil movie starring Sneha who acted as a tough and stern police women protecting the public from the rowdies and criminals. And probably now you would have heard about Bawani KS, one of the most talked about girl by netizens for the past few days. The […]

Dogs and Malaysian Indians

Thanks to Bro Danny for the infos and thank you my Machas who were there by spirit or physically in the rally today. Share this… As usual the shameless MIC Youth had started their campaign right after Himpunan Rakyat today that saw nearly 100000 participants attending it without being bribed or given any ‘ang pow’. […]

The Word Allah

As you know; I’m currently travelling, but I’m still keeping in touch with all the issues that is happening in Malaysia. In fact that’s the first thing I read and update myself whenever I get a Wi-Fi connection. Every travelers that I meet in the streets talks highly about Malaysia, and they all generally have […]

Exotic Meats of Indonesia

I try out everything during my travels, it’s part of the experience. Please don’t try to be a moral police. What is pet for you would be meat in another country, vice-versa, what is meat for you would be pet in another country. It’s been a month since I’ve come to Indonesia, and today would be the […]

The Pussy Hunter

Those who are affected by this guy, do contact me personally. This is not something new. This is something I’ve always heard, and I personally know many people who abuse their position or power to gain something. I’ve a wide range of readers here who are studying abroad and locally, who had been sexually abused […]