Dogs and Malaysian Indians

Thanks to Bro Danny for the infos and thank you my Machas who were there by spirit or physically in the rally today. Share this…

As usual the shameless MIC Youth had started their campaign right after Himpunan Rakyat today that saw nearly 100000 participants attending it without being bribed or given any ‘ang pow’. The power of rakyat was evident today in the rally, and imagine my surprise when I saw MIC dumbfucks sharing things like the rally was a complete failure and so on.

How can a rally that drew nearly 100000 people was a failure?

Really, I do not want to share you anything about the rally. We all know what happened during the rally. The people of this country are demanding that their rights and opportunities are equally given, and the government is free from corruption and corrupt leaders. Instead of fixing that, the Government of today, is actually dishing out multiple goodies for the rakyat so that you fucking forgive them.

Indians, as usual in this country are mere beggars. We’re always beggars and had always been regarded as low life idiots. BN; knowing that it is important to throw you some bones so that you will always remain faithful to them like a dog, had used the same tactic again and again to dupe you. Through MIC and another million component parties like IPF, Nambikei,PPP; they’re dishing out millions of dollars to entice and hook you.

Situations like this happens in India. For a vote, you would be given a color TV and Rp500, sometimes. In Malaysia, you’re not even worth that. You’re all treated like a piece of shit, for real.

Today, Indians were brought in from all over the state with bus to join a program called as “Mesra Bersama PM” …Yenna masero…  I’m just going to share with you, and I want you to have a good look how we’re being treated. Don’t we all have enough to eat at home? Why are we given rice? Are we in that bad condition? Look at the old people below fighting for a packet of rice , and the funniest part is look at the patti below in this picture, she also has 1Malaysia shirt. DAMNnnnnn…

The basic education system that we all need is not fulfilled. Our kids are suffering in the schools. The money is stolen and no accounts is shown up until now. Instead of showing accountability for all that, all they’re doing is the same old tactic again. Throw some bones to the Indians, and they would be willing to die to have a scrap of it. SJKT Simpang Lima, Klang is the best Tamil school in the country. Every year, hundreds of their students gets straight A’s. Recently, as usual, they were promised a few things, and look at what happened in the end.



Remember Sangeetha, the story I highlighted earlier? Even that issue is not resolved yet.

Millions that is being spend for cheap concerts involving local artists and giving rice packet sudem sambrani mayire matte is all to make you fucking dumb. Talk to your parents, talk to your neighbours, talk to your friends. Tell them the truth. Tell them how they’ve been duped for more than 50 years.

And to all the MIC Youtthe or Sutthe who was saying the rally today was failure, fuck you like seriously.Ithe parenggeda…



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  • suren

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    Ivannunge thirunthe maatanunge. Thiruntavey maatanunge. Ethayacchum mutti kittu saavunge da. Inthe polappukku naai polappe tevalam

  • RN

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    honestly dog get better attention than we indians! for 5 fellas benefit ureye vitruvange! inthe pundenge kite 1000 velli kudekerana avenge akka ve vippange! Jib sute na evenengeleke sema suka! ella kaatu pundenge “MatiIC Syutthe” ne sollikete nama tamilengele vikkurange! whoever arrange that i wish his wife p**dle lorry eri! aven magan idi ulenthe savuno! aven kambu mati aye 9tha gila pudichi alaeyenum! avene naan appe serupala adichi saveadikinum.

  • Kadalkarai

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    What to do if we have Political Parties like MIC and IPF who still insists in having a Beggar Attitude.

  • ashah

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    what do you expect the indians to do? refuse the free rice packets? come on, these are people living in poverty..try thinking from their point of view..what indians should really do is make use of all the free bn goodies handed to them, just receive whatever help u get from them, and then, don’t vote for them..but we, indians, the moment we get a free rice packet or when najib walks around in brickfields, we start to sing all praises for bn..we shouldnt do that..we should play hard to get..make use of them but vote for the this way, bn will realise that they cant buy our votes with free rice packets..they will realise that it takes more than a rice packet to win our hearts!

  • Anna Daran

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    Vedivel joke paate sirichi sirichi, sriya yidippu rasichi rasichi, adhithadi padam video and cinema kanne chimetame paate Indiya makkalgal ellam kuttichoraa poitaingo!

    We Indians are truly members of NATO – no action, talk and take only. but we accuse everyone else of being NATO..

  • Anna Daran

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    Yes, yes, I Indians are living in poverty. But their houses all got video recorder, right.

  • Anna Daran

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    Why must others do things for us. We get free education don’t we. So use that. We got Tamil schools right – so improve it. Why cannot – Samy Vellu sapu all the money, is it?

    Stop the Tamil school teachers insulting the kids, and stop the abusive parents from ruining the children future, stop depending on MIC, Barisan or Pakatan, or the bloody government. Work smart, save money, buy you own arisi.

  • Anna Daran

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    The obsession with Tamil padam, kathal katirikai and kalyanam, sandai-kindai has to stop.

    Buthi theetanam, katti illai.

    Indians need to stop the yapping and start doing. So the first thing I m going to do is stop my yapping.

  • renni

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    Ahtigama pesare MIC naaingga vayum….
    road le tunggera naaiyum….
    serupu adi vanggama ponatha saritaram illa…

  • ashah

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    anna daran, u’re right in a way..we should stop depending on the govt but come on, why wanna say no to all the free goodies we deserve to get? actually, its the taxpayers’ its our right to receive the goodies..why say no when ur burden can be lessened? but remember,just vote them out after getting all u need..that’s a smart act!

    • Vaniee

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      I think we should stop associating receiving subsidies from gov with voting for the gov. Subsidies are from taxpayers’ money as ashah put it so everyone is entitled to it. What happened above was the ignorance of the middle man (also an Indian) to get a proper venue to disburse the goodies. These middle men are the ones who downgrade our Indian society for their own benefits. They don’t care how it looks like to the other races. Thus, fault lies within us. On the voting part, vote wisely not based on a bag of rice, flour…and etc


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    kudethellam kuduthan..yaarukaage kuduthan?? vote kaaga kuduthan..

  • Ugalisha

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    I agree with the author of this article. Much can be done about the education system and poor living conditions for some rakyat and yet somehow receiving free goodies (*note how this usually happens when elections are nearing) are given much priority. To these people receiving goodies to last them a month takes priority and we cant really blame them. They have kids to feed, a family to run.They dont have the time or luxury to fight for whats right because they have given up hope of ever having their voice heard. Im not saying they are right. They should definitely fight for their rights, heck WE should fight for OUR rights but who will convince them to do so? Ive come across many comments like this ” oh we will never be heard” , “oh you think you can change the world? just concentrate on your studies and dont try to act smart” , “oh no point doing anything. We indians are good at spoiling our own name.” etc etc. And sadly these comments are from people with good education backgrounds. If all of us think this way then nothing will ever change. Im not saying iv done anything but I would like to start. Would you?

  • Gizzmo

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    Too many feel uncomfortable asking for help, even with academics.”

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    Pour people … no comment looking at all this 1st of all we as a indian need to be brother and sis … and then … we can be more powerfull in everything rich need to support the pour … support them to have better life not going pub and drinking and having fun with girls this only for the rich man tht doing this … not for all


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