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You probably would have heard about Bawani IPS, a Tamil movie starring Sneha who acted as a tough and stern police women protecting the public from the rowdies and criminals. And probably now you would have heard about Bawani KS, one of the most talked about girl by netizens for the past few days.

The reason for her rise to fame? Her bravery speaking out in front of a crowd of about 2300 students , terrorizing the speakers and MC of the forum with facts and figures. Her guts were commendable and something even I would not have done if I was studying in a university.

The forum entitled ‘Suara Mahasiswa’ was truly a bullshit. Suara Mahasiswa means the voice of the students. Look at what happened in the forum.

If not the most ridiculous, this is truly one of the worst MC I’ve ever seen or heard in my life. The lady, Sharifah Zohra Jabee is the President of Suara Wanita 1 Malaysia( SW1M). What the fuck is SW1M? I have no idea, first time I’ve ever heard in my life too. This is probably one of the many branch that had been created under the 1Malaysia banner, similar like Namb1kei. With probably 10 members, they would be an organization fully supported by the Government.

While Bawani came up with facts and figures on how free education could be given to all, Ms Sharifah cut her off and started arguing about freaking sharks, on how nothing has been done to save the sharks. What has free education got to do with sharks? Like seriously, how can someone educated with a degree argue so lowly? And then she was speaking about Islam, aiyo Meenachi, tudung pun tara pakai apa mau cerita pasai Islam? Look what she said after 13:00 min. She was talking about Islam yang tak sempurna. Wah, there is such thing like Islam tak sempurna?

Take a look at the rest of the students, when Bawani spoke, everyone clapped. And when Ms Sharifah spoke, everyone clapped as well. Like cows. This is the product of education of today. She was entirely rude, had little or no points at all, and was putting up personal attack towards Bawani. In most universities, they’re brainwashed by BN slaves like Sharifah so that they will pledge loyalty for the Government.

Typical BN politicians and their slaves harping on the same thing, if you start comparing our country with another country, you should fuck out of the country. Why must I get off the country that I was born in? I’m paying my tax, I don’t break any law, I’m freaking contributing to the economy as well, why the FUCK must I get out of MY country? All these assholes who speaks as if they own this land should get a reality check, we all are part of this country. Malays , Chinese and the Indians and all other Malaysian citizens. Ms Sharifah was a truly a disgrace to the community, suppressing a student with her loud voice and telling her to go other countries and universities. Why can’t I ask for free education? If you can steal money for cows and condos, why can’t you provide free education? How are you ever going to grow up if you don’t compete with the other countries? Seriyaneh mutta nayi.

My personal congratulations and best wishes to Ms Bawani and her family, who fought for the rest of the students who rightfully deserve free education and a country free of corruption. Young girls like her who are willing to speak up against injustice is a rare breed, just like Ambiga Sreenivasan. Though she was only given a short time to deliver her speech, she made every Malaysian proud , and set an example of how one should fight for their rights.

Given time, she is the next Ambiga.

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  • warmonger

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    With a name like ******….no wonder…just like Jabba the Hut in Star Wars..all fats and no action.

  • nithiah

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    gosh..see how the moderator was imposing her points for the crowd to cheer her! and the way she treated a democrat from voicing her opinion..Bavani! im so so proud of u

  • raj

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    To dear sharifah if you are seeing this, I was just wondering how you got a job in a UNIVERSITY in the 1st for such a stupid mentality. Bdw you sucks at debating.

  • 1malaysiatohell

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    Ms Bavani,you did very good job. Dont give damn about that rosmah’s dog…the only thing i can clearly see frm her nonsense speech as a speaker,she got fetish for animals…=P

  • Danes UTP

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    The so-called SW1M President is comparing humans to animals! Her statement was like, animals also have problems, but they did’nt complain, so why should you complain? Yes, we are happy with what we have, but, look at a side where some of our students unable to continue they preferred studies due to poverty. Their ambitions dies there. If Free education is granted, these conditions will change! That’s what Ms. Bavani wanted. Are’nt it our hope also? Think and strive for a CHANGE!

  • Student

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    dont worry bawani, we are on your side. Just dont give a shit to that loud Stup*d Wh**e. Obviously, she dont answer any single of your questions. Btw, I wonder why this blog are full of comments by mostly Indian and some chinese. Nice blog anyway. and I am malay fyi. Cheers XD

  • prem

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    Seriously fucking dumb ass..Bawani did not bring any racial issue in this but that bitch simply brought in that issue..she told Bawani did not give respect by right she herself din give respect when a lecturer tried to speak..N she is a complete fucked up bitch to simply tell all religious is not categorised as 1..that shows how uneducated dumb ass bitch is she…UUM is not her grandfathers uni as well for her to ask Bawani to step out..we should seriously take a huge step n make her tell sorry publicly..

  • Kaysha

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    Bawani, you did a very good job. Dont worry about these ladies who cant differentiate a democracy problem and her cat dog shark problem. Seriously, you are super brave to voice out. Unlike those people who clapping for everything, and shaking heads for everything. If voices like you arise in every corner, we wouldnt have this election issues. Heads up to you. They say, give respect and take respect. You dont have to respect the ladies that cant even respect you and your issue. Lastly, dont lose it because of negative people around you. There are alot of people wanting changes, just that we do not have the words and courage like you. :) Good job girl !

  • opinion

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    I hope we could end this tension and learn some new insights from one another.
    i hate violent arguments. it is sad. i don’t like sadness.


  • Vaniee

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    Noted a few disgusting POINTS by this lady Sharifah: 1. When I speak, you listen – this is not a classroom, forum la bodoh (can’t help it). 2. She literally shuts down the girl by repeating the word ‘listen’. She should ask herself whether she knows what is respect. Your respect ended right after you shook hands with the girl. Democracy is about speaking up to improve, the nation should be proud to have undergrads who are able to quote with facts. 2. All students here are happy with what the gov is doing for them– Sharifah, you don’t know that, keeping quiet is not the same with agreeing. 3. You are a student, must be intelligent- she is by the way, but of course you won’t notice it even if Albert Einstein was standing in front of you. 4. Respect the Sharifah? by jadi pak angguk/ pak turut like you? Ikut je mcm lembu kena cucuk hidung? mcm tu kena Sharifah? 5. She quoted all the animals’ misery but failed to acknowledge the problems right in her face. Sharifah, sblm jaga tepi kain binatang, jaga tepi kain manusia dulu. 6. Have you ever thought of all these? Student pegi Uni keje nak fikir pasal kucing, anjing, lembu dan kambing ke, Sharifah? BAKAL pemimpin negara fikir pasal masalah binatang, logik ke soalan mu tadi? 7. The infamous quote–> tak suka UUM, pi U lain…tak tau nak jawab soalan, halau student keluar ye? UUM tu hak bapak mu ke Sharifah? nama pun forum, tp x blh bagi pendapat ke soalan ke yg bertentangan..apa tujuan buat forum? buat le lecture je. Nway, your type of people are well known for ‘memporak-porandakan keadaan’, taking advantage of the situation. For some reason, when you say lembu ada masalah, I can’t help but to think of Kak Ijat of NFC …your saudara kah?

  • CoffeeBean

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    I have always followed this blog but never commented. But i think this post deserves my comment and bhavani deserves my respect. It took courage to talk and it took patience to stand there listening to sharipah’s crap. Thumps up to u bhavani.

    P/s : they should have named it SWIM ( SUARA WANITA ISLAM MALAYSIA). As there were only 2 or 3 indians and chinese in that hall. And they too were not allowed to speak.

  • Indran Chandran

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    This Sharifah Zohra Jabee is an absolute moron.Why the hell must bavani leave this country?This country belongs to her.Its vice versa this idiotic moron Sharifah Zohra Jabee must be the one who should leave this country due to her stupidity cause this country needs smart brainy like Bavani not stupid morons like Sharifah Jabar.This moron should face people like us for a forum than we know how to teach her a good lesson.
    a few seconds ago via mobile

  • student

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    the students who was giving opinion at the end of the video….. they are telling bavani’s way of voicing out is inapropriate….. then which way is apropriate/??? a way which our voice (students) voice will never be heard??? or the way which the malay students are given everything and others dont get what they deserve??? whats wrong in free education if billions of money can be spent for datin rosmah’s ring???

  • Simmie

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    bravo bawani !!

  • shri

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    Good job Bavani. She should answer ur question… B’zil is one of poor country n they r capable 2 do that n y not m’sia…. i personally feel she’s not answering ur question… n she just crapping over… anyway u r brave.. im not happy with the way she answer 2 u… there 1000 more question but they cant answer so they need 2 crape over like this…

  • shazrin

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    Bravo Ms.Bawani to have the guts to speak her mind. Good luck and god bless.
    The bladi bodoh MC just introduced herself to the whole world now. Good luck, bitch.

  • Theivanai Muniandy

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    AWESOME young lady who speaks her mind that i hav ever met!!!! Salute to u n ur family for educating u the right way n for ur guts…. OMG! i got no words to describe it! you reli rock Bawani! n Sharifah… u r the exact definition to STUPIDITY, RUDE, BRAINLESS n CRAPPING QUEEN!!! this should b added to the dictionaries so children will hav a clearer picture on the true meanings of those words!!

    **p/s: Bawani… u have open our eyes to fight for our rights girl!

  • marathamilan

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    • Basil

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      what’s wrong with a PR mindset? they are talking facts so far. i acknowledge that msian politics is dirty, and that anwar was finance minister when BNM lost all that money in the 90s, but now they are showing facts and figures everytime they argue abt sumtin…there are a lot of things that does not tally whenever BN makes a decision, which they say is for the good of the rakyat. so with Bawani’s education and intelligence, she is rooting for the what is right.and what is sensible.

  • ToastMaster

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    Aiyo..This Sharifah thinks she’s ACE VENTURA ah? to know the types of problems animal have. She is talking about respect but screaming on the Mic like a baboon which sat on a hot plate.Bawani should have just walked off or told her to shove it!

  • Baran

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    bravo gal…v r proud of u!! d lady tok crap n u tok fact …v ol ,i mean d educated 1 noes d truth…. really respect u for wat u fought for!!

  • Sandra

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    Kudos Bawani! Proud of you! It takes a lot of courage for what you did and if it could bring a change for the poor which will result to a better educated and successful community, you have our support.

    Sharifah, before you open your constipated mouth, let one finish and LISTEN, LISTEN, LISTEN! Just because you are BN’s Little B****, you don’t deserve respect. Respect is earned and not demanded for. As a Woman, it is a disgrace watching you disrespect and belittle Bawani and you are the president of Suara Wanita 1M. From what I saw and watched on the video, Bawani not only looked but sounded more educated than you. Bawani for one will go very far in life and you my friend, I guess your days of glory ended when you pulled that little stunt of yours with Bawani. Pathetic and Sad! From latest updates, even BN denies being entirely associated with you.

    Here’s one thing you need to know Sharifah Zohra Jabeen, I am a canine lover. Both my dogs are smart and can differentiate the difference between good and bad, postman and thief, etc. If my dogs could speak and were suffocating for air, and being the animal worshipper you are, they would tell you “Sharifah, you breath is like poison, and so is your fart. We’d rather be breathless than be poisoned by you!”

    • Basil

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      damn true!
      Khairy J tweeted “and on UUM issue. Please listen to me: this Jabeen lady DOES NOT represent BN. Sekian.”
      she has lost all credibility…so now instead of SW1M, its just gona be suara wanita 1 orang…

  • CD

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    Like a premature leader going gaga on power. immaturity speaking of facts. i agree that Bavani was nervous, but Sharifah was really rude, attempting to get crowd control. and funnier still is that ppl actually comprehend what she is saying.

    not supporting any particular party, but so many politians in Malaysia always digress from the main point in any problem, best topic to switch too most of the time is race and religion, and today i leart you can also divert and talk about animals.

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    • Basil

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      have you looked up Germany? free education…best cars, best beers, world class football team, a lot of very well-known Germans all around the world. there are a lot of other countries that provide free education, and still first world.

  • mages

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    Dear bawani,
    Thanx to Dhurai for bringing up this matter to our attention. I’ve not seen any gals in “u” dare enough to speak like this. Lebih lebih lagi our indian gals.Salute to you for standing to your rights. Hope all of us can educate much more indians about our “urimai” rather than “nambikei”. Pity that there are still indians begging. We must stop this. Be bold enough to use our rights.Recently,I went for one Ngo functions, where there guest of honour was Dato Ambiga. She stressed for a clean election and she never…never ask any guests to vote for any party. A neutral speech but a eye opening for most Indians. This Bawani is like junior Ambika. Don’t worry, enough for us being slave. Rise up. Vote for change.When we speak, we ae told to leave this country. Check the history before you speak… I really hope Ms.Sharifah can see what kind of degree she’s holding? Topic was education but Mc lecturing about binatang? where you got your degree lah? Can somebody forward this to her.. tq

  • vimalganesh

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    every1 fuck sharifah…duno how to respect when ppl talk..ask her to reseat form 5 moral..!! i cn paid her tuisyen fees.

  • Kamikaze Pilot

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    Blacklist Planet said “I hope everyone remembers the old saying “You get what you pay for”. Free education will always equal to bad education.”

    France – Ecole Normale Superieure University Ranked 59th
    Germany – Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munchen Ranked 48th

    Above are 2 countries are listed among those countries in the world giving free education . Their universities are ranked 59th and 48th respectively in the world top 100 best universities. The German education system is free for all German students from primary to university level. Finland is also listed as one of the countries with free education and suprisingly they are top of the list of 40 develop countries with best education system. And FYI most of the engineering technologies that are being used today in our production line comes from these countries with free education .”Free education will always equal to bad education”. Audi,BMW,Mercedes,Opel,Porshe,VW are list of top car makers from country which gives free education ,Germany.Ironic!!isn’t it !!
    Its the system which indicates on the quality of an education in a country where teachers in these countries have higher status in society with practicing the ‘culture’ of education.

  • pizi87me

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    This SJB is a disgrace to the muslim and malay name, though she doesn’t look like one but yeah, u lick up BN, u get what u want. Thats the game

    Bawani, salute u girl!

  • Voice

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    soon, sharks, cats and dogs are gonna vote!
    Syarifah needs to learn how to speak

  • Ahmad

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    As lecturer, i guess, should act wisely and answer question profesionaly !!! Oh , my goodness you were mentioned about animal but you too behave as you said !!! First of all you don’t qualify too lead an a profesional group, hope so.
    It’s extremely intolerable to stop somebody who willing to share the knowledge she have ! If can’t answer just keep your your mouth shut!!! You disgrace Malaysian wright of speak!!! Frankly i & fellow Malaysians are telling you : YOU OWE PUBLIC APOLOGY TO MS BAWANI ! dO it soon

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    Lisetn…..Listen….Listen….Can someone teach Sharifah on how to wear tudung so that she can become “Wanita Islam Yang Sempurna” and keep bitching around about her problematic shark’s

  • Malaysian

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    Sharifah hang sendiri tak sempurna abis tu nak habag mai pe tu?Ni la KETAM mamak cuba mengajar anaknya berjalan ngan sempurna!Pi la lu ngan lu nya celoteh donggeng tu!PUIIIIIIIIII

  • rumput hijau

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    hello cik sharifah badigol,
    jangan dok tunjuk samseng stail hang kat satu forum umum terutamanya kat forum mahasiswa….

    kalau hang x suka dengan pendapat cik bawani pun, hang bole komen tapi dengan cara maki hamun dia…

    cara hang maki hamun tu betul2 buat aku rasa macam nak sepak hang kiri kanan…

    nasib baik aku bukan adik beradik cik bawani, kalau tak, dah lama makan selipar kiri aku, brand dia listen,listen,listen…

    g mampoih hang cik sharifah badigol, otak hang memang kat lutut….

  • Boeing 727

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    Dont worry Bhavani, Sharifah does not have the facts. That was the main reason she shut you up. And if you have notice the crowd gathered in the hall, bunch of clowns. You talked they clapped, Sharifah talked they clapped. Bunch of morons. Well no worries, we support you Bhavani, good job.

  • Basil

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    hahaha…she is now known nationwide as Sharifah Jerung…and the video is going viral worldwide too… so embarrassing… shows how cheap her degree is. since when is jerung = jaws? aiyo…. maanam mariyathai all gone down the drain… and the panelists were a bunch of pussycats la… they didn’t even have the guts to stand up and stop her ridiculous, what do you even call that? is that even a rebuttal? and the children, i repeat, the children who spoke at the end of the video, shame on you! like a bunch of programmed robots… you cant even differentiate facts and the rantings of a lunatic.

  • Thevan

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    KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 15 — Controversial speaker Sharifah Zohra Jabeen, who openly attacked a student at a forum last year, is no longer a member of the Malaysian Indian Muslim Congress (KIMMA), said its president Senator Datuk Syed Ibrahim Kader, who also accused the former National KIMMA Women’s Head of having a “hard to control” behaviour. “Many phone calls to me have asked the same question.
    “So, I wish to affirm that she is no longer with KIMMA. Whatever she has done and said now does not involve us or our stand,” said Syed Ibrahim, not specifying whether she was kicked out of the party or had resigned.
    Syed Ibrahim confessed to knowing of Sharifah Zohra’s vocal and aggressive behaviour when she was in KIMMA and of receiving many negative reports about her.
    “Yes, we do know about her (Sharifah Zohra’s) wild and aggressive behaviour and it is hard to control her,” he added.
    “However, she is no longer in our party.”

    Source :;_ylt=Ahfb.KDmAoGlLtSKpfVnTKx2V8d_;_ylu=X3oDMTQwczFyb2hnBG1pdANNb3N0UG9wdWxhciBMaXN0aW5nBHBrZwMwODA2YjdlZi0yOTJiLTM5NzItYTI2Ni05NmViODU0N2QyZDcEcG9zAzQEc2VjA01vc3QgUG9wdWxhcgR2ZXIDN2IzNWQ3YzAtNWYxZS0xMWUyLWIzZmYtZDE2MGE2ODRkYzVj;_ylg=X3oDMTF1MzUxNXUwBGludGwDbXkEbGFuZwNlbi1teQRwc3RhaWQDBHBzdGNhdANob21lfG1vc3Rwb3B1bGFyBHB0A3NlY3Rpb25z;_ylv=3


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    nobody wants to ally themselves with that jabeen..even the tulkans, KIMMA also distanced themselves…so, where does she go?? go back India la apa lagi…next time, make sure you LISTEN first before talking..and when people talk about humans, you don’t go pandai-pandai talk about animals…

  • gtrajoo

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    please run an article about this person sharifah ixora jabben miskin, the whole malaysia wants to know more aabout .her qualification academic and how she answered so poorly,

  • Thevan

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    Look how The Star reported this news in in daily.Think twice before spending your money buying this newspaper.
    PETALING JAYA: The widely circulated and viewed video clip featuring a Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) student being belittled by a forum panellist has taken a new twist.

    Bloggers revealed that K.S. Bawani (pic) was neither an ordinary student nor a political novice, as she was associated with Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM) and had actively participated in anti-government rallies.

    While berating Bawani for using the forum to deliver a politically-motivated speech instead of asking questions….

    However, blogs such as have exposed the “hidden” life of the second-year law student.

    The bloggers uploaded pictures of Bawani at several anti-government rallies and a photograph of her with PSM chairman Dr Nasir Hashim.

    PSM secretary-general S. Arut­chelvan confirmed that Bawani was a party supporter and that she had worked as his personal assistant for four years.

    “She is a member of Socialist Youth, not PSM. But she is a supporter of our party,” he said.

    Yesterday, in an interview with China Press, Bawani said her idol was Che Guevara, the late Argentinian Marxist revolutionary and guerilla leader who became a symbol of rebellion.

    (Just look at the way they picture Bawani)….THINK BEFORE BUYING THE STAR..

  • Neelowbo

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    Well sopen Bawani, as for the mother of all animals listen, listen, listen to Bawani

  • kumar

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    im impressed with the remarks given by Muslim folks over this writeup. Salute u all Guys!!

  • Lien Pascoe

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  • Thumb up Thumb down 0 check out my recent post on malaysian meenachi’s! :)


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