The ‘Protected’ Criminals

This is in response to the article written by Ridhuan Tee titled Kesabaran Umat Islam Ada Had.

If I were to write something that will ever have impact, it depends on the readers. I have a good amount of readers now in this blog to spread my message and words. I was not heavily influenced by political news though I grew up hearing shit about MIC and the Government. Though I could not at that time determine why it was so, now I understand what is happening to my country.

I harped on things about my race and religion, and sometimes even ridiculed how we practice things in Malaysia. Though we have a lot of Indians in this country who has gone on to be very successful, the rest had naturally succumbed to the effect of political marginalization that is practiced in our country.

I was talking to a Slovakian guy named Paul when I was travelling in Kratie, and he had absolutely same views with me.Just he was practicing what he was preaching in a larger scale rather than simply complaining about it. He do not support any type of marginalization in the name of religion or race around the world, he is a vegetarian and don’t even drink Coca Cola and McD just because he do not want his money to support wars in other countries. He has conflicting views with people from his own country.

In our country, it is exactly the opposite. I’ve never been worried about my Malay brothers. I’ve never been worried about my Malaysian brothers. But I’ve always been worried about extremist. People with extreme views. People who thinks religion is above humanity. People like Ridhuan Tee. People like UMNO bloggers Papagomo.

The Barisan Nasional Government, despite the numerous racist postings that these scumbags of society makes, never had done anything or taken any action against them. They’re always above the law.

But say a boy showed sutte to the Prime Minister poster, suddenly even the commando’s will be there to arrest the boy. Someone was recently caught showing middle finger to the Queen in Pinang, which was absolutely stupid though and he was arrested. A teenage girl was handcuffed and arrested for stepping on the PM’s picture. I can go on and on..But…


The below is the MB of Pahang, a supposedly educated man, and look at what he is doing.

Isn’t that obscene too? Why was he left off the hook? Fucking pathetic one-sided political masters trying to cling on to their powers and suppress the minority, isn’t it?

Look at Ridhuan Tee, a convert who tries to be more Malay than the Malays .Ridhuan Tee has been quoted saying his parents would go to hell for not embracing Islam,how can someone even say such a thing? What about being a good human being first? To specifically focus on what he had said recently …

“Pernahkah kita bersungut ketika perayaan Thaipusam? Seminggu sebelum perayaan, seluruh kawasan sekitar Batu Caves sesak. Kenderaan diparkir sesuka hati. Lautan manusia satu warna berhimpun, seolah-olah tidak ada warna lain lagi di negara ini.”

Thaipusam and Batu Caves is one of the major attraction in our country, do you fucking know that? A couple I know and whom I close with from US, Amy and Jesse travelled all the way from US just to see Thaipusam. I met them again in Laos and they told me how much they miss Thaipusam. And during this trip, I’ve met a lot of travelers who spoke specifically about Batu Caves and how they’ve missed out to see Thaipusam. What kenderaan diparkir sesuka hati? You punya bapak punya jalan ka? Perayaan la bodoh, close to million are there. Of course there would be some congestion.

“Lautan manusia satu warna berhimpun, seolah-olah tidak ada warna lain lagi di negara ini.”

There are Chinese, Malays and a lot of Westerners in the crowd. People who are fucking blind clouded by extremist views absolutely would not be able to see that. And I don’t even want to talk about Papagomo. He is just too low. He is like these MIC Youth guys who would sell their butt to satisfy their political masters.

Quoting more from Ridhuan Tee:

“Apa yang saya lihat, kita sudah memberi segala-galanya bagi menagih simpati dan undi. Negara ini tidak ada lagi identiti. Agenda Islam dan Melayu entah ke mana.”

Dei, you Cina la Kawan! Come back to reality. Malays , Chinese ,Indians,Sikhs, the natives even the Banglas and Indons you gave Blue ICs are fine in this country. We have an identity. The identity is that we’re Malaysians.

I read in today , Vel Paari was declaring a challenge to Home Ministry to take action against Ridhuan Tee. A good move with a threatening message too…

”If the proposal is rejected, the MIC strategy director stressed that he is prepared to quit MIC and even call on the Indians to vote for Pakatan Rakyat in the next polls”

Nothing will happen of course. Slaves like MIC makes no difference to BN Government, I don’t even think they would bother considering anything that MIC says. Worst case they might just instruct MIC to give rice packets and saree so that they will forget what people like Ridhuan Tee and Papagomo says.


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  • Saveetha

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    such a low mentality Ridhuan Tee … he has forgotten his roots

  • shiva

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    how bout this: every friday double parkin,triple parkin can a? for the fucking whole year !

  • sk3

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    Durai, Can we actually lodge a police report on this kind of person ? will the police take our report? did anyone of us lodge a report on people who post racist remarks on facebook or other social networks site. well i didnt. so i want to knw if any one of you actually did it. if it is accepted, i wanna do too. I think its better to report it rather than requesting fans to share on fb. thank you.

  • Brother Kit

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    pls, let him think himself as a malay, we chinese won’t want this “traitor” back !!!

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    Interesting write up as usual. There are so many things I would like to say but I guess this quote sums it all up.
    “Racism springs from the lie that certain human beings are less than fully human. It’s a self-centered falsehood that corrupts our minds into believing we are right to treat others as we would not want to be treated.”
    Alveda King

    and ps/: Im sure no action will be taken against Ridhuan Tee. Look what happened to Ibrahim Ali…He called for people to burn bibles containing the word “ALLAH” and no action was taken against him and he is still the LEADER of a political party here in MSIA. MALAYSIA memang BOLEH i guess…:/

  • Pakiri

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    Ridhaun Tee & Ibrahim Ali – are satans


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