Produk 1Malaysia

I hate people who are ungrateful . BN fellows are the most grateful, throw anything to them, they would grab it fast like a dog waiting for bones. Whatever the Gov does for them, including sometimes screwing them upside down, is well received and welcomed. For MIC particularly, Najib is God. Their only comeback would […]

The Quota System

“Adding to its woes, the school cannot hire a gardener to clean its grounds for lack of funds, the paper said. Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) chairman M. Mohan said they had appealed to both the Federal and state authorities for help but the plight of the school went unanswered. “The PTA has written to the school […]

No Mercy

Around 4 years back, I received an emergency call that my brother is being robbed. I will not go into detail on how I got that info, but yes, within minutes, together with my cousin, we were there. We were searching around in the area near Klang train station when I spotted two figures walking […]

Yogi vs Psycho

In 1996, a new beat emerged, catering specifically for the Macha group. The men behind the beat and songs was The Keys. It is no surprise that I’m a big fan of The Keys. Rarely will any beat stay for such a long time, but the music introduced by The Keys danced through every Machas […]

Jelajah SutuMalaysia

I was unable to write for sometime because Facebook is blocked in North Vietnam, largely influenced by Communism. It took me sometime before I was able to find a workaround for it. And the first thing I opened up today morning in Facebook was these: Bapa Saiful Bukhari hari ini memohon maaf kepada Ketua Umum […]