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I was unable to write for sometime because Facebook is blocked in North Vietnam, largely influenced by Communism. It took me sometime before I was able to find a workaround for it. And the first thing I opened up today morning in Facebook was these:

Bapa Saiful Bukhari hari ini memohon maaf kepada Ketua Umum PKR, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, dengan mendakwa bahawa anaknya telah dipergunakan oleh pihak-pihak yang tidak bertanggungjawab, yang didakwanya termasuk seorang pegawai perdana menteri untuk memfitnah Anwar dalam kes Liwat II. “Dengan ini saya  memohon maaf kepada Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim dan famili beliau. Beliau dan familinya telah banyak menderita dan sangsara akibat fitnah ini,” tambahnya.


Saiful’s father- Now claims Anwar was not the Sperminator that ‘assaulted’ his son

Look at how politics work. Now, the father of the so-called victim of ‘anal trashing’ had turned the table around. He is saying the story of ‘Batman in Robin’ was not true. DS Anwar did not do anything to Saiful. Saiful meanwhile maintains that he was indeed ANALyzed. I’m amazed how much this people would swear to God and holy books, even cursing their own parents just to gain some money and earn some political points.

Saiful – I swear I was ANALyzed…

People will sell anything, including their soul for money and politics. We , Indians are expert in it. I recently received a particular video from a lot of people, asking me to check it out and see if I feel disgusted about it or not. By the end of the video, I did not feel disgusted, I felt sympathy. I present to you another propaganda brought to you by Barisan Nasional and MIC, the 1Malaysia tour. Just like Nambikei , this is of course another propaganda  by our beloved Government to influence you. It basically features two famous Malaysian Indian local artist, going on a tour around the country to find out how much Barisan Nasional had helped the Indian community. Basically, the video is to show you that BN did not sutte adikiran you for the past 50 years.

Of course, a carefully plotted storyline combined with a precisely selected ‘haters’ had been merged to ‘act’ in this short film. The message was clear, Anwar is a bastard while Najib is a saint. I don’t want to go in detail about the artists who were involved in this, because they might really be supporting MIC and BN so they might be doing it out of love. But I have high respect for artists that don’t sell themselves just for money, for an example the Psycho Unit Crew. I’m not really a big fan of Hip Hop Music but I have high respect for people like Rabbit Mac who maintains neutrality about his political affiliation. They’re indeed famous, but they don’t let them be used like slaves.

Of course, since the video did not go viral(as always), maybe I could help a little in making them famous. Just like Nambikei who is privately funded with our tax money , I have no idea how much money was pumped in to make this 1Malaysia tour. Rather than handing out rice packets and creating cheap propagandas like this, why can’t these guys work towards what the Indians needs the most?

Cut down the corruption. Get rid of paid dogs or gangsters that is used in the party. Be brave to voice out(some credits to Vel Paari though on his stern stand regarding some issues lately).Get to the ground and work close to the people. Shut down your useless bloggers that is good for nothing, get rid of these lowlife scumbags . Find some professionals to work your cause, show people you are honest. Don’t steal, give to the people what the Government gives to you. Fight for your schools and education. Find energetic and intelligent youths that is willing to work for Indians, rather than the current MIC Youth who will open their pants willingly in Brickfields to get fucked for their beloved PM. Channel money to schools rather than temples, for your temples have more than schools. Until now; where are the accounts for the billions that was pumped in for Tamil schools? Stop being slave to UMNO and BN, stand on your own. Have some dignity and pride, ambele thane?

Jangan Takut India!!! Semua dapat beras… Itu muka Najib free gift, kasi frame gantung kat runah..hantu tara masuk…… kahkahkhakhakha…

Athe vitte putte aresi, parepe maire matte ne kodetha, then expect the same response. You will never gain respect. No matter how many propaganda video you come up with, and no matter how much corruption money you pump in to some unworthy cause, you will never gain anything. Though you guys would go extinct soon,I do hope some of you would leave some fossils to remember. Some people will remember some of the good things you might have done.


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  • kselan

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    Tata Ku evlo Payment punthuchooo ipdilam pese?

  • raagavan

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    • SK Durai

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      Bro Raagavan, you’ve got a point. I don’t want to elaborate about the Radio DJ’s and host because I’ve clearly stated in the article that they might be doing it out of love. However, when it comes to business… I can always write blogs based on payments, in fact I’ve been approached with some good amount of money to write about certain topics and someone very influenced in politics. I did not take it up because for me that would be like selling myself. That was my point for people who works to spread propaganda, you know what you’re going to be used as, so in my personal opinion, artist should stay out of it since they would have fans on both sides(oppo or gov).

      These are not BN bashing topics, in fact I write against Pakatan and Hindraf sometimes. You should read back my blogs.I pick certain topics or current affairs and elaborate them. The Government controls all the mainstream medias and papers, the only way our people would get the info is through the Internet. And I want to highlight what BN/MIC is hiding and failing to provide to Malaysians particularly Indians. I don’t even need to talk a lot about Pakatan because that job is already being done excellently by mainstream medias and the Gov. My articles are mixture of various issue, not only politics. If you say I write largely bashing BN, I don’t know what you would say when you see what MIC bloggers write.

      Having seen first hand(with proof) how MIC manipulates-the corruption they’re involved with, the money that they’re swindling from schools – I have personal frustration against them. I can’t blame Pakatan yet on this because the money is not flowing through them.

      It’s a great risk involving me and my own family members that I’m putting up with by writing articles in this blog. I think many times before publishing something, and I make sure I’ve done my homework. There might be some flaws, but I’m after all human. I’m one of the few(I don’t even know others) Indian bloggers out there who is actively making commentary about the ruling Gov and MIC, the rest are MIC Indian bloggers.

      I have no reason to lie in my articles, I gain nothing.My contents are facts, details that people don’t want to write or expose. It is unwise for you to call some people stupid for believing in my articles, remember that just because you don’t know something, it doesn’t mean that it’s not a fact.

      And I’m not a member of any political party.

  • David Billa

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    Well said brother . I would like to ask something to the artist in the second part of the video . Well , government gave some students free education . Why can’t government give full support ? Where do government gets the money ? What the hell is PTPTN ? They gave us money , and we need to pay them back . Why can’t they tanggung everyone ? They are telling everyone is ANAK MALAYSIA . That means they should pay our education . Pakatan Rakyat promise untuk musnahkan PTPTN and give everyone free education . Lets see it soon .

    • Ravi

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      Bro Billa, In my opinion free education is possible only to certain extend. Imagine the huge workforce behind education industry. How this workforce will be impacted. 100% sure that their salary will be reduced with huge margins. There’s always a solution for these kinda issues. All we have to do is find a workaround so that nobody will be affected. Also to be mentioned that a lot of our indians are in education industry. Here is one a little sketch I’ve watched recently.

  • Jelajah 1Malaysia

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    so much politics nowadays..politics from the front, back, left and right !! everything is politics it seems..give BR1M = BN vote buying; Lahad Datu incident = UMNO conspiracy to create fear; Saiful’s father “turning-over” = rightheousness examplified (the same father who was there when the son swore on Quran)…WTF is happening dude?? can wait for the election to be over and move on with our normal routine..btw, i’m also not a member of any political party hahaha as said by Durai although he endorses the tagline “Change”…

  • Kumaresan Arumugam

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    Fakta sebenar: Seramai 24 penduduk Kampung Buah Pala menerima rumah teres dua tingkat yang bernilai kira-kira RM500,000 selepas kemelut yang melanda kampung itu dua tahun lalu.

    Ketua Menteri, Lim Guan Eng berkata, pemberian itu adalah hasil kerja keras banyak pihak termasuk Kerajaan Negeri yang sentiasa prihatin terhadap hak penduduk kampung berkenaan.

    “Kita bukannya menganiaya mereka seperti yang dituduh pihak tidak bertanggungjawab. Kini penduduk tidak perlu risau kerana sudah dapat hak mereka dan ini juga bukti kita tunaikan apa yang dijanji.

    “Saya bersyukur kerana Kampung Buah Pala masih kekal di sini bersama penduduknya walaupun namanya kini ditukar kepada Taman Buah Pala. Keadaannya juga seperti dahulu cuma rumah yang dibina lebih selesa.

    “Saya bersyukur kerana Kampung Buah Pala masih kekal di sini bersama penduduknya walaupun namanya kini ditukar kepada Taman Buah Pala. Keadaannya juga seperti dahulu cuma rumah yang dibina lebih selesa.

    “Saya harap penduduk gembira kerana penyerahan kunci dibuat tiga hari sebelum menyambut Deepavali,” katanya kepada media pada Majlis Penyerahan Kunci Rumah Taman Buah Pala, semalam.

    Menurutnya, pihaknya dan beberapa individu lain antaranya Adun Sri Delima, S N Rayer, Ahli Parlimen Bukit Gelugor, Karpal Singh bersungguh-sungguh membela nasib penduduk kampung itu namun hampa berikutan sembilan penduduk lagi berkeras enggan menandatangani perjanjian penyerahan rumah baru.

    “Pada 2009, Mahkamah Persekutuan memutuskan bahawa penjualan tanah kampung ini adalah sah dan pemaju berhak meneruskan projek mereka. Suka tidak suka, kita perlu terima bagi menghormati undang-undang.

    “Namun Kerajaan Negeri mengambil inisiatif berunding dengan pemaju untuk mendapatkan pampasan buat penduduk dan kita bernasib baik kerana mereka menerima cadangan Kerajaan Negeri.

    “Setelah berunding, seramai 24 keluarga bersetuju untuk menerima pampasan yang diberikan namun sembilan lagi tidak mahu menerimanya. Mereka mengatakan kita buat janji kosong dan menipu,” katanya.

    Sementara itu, seorang penduduk, Annie Rose Micheal, 75, berkata, dia lega penantian selama dua tahun akhirnya berbaloi apabila diberikan sebuah rumah teres dua tingkat yang selesa untuk didiami bersama anak-anak.

    “Selama ini saya hanya menyewa di sebuah rumah berdekatan kawasan ini selepas rumah saya dirobohkan dua tahun lalu,. Saya gembira dengan pemberian ini,” katanya.

    Pada majlis berkenaan, Guan Eng menyampaikan kunci rumah kepada semua penduduk kampung itu termasuk sembilan keluarga Melayu.


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