Yogi vs Psycho

In 1996, a new beat emerged, catering specifically for the Macha group. The men behind the beat and songs was The Keys. It is no surprise that I’m a big fan of The Keys. Rarely will any beat stay for such a long time, but the music introduced by The Keys danced through every Machas heart and can be considered eternal.

Bro Dark Key Nagaraja – One of the founding member of The Keys

Samba Rock they called it. Though the group is no longer together, the music lives. Though it may sound insane and ridiculous to some, it was entertaining. Rarely can anyone keep their legs still; when Samba Rock is played.

Entertainment scene in Malaysia had come a long way now, that hundreds of new artist had come up. Anyone who can speak fast is claiming to be a rap artist. Tamil Hip hop took over Samba Rock, and with the technological advancement and more opportunities, wonderful talents emerged. Some names made it big, the rest sunk.

Dark Key, Yogi B, Physco Mantra, Rabbit Mac, MC Jazz, Dr. Burn, Balan Kashmir, Dhilip Varman, Sheezay, Daddy Shaq , Chakra Sonic ,Villainz,Lock Up  and No Entry are some of the most successful artist in Malaysia today. Each has fans in tens of thousands, idolizing them in terms of characteristics and career.

Though they’ve a lot of fans, it is not the same when it comes to music albums. With rampant piracy and illegal downloading, their album sales drops dramatically; making it hard for them to make ends meet. As if that alone is not enough, frequent infighting among artist brings even more damage. When artist has personal problems among themselves, rather than solving it in between their  own loop;they bring it to public .

Often this leads to even bigger war. Since usually both sides has strong amount of supporters, the fans fights with each other. For no reason, abuses are exchanged from both camps. I’m sure most of you remember the song that came in Valavan called as  Vali Theduthe. That is a fine example of infighting among artist, that had escalated to such a level that a complete song was dedicated.

There are many other artist who had done the same, creating tracks for character assassination.Being adults and someone who is idolized by many, I wish local artist would be far more sensitive and think twice on how they want to carry themselves in public. Recently, Psycho Mantra released another video, slamming Yogi B with several accusations.

Personally for me, though the video was done professionally, it should have been avoided. A quick check on Yogi B and PsychoMantra Facebook wall would reveal to you how the fans are now fighting with each other.

Is this what we’re expecting from local artist?

The fans are another mangosteen. Getting agitated for no reason, fighting blindly and abusing each other just to defend their idols.You should shun any music that is created to humiliate or assassinate someone.

Then there are some artist who creates song all for the wrong reason. As if our Machas are not corrupted enough, songs about gangsterism and violence is released. Hear the below song, it was done by a local artist.

Do our Machas need these type of songs? At the end of the day you will see more sakais running around chopping up each other in the name of gangs.

When you have fans and idolized by many, it is important for you to show the right path. It is important for you to show your maturity so that people would emulate the right thing from you. Making personal problems public and creating gangster songs is not a good example of an artist. What value do you expect the Machas to derive from these kind of songs?

The survival of a good artist is guaranteed not only by producing quality songs, but also practicing what they preach. Hopefully in the future, these type of infighting’s are avoided and all local artist would come together , be united and set a good example for the younger generation.

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  • Yoga A

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    thats why i love SARANGABANI..no feuds, no issues, no haash haash, no vitamin…only his old white gloves to go with….

    • Raidu Ramnarth Rao

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      sarangabani is a 60’s local artiste, who had his hand chopped by some goon during the early 80’s coz his tendencies of singing malay songs in tv shows….Yoga A, i assume you intended pun by putting this comment but yeah, i do agree with you, older artiste are better than most of the new ones..at least we do not have any drama queens those days….the only good thing we have now is, the artiste themselves are writers, lyricists, composers and so on….

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    support your local meenachi, if you want more blogposts from Raged Meenachi ! :)

    good day :)


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