No Mercy

Around 4 years back, I received an emergency call that my brother is being robbed. I will not go into detail on how I got that info, but yes, within minutes, together with my cousin, we were there. We were searching around in the area near Klang train station when I spotted two figures walking slowly, one following the other. The one in front looks injured, limping with a torn shirt. I recognized my brother ,and the one following behind was the robber. It was around 12 am, and I jumped out of the motorbike and went on to chase the robber. I choked him from behind and we fell together, and in the blink of an eye, my cousin was delivering blows in lighting speed using his crash helmet. All perfect head shots.

I was so angered by the condition my brother was in, and soon he was also joining in taking revenge.Within minutes, my friends were all over the place and needless to say ;the guy was almost done. Though he was bleeding , I did not feel sorry for him at all. We handed him over to the police who looked almost not interested in taking him in, like it’s  a waste of time.

I saw a video clip today featuring an Indian guy, who was being beaten by the public for being involved in robbery. Many were commenting that he should have been handed over to the police and the public has no rights to beat him up. I certainly understand all this legal process bla bla bla, but tell me, how many years can the law lock him up?

1 year? 2 years?

And he will come back tougher than ever. You think what people go to prison return back as Thirunavakarasar ah? For me, the pain that is being caused by these criminals has reached the peak. My brother has been robbed. My mother was nearly robbed. My girlfriend was robbed at knife point. My uncle got chopped off 2 months back in a robbery in his house. My grandfather was bullied in a restaurant by some Indian guys and got robbed of his money. He was 71! My mother’s sister in Seremban was beaten up so badly during a robbery by two Indian guys that she has to end up in ICU.

How many deaths have we seen as a direct result from robbery and snatch theft? Instead of finding out ways to reduce crime, our Home Minister comes up with statistics to claim that our country is safe. If even from my own family I know so many who was robbed, what mayire statistics did he come up with?

KOTA BARU: A woman almost had her left arm severed after a snatch thief slashed her with a parang when she tried to stop him from grabbing her handbag along Jalan Che Su here.

When these robbers who has never given mercy to anyone is caught, some people tried to defend them in the name of humanity. Humanity are for humans. These are hardened criminals, they’re animals. When they’re caught and go to prison, they live a good life anyway inside the prison(for them). This is real testimony from one of my friend who goes in and out of jail most of the time.

GEORGE TOWN, 10 Julai– Polis sedang mencari suspek kes ragut seorang wanita berusia 60 tahun pada 10 Julai yang lepas di Pulau Pinang berdekatan Flet Padang Tembak Air Itam.Dalam kejadian Tan Kim Chyan ,60, sedang berkalan seorang diri dekat blok J bila beg tangannya diragut dan dia terseret beberapa meter. Mangsa mati di tempat kejadian.

Of course people get angered. The police and the Home Ministry is not taking enough efforts to reduce the crime, thus the public takes the law into their own hands. Every single fucking day we hear someone getting robbed or killed by these bastards, what do you expect us to do when these criminals are caught? Serve him with nei thosai and pasumpal while waiting for the police?

Mayirandi pee vareh verikum adikeh venditha. Beat the fucking shit out of him if you want.

At least I’ve had enough. What law , rationalism or moral values are you talking about? I’m not being emotional, I’m enraged that my sister or mother can’t even walk out of my house. My uncle cant move his hands ,it’s stagnant.  The country is not taking enough steps to prevent these type of crimes, so it’s up to us to remind the rest of these criminals the horror that they will go through if they get caught by the public.

Now don’t be surprised that I’m promoting violence. I’m against violence, but not against criminals. I’m not saying kill them, I’m saying that saying it’s wrong to beat them; is WRONG. The war is against these criminals, and in this war, ordinary citizens are the soldiers. You can justify that we should not take law into our own hands , it’s not morally right and so on…but seriously I got no time to think about Pendidikan Moral and Nilai Nilai Murni when these criminals get caught.

Two Austrian sisters were also attacked and robbed in Rawang where several criminals slashed them in a park, and ran off with their passports and belongings.
Another incident, 25 year-old American tourist was recently robbed and raped by two men in a taxi, which she hailed down on Monday (March 11) after she was done shopping at a mall.

Say your sister was at home when 5 robbers barged in and your house was robbed while your sister was raped. If by chance you got hold of these robbers, what would you do?

Though inflicting pain on others might not seem to be the right option and I feel I’m advocating the wrong thing, I just do not know what else can be done to stop these criminals. I’ve tried justifying reasons for them, but at the end of the day,I fail to see anything that is strong enough to justify their crime. Unless the law is modified and severe punishment is given, I don’t see any reason why anyone would refrain from choosing a life of crime.

My views are contradictive along the line of morality and humanity, but I’m just sick and tired. Of course improper education,parents influence, and lack of opportunities might be turning them into criminals, but I’ve also seen many who go for it because they think it’s cool and it makes them easy money.

There can be thousands reasons why they went on to become a robber or a criminal, but really,it doesn’t matter. If you choose the path to hurt others to make a living, be prepared to be ripped apart when you’re caught.

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