The Quota System

“Adding to its woes, the school cannot hire a gardener to clean its grounds for lack of funds, the paper said.

Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) chairman M. Mohan said they had appealed to both the Federal and state authorities for help but the plight of the school went unanswered.

“The PTA has written to the school headmaster, district education department as well as the Education Ministry but there has been no reply.

“There was also a proposal two years ago to build a multi-purpose hall at the school, with MIC president Datuk Seri G. Palanivel handing over a mock cheque for RM150,000,” he said, adding that there has been no action on the matter.

The school has 275 students and 26 teachers.”

I read with anger; yet again that another school is being neglected and the kids are suffering because of someone’s personal greed. I’m seriously tired of talking about this, but this is the only option I have, to remind you and keep you boiled about this situation from time to time.

The kids struggle from the beginning denied proper education and facilities while they’re studying in primary schools.


Millions of dollars thrown in every year to support vernacular education, especially Tamil school education. Tell me some of you please; have you seen a proper account till now? Why do we have papers like The Star which is owned by MCA reporting that a Tamil school is in a dying condition? At least MCA has some guts. All thirutte nayis are working 24 hours to steal each allocation given to these schools.

Dr. Mahathir once said, Melayu muda lupa. I’m not really sure about that, but I’m very sure that India mudah lupa. We’re so forgetful about everything that has been inflicted upon us all this while. We don’t even look back and question the pain that has degenerated our generation so backward that we occupy nearly 60% in prison at the moment.

I read something online today, a brilliant daring output. Something I’ve avoided to talk because it will provoke sensitive issues. But I seriously think it is high time for us to talk about it.

Time and time again, I hear from a lot of people, from my own brothers and sisters…how they’ve been denied higher education in public universities because of quota system. I hear thousands of young Indians and Chinese being denied higher education even though they scored absolutely brilliant marks way beyond expectation.

Quota system.

Quota system segregates percentage for each race, on the amount of seat would be allocated to them according to their race. It also directly means that placement in higher public universities for everyone irregardless of their score depends ultimately in which race they belong to…

It also means thousands of our kids who had scored brilliant results being offered fucked up course which they’re not interested in, and in return that have no choice but to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to further their study overseas. One of my best friend’s mother(a single mother), worked sometimes on a 36 hour shift to support her daughters education, even though she scored brilliant results in her SPM examination. I know many of my brothers and sisters here who read my blog that have scored fantastic results yet denied placement in public universities.

Take this below case for an example:

“This girl’s father approached 1MSM President to get his advice on further studies.This student was advised to do STPM…Meanwhile when called Datuk Seri Samy Velu and Datuk Subramaniam they advised her to endrol in AIMST to do foundation….Dear friends,why our Indian students have to go through this year in year out? EXTRA INFO…THIS FATHER WAS ASKED IF HE IS A MEMBER OF ANY MIC BRANCH….-Elangovan Annamalai”


Some of them dreamt to be doctors, but offered courses related to agriculture instead. They tell me their inspiring stories, yet there is little I can do myself. Some of these kids come from estates, struggled with the little money they had in the hope they would get through to universities, yet they would be denied of their dreams when they pass with flying colours.

This is not a race related problem.

The Malays in this country has awakened. They no longer believe in the bullshit that the Government is feeding them. They want equal competition. They want to compete with Malaysians, not Indians or Chinese, or Sikhs nor anyone else.

If our PM is seriously interested in the concept of 1Malaysia, he should have worked in integrating and treating each Malaysians AS Malaysians. Instead he plants his face and logo in every single fucking thing that we see from underwear to tupperware, from T-shirt to even fucking pencil case, to desperately cling on to power.

MCA is like Liverpool, mere history. MIC is perfect example of how Indian labors came to Malaysia hundreds of years ago, still being slaves.


If you know what I mean.

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  • Miss NN

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    It’s rather saddening to see a student whom obtained such a good result did not get any proper offers to further their studies. Personally, this quota system truly useless as many students mainly Indians are obtaining good results. Yet, they were not given any offers to IPG or IPTA to further their studies. Besides that, they were given advice to pursue their studies to another level which is STPM.

    Seriously, I think Malaysia Ministry of education truly need to synchronize their education system. They are changing the systems and implementing silly rules according to their wishes which is affecting the students itself. Next,students whom obtained good results should be place in IPTA or IPG to pursue their dreams. The qouta system should or to be more proper, it must abolished it.

    About AIMST? Rather than calling is as an educational institute or college, I would just conclude it by calling AIMST as Money monopoly University. As long you gave them huge amount of money, trust me, they can produce so many doctor even though some of them truly don’t deserve to be one. Just imagine, a student whom obtained such a bad result in SPM and now he is a doctor. It’s rather funny for me, as some students whom obtained 10A’s and truly deserve to be one are not becoming a doctor but those whom are not qualified to be one and even write a proper english essay not is a doctor.

    Sorry to say, but only thing I wish to make a conclusion here is RIP EDUCATION SYSTEM IN MALAYSIA.

  • maha

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    hi there..rather than throwing ur anger at AIMST..i really think u shud channel it just towards our country’s education system….no 1 would have opted to places like aimst or russia if we were given an equal chance in gov….merely generalizing all doctors frm aimst doesnt help anyone..

    • putumayam

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      i believe he not throwing tantrums at aimst. he is merely pointing out the fact that high achievers like that girl are denied the privilege or scholarship to study in they field they prefer because of the quota system. and, i feel, it is you who are making the generalisation about people not wanting to study at aimst or russia… you see, if high achievers, regardless of their skin colour, are given the assistance or funding to study at our own public varsities, why would they want to spend so much to go to a foreign country or opt a private institution?

  • nesh

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    AIMST – All Indian’s Money Stuck There

  • Devandren

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    Well written bro. Our community will be like this forever as long as MIC sucking up to UMNO.. We must get MIC vanished first, together with their big brother..

    P.S: MCA is like Liverpool… Lol…

  • maha

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    Exactly what im saying as well….if we were gven equal chance..we wudnt have opted private instituition….

  • Siva Kumar

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    Uitm students has demonstrated against taking of non Malays into the university so claiming that they want to compete with fellow Malaysian is not justifiable .We are looking at problem as piecemeal, Hindraf has came out with a complete blueprint , why don’t we read that and see the reasoning . Let’s move away from MIC , PR , UMNO and know what is our right and demand what is our right.Let’s take for example Tamil school issue in the past 5 years , all least 70% land issue could be solved in Penang , Kedah, Selangor n Kelantan but how many was resolved ,do not be trapped in political rhetoric .All politician are same because the one controls them is same elite group .

  • Mo Sivas

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    …yes quota system will continue to exist as long as the BN/UMNO’s ‘divide and rule’ policy exist…and the racist ‘divide and rule’ policy will continue to exist and thrive as long as the idiots amongst us Malaysians keep identifying and reminding the UMNO masters to which race we belong to…what a bunch of race-centrics idiots many of us are eh ???


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    politics kill the education…need revolution!!!

  • prababear

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    seriously how can the government determine education by religion? it should be solely by marks!

    what if quota for religion x is 100people and religion x has 120 brilliant student?

    Eermh! sorry thambi your religion only 100 people can be doctor this year, jumpa tahun depan aar …

  • sangkeertanan

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    I’m a victim this archaic practise of segregation that denies rightfully what should be mine, right from secondary education level itself, just like hundreds of others like me out there.

    There is no reason why race becomes an issue, in terms of producing human capital for the growth of the nation, unless quantity is all counts rather then quality. I went for interview after my SPM for a chance to pursue higher education in goverment aided universities in 2006, i was the only english speaking candidate for an english related course, after the group interview, i was the only one disqualified for the individual interview.

    i opted to do stpm, a decision i never regret and encouraged many others to do so, up until they decided to change stpm into another matriculation experimentation, it just lost its regality and honour.

    our education system is a sad case of political monopoly to bred mentality that reeks of racism and secularity. divide and conquer they say, unfortunately we are still being ruled that way , albiet passively loud. independance is a long way to go and i hope i live to see the day this changes.

  • GM

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    That some ‘races’ mentioned in the topic above in actual fact does not have:
    1. A language of their own – its borrowed from the neighboring country
    2. written syllabus of their own – borrowed romanised letters, and scribblings that
    are written backwards
    3. An original religion – borrowed too
    4. A culture of their own
    5. The land that we live now, does not belong to them too – original landowners are
    the aborigines who still have been deprived of their rights.
    With this borrowed things from here and there, they can take control of our lives,WE indians have all that they don’t have are still begging from them. WHY? BECAUSE WE ARE NOT UNITED! So. wake up. Let’s be united and drop all that egoism, castes, and be 1Indian. Many things in life are beyond our control, but we do have control over the chices we make today. By placing our attention on what is in front of us today, we put our energies into making a nicer future. It doesn’t really matter how big or small our contribution is. he most important thing is we STAY UNITED and HELP EACH OTHER like brothers and sisters. Let us not go around inside the circle. Let us bore a hole in the circle and get out. Let us be the CHANGE beginning this moments.

  • GM

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    when you entrust and elect and appoint idiots, morons, uneducated goons, sure our education system will be flushed into the toilet. The last 55 years was there any 1 Indian or chinese appointed as education minister? So, when you are 55 years old, you retire! Got the message?

  • KING

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    watch out for fake doctors !!!
    idiots who never enroll in science stream during schools end up as doctors.
    Nowadays, majority of Indian students are not motivated to study well because even they fail their SPM, they are offered further education by private colleges.
    Education system sucks !!!


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