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I hate people who are ungrateful . BN fellows are the most grateful, throw anything to them, they would grab it fast like a dog waiting for bones. Whatever the Gov does for them, including sometimes screwing them upside down, is well received and welcomed. For MIC particularly, Najib is God.

Their only comeback would be coming up with more porn videos involving Anwar Ibrahim, and other opposition leaders.

Recently they came up with videos relating Nurul Izzah, which shows their mentality and political maturity. Dato Seri Najib, ever since taking over the office from Tun Abdullah Badawi had brought in some of the most remarkable changes in our life. One of the most important thing that he embarked on was 1Malaysia concept.  Anywhere you go these days, 1Malaysia follows you. Our PM’s face is plastered everywhere, from trains to taxis, from billboards to cupboards,which of course shows how desperate our PM is…

Today, I’m going to introduce to you some of the most remarkable products of 1Malaysia.


The above is Telur1Malaysia. This is not normal telur okay(!), telur1Malaysia is meant to add extra guts onto yourself. It is rumored some BN fellows grew some telur to speak out after eating Telur1Malaysia. It’s Grade D eggs, so I’m sure you don’t even want to know about the quality.

1Malaysia email.

Since most of us came from hutan and had never seen email before, the Government introduced 1Malaysia email. 1Malaysia email can be used to subscribe to all porn websites including, and The only Government in the world who invested (although they said it’s privately funded as usual of course) RM 50 million for emails. Click HERE to read more.



Don’t misunderstand the name. This is a digital tablet. Forget about Samsung Tab. With the technology of Ipad and the screen of helipad , 1MalaysiaPad tops the list as the gadget to have. This dappa China made tablet is another product which was meant to enrich their own cronies , selling at a staggering RM 999. The last known person who bought this tablet committed suicide a day after purchasing it.

1Malaysia Underwear

1Malaysia underwear , the ultimate comfort. Itu Renoma semua kasi buang.  If you hate BN and the concept of 1Malaysia, where else would be the best place to put them? Whether you have one the size of Africans or Asians, 1Malaysia underwear ensures your jama is well taken care of…

1Malaysia Chocolate

Forget Cadbury. Forget Ferrero Rocher. The must have chocolate of the season is here. How wonderful would it be to eat a chocolate with Najib’s face on it’s cover? After eating this chocolate , don’t just shit and forget about Barisan Nasional okay!

Remember, Pangkah BN! But you Indians are never grateful, despite all these products and services, look at what the Indian community has to say about BN.

I don’t know what to say la

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  • Maennaka

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    I’m happy to see at least some of the Indians of our community who actually want to see a change happen. Indians were always the most easily swayed by BN’s political maneuvers. It’s really good to see that there are people who want to fight for their rights. :)


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    ya ya papaya…indians are screwed everywhere..MIC always screwed by UMNO…Ramasamy screwed by Karpal Baiyi in Penang..Kula screwed by Perak DAP cousin’s..There was an anecdote related by one blogger, Anwar has apparently said that he is allergic to Indian (especially Indian businesman, maybe in reference to Nalla), what’s new about Indians getting screwed?? support BN, you get screwed, u support Pakatan also get screwed !!

  • kunjikounder

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    Hi GRUCTH ,
    Going simply by your retort, lets get screwed by a different dick this time around ( in GE 13 ) … At least we would know if they are more gentle / loving …. U cant just bitch that you are always getting screwed either way until you get urself screwed by the other guy. Lets compare … if the screwing is worse , we can always go back to the original screwer …
    P:S: Now dont come back and say that getting screwed by a familiar screwer is better that getting screwed by a newer screwer…

  • Vicknesh

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    Haha you died laughing too hard at this? Dude, the joke is on us. Reality check. Change has to come.

  • velmuruganpj

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    :) sorry to say this, I respect people who against the guy, but I see so many of them who against him, line up for the rm500, take all the craps he gives, prefer to line up and take the bones:) if ask, replied this is or money la, we should take.. Enna kodumai, have so much hate but willing to go and que up and beg with families, enna picha ya edekerum, rm 500 is so big is it?? That’s our value for our muka la, lalang saja banyak, kalau betul nak bantah, tak payah la ambik yang diberi, talk like bantah, I don’t like najib, tweet, but the reality, hey lets go and take the shits that the gov is giving, this is the time:P, that’s all la.. Im not into bn.. I support which is right:)

    • Basil

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      its due to poverty bro. some ppl are well off. the ones they target are in poverty. people from the urban areas, estates and stuff. cant really blame them. but still, they should have their pride. so yea, in a way, can blame them too.

    • Pakiri

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      take watever given and vote the opposition… be always at the winning sides. if you dont take the RM500.. he just gonna give to his own family

  • akash

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    v vote pr..nambiyathu pothum,,,,ilanthathu..pothum..55 varudamai.

  • Basil

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    and i think someone should do something abt hindraf. i cant possibly imagine why they are suddenly so happy with what BN is saying. they seem very gullible. they really seem to think BN/UMNO is going to endorse their blueprint. come on la…its an election ploy. just like how all the money (BR1M, Petronas bonus) is all given right before PRU13. so many indians have died while BN is in power, and these ppl seem to think BN is now an angel from heaven because 1 guy goes on hunger strike. yenna yaa madda thanama irukku ithu?

  • nallatamby

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    1malaysia french cap when la?

  • Pakiri

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    They should use all this stuff!!! Not Us… BN hope u will be no more in Malaysia.

  • Capt

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    If Najis come out from his arsehole the shit will show 1MALAYSIA SHIT!

  • darsh

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    Hi guys.i juz wana share sumthng dat i saw 2day mornin.i saw an indonesian workers being picked up u knw 4m d kongsi dat they stay at construction sites.he ws picked up fr driving cladses/exam m nt sure by d driving instructer in d driving institite car.dat tym i es thinkin hey wat d hell is happening wherelse mny ppl in our community cnt reli afford 2go for it.even in d apartmwnt im stayin there r mny indonesian families here&montly rent is nearly how do tjey afford to live tiz way?n ive seen wen i pass by their homes they even hv flat screen tv’s.y d ones cmg in to our country for tink’kuli’work all of a sudden hvin a comfy life but mny of d indian families r struggling to come up in my msg is all indians escp youths plz vote wisely for our rightfull citizens v deserve much more dont u

    • GRUCTH

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      Indons staying near my house work like dogs…husband work in construction (difficult work – hard labour; reasonably good pay), wife work from house to house doing cleaning jobs (every hour of cleaning she charges 8 bucks; minimum she cleans 3 houses per day for at least 3 hours each)…of course, they can afford to buy flat screen TV (which is not that expensive anyway) and stay in rented apartment costing more than RM 500…

      Indians don’t work in construction, don’t do house maid jobs any more and you complain that is government’s mistake?? just because some Indians cannot buy flat screen TV and stay in rented place above RM 500, you want people to vote wisely i.e. vote for opposition??


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