Zulkifli Noordin and BN Winnable Candidates

UPDATE 16/4/2013 11.00 PM

Look at the comments from MIC leaders. I don’t know what else to say la..All Indians please shut up, pakai kaili dan duduk rumah.


The first thing I saw when I opened my laptop today was the Boston bombing. Without a doubt, I immediately concluded this might be just another attack against America in the name of religion. People are rather willing to detonate in the name of religion rather than unite.Sad.

It’s election time in Malaysia, and while the country is expecting to see capable and qualified candidates to lead the people, it is not going to happen.

Yet again.

I really don’t feel like discussing MIC list of winnable candidates; it’s entirely hopeless. I will agree that MIC had made some strategical moves, including moving their President all the way up the Cameron hill to contest there. Utta Palani sar eh Palani malaike ethirvangge…

P62 Sungai Siput S.K. Devamany
P72 Tapah M. Saravanan
P78 Cameron Highlands G. Palanivel
P94 Hulu Selangor P. Kamalanathan
P107 Subang A.Prakash rao
P109 Kapar A.Saktivel
P111 Kota Raja S.Murugesan
P132 Telok Kemang V.S. Mogan
P140 Segamat Dr. S. Subramaniam

P14-N25 Bukit Selambau ML. Maran
P17-N34 Lunas S. Ananthan
P43-N9 Bagan Dalam Karupanan
P46-N16 Perai L. Krishnan
P75-N54 Hutan Melintang R.Supramaniam
P66-N31 Jelapang S.Mokan
P65-N30 Buntong C.Sivaraj
P89-N35 Sabai R.Goonasegaran
P96-N11 Ijok K .Partiban
P98-N16 Batu Caves N.Rawisandaran
P111-N49 Seri Andalas T.Mohan
P127-N7 Jeram Padang L.Manikam
P132-N33 Port Dickson Dr Thanalakshmy
P158-N41 Puteri Wangsa Surianarayanan Muniandy
P144-N9 Gambir M.Asojan
P153-N31 Kahang Vidyanathan
P154-N33 Tenggaroh K.Ravin kumar
P135-N7 Gadek MS. Mahadevan

Apart from YB Kamalanathan and Dato Palani, I don’t see any winnable candidates there. I don’t really know how candidates are picked, but for sometime the name of Mohana Muniandy had been popping up in Kota Raja and Sri Andalas area. She was involved directly with a lot of community activities happening in Klang area, and had been working on the ground on social issues even before the election hype.

She also happens to be MIC social and welfare bureau chief, and without doubt she has gained some support in this area. But instead of placing someone who had already made a name here, they’ve decided to parachute in T.Mohan. It’s the same with PKR, instead of immediately announcing Semenyih for Arutchelvan PSM, they’ve decided to bring in I-don’t-know-who.

And then…

Senyuman gembira. Indians munjele karri thupena inthe panade…but he has got Parliament seat. Dato Najib tumpang gembira…

And then came a shocking news, Zulkifli Noordin is the candidate for Shah Alam. WHAT THE FUCK is wrong with you Mr. PM? How can a low-life racist scumbag like Zulkifli be a candidate to represent the rakyat? BN racist ideologies and selective prosecution is so evident in this case, where despite 10’s of police reports against Zulkifili; no action was taken. This was of course obvious, PM Najib would have probably ordered no action taken because Zulkifli is going to be part of his team.

Where will MIC, PPP, Parti Makkal Sakthi and IPF keep their face now? Ridhuan Tee, Ibrahim Ali, and Shah Kirit are some fine examples of people that should have been behind bars right now. I’m seriously pissed on how powerless we’re at the moment, everything is controlled by BN. They prosecute who they want, they’re above the law. I won’t deny that MIC was actively involved in going against Zulkifli, but you can clearly see MIC is a rejected voice in Barisan Nasional. Hopeless,useless, powerless, and entirely boneless.

Some MIC fellows were saying that panadei Zulkifli Noordin was a PAS guy, when he uttered those words 10 years back. Watch the clip below then, this is the latest…

This guy is guilty in my eyes, but of course BN will protect him . But to pick him as a candidate for a parliament seat is like insulting our intelligence, and clearly shows the ego and arrogance of PM Najib that he is all powerful.

Please throw the concept of SutuMalaysia down the drain. I’ve had enough.

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  • loges

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    This is like spitting when ur cycling fast to reach your winning line… asingam thuppenvankeh than

  • prakash

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    Hopeless,useless, powerless, and entirely boneless and you should also add BALLLESS

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    The above video really shows how the MIC members willing to sell their self respect, dignity and pride of our indian community for them to sustain and gain power in MIC and BN, ettapan’s of 21st century, useless! The guy can effort to say ” Zulkifli menghina hindu bila dengan Anwar, sekarang minta maaf lepas masuk BN” OMG!! Yeppadida ungelaale yippedi mudiyuthe..TROOGIGALAAA!!

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    […] is Zulkifli Noordin who will be running for Shah Alam. Yes the same fellow who insulted the fellow Malaysians who are Hindus. The same fellow who stormed the Bar Council inter religion discussion back in 2008. Is Najib truly […]

  • anakmelayu

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  • anak malaysia

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    in response to the anak melayu comment that i copied below..you ingat apa ini tahan 1969 ka..dengan semangat selempang merah ko tu..pi mampus la bangang..ko ingat ko boleh ugut2 lagi semua ngan ko punya threat penakut ko tuh..klu ko berani buat la lagi…asyik2 13 Mei….ko ingat apa….

    April 20th, 2013 at 6:46 am · Reply

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    maaf cakap..video itu sudah lama semasa dia masih dalam PAS…kenapa tidak masa tu bantai Zul? Why now after he was said to be a contestant under BN banner? At least he already apologise..dia sudah minta maaf..to read between the lines…kalau tak suka politik menghina agama seperti ini berlaku sila jangan naikkan kemarahan orang Melayu..nanti tak pasal pasal 13Mei akan berlaku..tak percaya? Try la tengok…dengan PDRM ATM sekali akan mengamuk…


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    if the person who erred has tendered apologies, what should be the most respectable act we can do? To err is human, to forgive is divine !!


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    Mr Anak Melayu,

    May 13 will only occur because of some uncivilized people like u.

  • HidupMati

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    Everyone have their own agenda to voice out their feelings. Anwar did once said that he will not allow the temple bells to ring in Penang and now our brothers n Sisters are supporting him. I was there when he said it. So tell me who is right here. Nobody is perfect………..

    • GRUCTH

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      Anwar also said that he is allergic to businessman, especially Indian businessman in direct reference to Nalla..but the Indians in Malaysia chose to ignore that statement and now the guy who kissed Zul Nordin kena kutuk maximum..LKS, of the all people who espoused Middle Malaysia & Malaysian Malaysia (Malaysian first) propaganda chose to contest in Chinese majority area??? Hannah Yeoh who wants to register her daughter’s race as Bangsa Malaysia ended up registering as Chinese (not Indian as per the father’s race) is not racist?? why nobody questioned HY on why can’t she register their daughter as Indian??

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    […] He lied about making the racial and insensitive statement about the Indians 10 years ago. He made fresh one last March. And we all know that his half forced apology is nothing but a ruse to gain some votes from the […]


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