Hindraf – The New MIC

On November 25 2007, Subramaniam woke up very early in the morning. There is a new beginning for the Indian’s in Malaysia. Years of oppression, suppression and careful marginalization will finally have some answers, or so they said. For the first time since Reformasi period, he will be in the streets again. With his bulging beer belly and at the age of 55, he was determined to make his presence.

The new leaders are God sent for Indians in this country. This is a revolution, or so he thought. By the time he was there, thousands of Indians had already congested the city center, heeding the call of their new leaders, the Hindraf 5. The rest was history. Tear gassed, smoked, water cannoned , arrested, beaten and humiliated. Yet they stood firm. They stood for a cause. Without a doubt , that was the turning point for Indians in Malaysia.

Thousands of Malaysian Indians were there on that day, all of them were hardcore supporters of a cause. I was a young Macha who cared little about Malaysia at that time, but my friends were not the same. They all took the beatings in the streets. They all nearly died for their cause.

6 years later, Hindraf is broken into so many pieces that even the supporters are confused which one is the original Hindraf. Though separated, their cause remained the same. Reject BN for the continuous marginalization of the Indians in this country. I was beyond shocked when I heard that Hindraf self-claimed chairman Mr. Waythamoorthy decided to set a deal with our ex prime minister, Najib.  Those who stood there getting the beatings during the rally had been betrayed. Their cause had been betrayed. My father, Mr. Subramaniam had been betrayed.

This is Bro Arivu, a young revolutionist who had been fighting for various cause since his young age. A good friend of mine, I admire his courage and determination.  Can you see his ‘cries’?

Bro Arivu, circled in the picture.

I can list down many hardcore Hindraf supporters who had fought with their blood and sweat during Hindraf uprising. All of them had been betrayed. Najib, with his powers, could have signed the memorandums and accepted the demands earlier if he wanted to, but he did not do that. The reasons are obvious, he knew he can’t do shit for Indians.If he can place a shithole like Zulkifli in Shah Alam, and carefully plan so that Katak Ibrahim the hardcore Malay racist can have a direct fight as an independent candidate, God knows what else he can do. Remember that it is not his obligation to fulfil Hindraf request if he wins the election.

Shameless MIC guys

Why DS Anwar Ibrahim did not really entertain Hindraf blueprint? Because his cause was right, and I’m fully supportive of it. It is only because our Indians kids are marginalized that we see we’re occupying 60% in prison at the moment. What is the point of only uplifting Indians? Why not uplift Malaysians as a whole? Will you be satisfied to see Malay or Chinese kids to rot in prison in the future? Let’s grow up as Malaysians at last, enough of this racial separation created by UMNO/BN. Anwar Ibrahim wants us to grow up as Malaysians.

Finally, even Hindraf had been bought. It shows how arrogant BN is, with the millions of dollars they’re spending for medias to desperately cling on to power and the denial of Bersih demands of clean election, they’re embarking into dirty tricks all the way.

All remaining supporters of Waythamoorty’s personal agenda should think of this, you carry the pain that your grandfathers and father had endured all this while, they never had the chance to live and see things the way you’re seeing now. Who is ever going to repay their struggle? Who should pay the price?

UMNO/BN temple demolition

UMNO/BN has humiliated, jailed, spat on you, called you terrorist and linked you with LTTE, fucked up your generations for decades , called you keling and humiliated your religion, denied proper education to your kids,treated you like second class citizens; how can you forgive such a sin you shameless idiots?

If someone is going to shit on your plate;say sorry and then proceed to put some rice on it, will you eat it? Why do you want to eat in a plate tainted with shit when someone is willing to give you a new plate? Ille athe thine than ungge buthi povum ne sonna, carry on.

Our dignity, sold out successfully.

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    This is 1 of the reason why other races throwing of words call ‘keling’
    on all the indians..never keep a word and their spirits.
    U bastard call ‘wayta’ u never sell our community and sold of yor ‘mother’.
    next send yor mum to street of chowkit and bargain the price for her..BN might pay u a much higher price for prostituting yor mum..

    Dear brothers and sisters out there show this backstabbers and the whole BN our power..throw out all the MIC leaders who stand for 5th may pole..
    Who said we cannot make a difference and who said our votes doesnt count.

  • vss

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    I actually shed tears when I saw this Wayta frail condition during his fasting drama. Hell its a wasted tears..

    How could he do this ? HAs he got no conscience.
    Has he forgotten how the people suffered during the 2007 rally.

  • ash

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    indians.. we hv been fooled enough.. change the government for a better future.. voting for BN is equivalent of digging our own grave and preparing the community to face its own extinction..!!!!!even dogs would b bttr treated than indians if BN comes bck in power..!

  • warmonger

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    Wayta…you are a disgrace to your family and your children. Your generation will forever be branded as a group of turncoats. In the past we may have burnt you on a stake and quartered you; bu we are civilized (some of us still are) now. When I saw the pictures of your so called fast..I was sceptical…well I was right..you were just in it for some media time with a little chicken feed thrown in. I wonder how will you hold your head while you walk the streets, the temples and the hallowed walkways of humanity. Who amongst us will mourn you at your passing someday other than your family…Najis may shed tears of shit for you. Anyway dear Watya…our latest turncoa..sleep well and dream dreams of riches..asking this question..What Ya? What Ya? What Ya? What Ya? What Ya?

  • JK

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    Can understand your emotions, and that of the supporters who feel they have been betrayed. This is a knee jerk reaction to the alliance with the evil BN.

    the truth is that Hindraf does not fight for the average Indian, but for the marginalised Indian. So if you have an IC and Birth cert, went to school and hold a job, have a bank account and a driving license, then you are not Hindraf’s main concern.

    Hindraf does not have the right to deny any party when they give written assurance that they will address the issues facing the marginalised Indian Malaysian citizen. So whether it was BN or Pakatan which was willing to sign the MOU, it had to accept it.As much as any Hindraf supporter feels betrayed, imagine the feeling of those of us who had continued to fight under the HIndraf umbrella, that we had no choice but to accept BN as an ally. The Hindraf leadership called the key members and got our feedback before deciding to accept BN, and guess what, 99% of the leadership agreed to accept as WE DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO DENY THE MARGINALISED INDIANS THEIR RIGHTS JUST BECAUSE WE HATE BN!!! get it now?


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    I bet money played a vital role. I hope Wayta doesn plan to sell his wife…opps

  • SUGU

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    tanmaana tamilan ,tan maanattai iluntu nitkum nilai only in Malaysia.

    A vote to ZUL NORDIN is equal to SPIT in our own face.unfortunatele i am from Kota Raja Seat not Shah Alam.

    when he is not in governmet , he says all this things about hinduism.
    Imagine if BN retain power , this Racist B_____D won with our votes.
    he will say whatever he want & escape like before.

    Indian’s have become so cheap for UMNO & BN.

  • simple_mind

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    Waythamoorthy oore waythale… hahaha..
    My pun is so funny..

  • bane

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    i am the reckoning of malaysia

  • bane

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    fight as much you guys want,when the judgement from a higher realm takes place,not a single human will be able to comprehend it.there will be judgement

  • Malaysian666

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    Malaysian of so called (indian origin)do not need any Leader or Leaders ,why differentiate when we are all same ,try to differentiate we will suffer .Long time ago Datuk Seri Samy Vellu came to power ,he have done some good job i suppose ,but if the CWC and all the Mic leaders want change then they would have come out a resolution that ,MIC president only preside for a maximum of two term ,he would have left long ago.
    So called indian have so far greedy ,envy of our own society ,kill own kind coz they have been successful ,killed own kind coz 10 years ago during their school times they are not in good terms ,this kind of reason indians giving ways to elliminate our own people then how we can come up .
    We don’t need leaders ,look what happened to our Hero’s became Zero’s and not only that they became greedy,savages,cannibal,cheap scoundrel bastards ,i can continue this
    for whole night, in the end i myself will be hurt not physically but mentally.What that bunch of idiots did is no different than what nallakaruppan ,thenidran and all other so called indian heros did ,you know what split into many factions.

    Now we have to make ourselves believe that we are true malaysian irrespective of race ,religion ,rich ,poor ,fair ,dark etc, see than we will truly see the difference

    born a malaysian , always a malaysian and not indian


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