Mati Dalam Lokap

Yet another death in police custody and all we can do is sit and watch. You see, taking it from a practical point of view, it is impossible not to beat a detainee in the lock up if he is involved in some heavy cases, such as the one Mr. Dharmendran was involved with; shooting. […]

Weakness of the Bible

This is a very sensitive topic, discuss maturely. Don’t carry your parang. ‘Apa Lagi Cina Mahu?’ ..was the headline of Utusan Malaysia, a newspaper cum toilet paper owned by BN/UMNO a day after the election. Of course, it was expected. The moment they are in power again, UMNO had started their racial politics and scare […]

Duplicate Hindraf vs MIC

So, finally our minority Prime Minister who has some 70% fake followers in his Twitter account had come up with his ‘transformational cabinet’. The lack of Chinese in the cabinet was expected, but there was a lot of surprise this time around, the biggest of all; the inclusion of Waythamoorthy in the line up. You […]