Duplicate Hindraf vs MIC

So, finally our minority Prime Minister who has some 70% fake followers in his Twitter account had come up with his ‘transformational cabinet’. The lack of Chinese in the cabinet was expected, but there was a lot of surprise this time around, the biggest of all; the inclusion of Waythamoorthy in the line up.

You know , to be honest; I will never say that all BN fellows are bad. For an example, the appointment of P. Kamalanathan is well worth it, and to put him as Deputy Education Minister is applaudable. I personally think he is a hardworking and clean guy, forget about the ‘kissing’ incident, it doesn’t make sense to rate him down just for that.

Next comes, Saifuddin Abdullah. In my humble opinion, he is the only UMNO minister I would respect to date. Outspoken, intelligent and talks with sense and style. He should have been in the cabinet, appointed through backdoor pun tak  kisah.  S.K Devamany, the popular man who had enormous support in Cameron Highlands for decades had to sacrifice his seat for G.Palanivel. He was made a scapegoat, but then, for all the hard work all these years, he was left in the lurch.

From where did Waythamoorty come from? He did not even stand in the election. It is interesting to see that someone from Hindraf like Waythamoorty is given such a position which also must be a major hit for MIC, the Indian saviors’.

It clearly shows that Najib has no faith in MIC anymore, and knows that he needs Waythamoorty’s duplicate Dandruff team to gain back the support of Indian community. But the question is, if Najib really wants to help the Indians, why do we need Hindraf in the cabinet even?


Isn’t it the job of MIC to ensure our needs are fulfilled? Isn’t that what MIC had been trumpeting all these while? That only they can represent Indians in Malaysia?

I foresee clash, and I see Dandruff team fast replacing MIC in being the new mandore. You see, if Najib is going to help the Indians finally, wouldn’t that be a disgrace to MIC? MIC had ruled over for 60 plus years yet we Indians had not progressed much; but if Waythamoorty is going to come in and Najib is going to listen to Waytha; and if Waytha finally succeeded in bringing some changes, that means MIC had clearly been fucking around with us, isn’t it?

How could Waytha bring in changes so quickly which MIC couldn’t do over the past 6 decades? Would MIC even allow it? This is where it is going to be interesting. Or will MIC shamelessly as usual claim credit for what Dandruff team has done? Either way, let’s see what type of stick they’re going to use to fuck the Indians this time.

Will Indian champions MIC who had struggled day and night for Malaysian Indians allow Waythamoorthy to succeed them? Nantikan di jamban berhampiran anda…

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  • mages

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    Thank you for the prompt statement. For all those went for the Hindraf rally, is this worth it? Is all the pain we got from that incident, tear gas, water canon & beating by Fru’s can be justified? We were scape goat then & always will be.. I followed all d fights, went for most talks of Hindrafs & sending Sms’s daily around 50 msgs. My bills came high, my statement pages more than 20pages because easily more than 1,500msgs monthly. I played a small role but what about others? Many of my frens said they just wanna keep out from this jokers..coz the joke is on us now. See the drama now…it’s just started…peace to all

  • simple_mind

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    If someone bribes me with post and lotsa money…

    WHY NOT??

    Thats what Waithalle did..

  • jay

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    We must be fair before lashing to others without proof!i do not support Bn but i also do not support street rally.Who accept the Hindraf blueprint?BN or PR?Waytha went to PR first,what do they do?No answer.Najib in deplorable condition to gain the indian support used this oppurtunity.Yes,MIC is fucking stink now but some are good like Devamany and bubur lambuk Kamalanathan(very busy during hari raya)Lets see what Waytha can do to uplift current indian state.If MIC and Hindraf “peng” sama kita,we put them in museum next GE

  • jay

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    This one is from kualalumpurpost…juz sharing..annal unmai..

    Petua nak jadi Timbalan Menteri

    Sesiapa nak jadi Timbalan Menteri dengan tidak payah bersusah payah masuk bertanding PRU sila ikut petua mudah ini…

    1) Tubuhkan satu NGO yang bersikap perkauman dan agama melampau… Maki hamun UMNO/BN siang malam, pagi petang 24 jam sehari, 7 hari seminggu, empat minggu sebulan, 12 bulan setahun tanpa henti dan jemu.

    2) Buat tuntutan-tuntutan yang tidak masuk akal macam nak saman kerajaan British berbillion ringgit.

    3) Kerahkan semua ahli yang terpedaya dengan tuntutan tidak logik itu buat demo secara besar-besaran di Batu Caves…lawan sama polis sampai ada anggota polis pecah kepala.

    4) Bila suasana tidak boleh dikawal lagi, cabut lari keluar negara, kalau boleh ke United Kingdom..Duduk disana dan biarkan ahli-ahli di negara ini kena cekup di bawah ISA.

    5) Setelah beberapa lama keluar negara balik ke Malaysia dan terus buat tuntutan mengarut.

    6) Terus buat mogok lapar 21 hari kononnya akan mati kelaparan jika tuntutan tidak dipenuhi.

    7) Selepas 21 hari buat aku janji dengan Najib Razak melalui MoU dan istiharkan ahli-ahli NGO kamu sokong padu kepimpinan Najib Razak.

    8) Masa PRU tak perlu bertanding mana-mana kerusi..jima masa, tenaga dan wang ringgit…Itu serahkan kepada UMNO dan komponen Barisan Nasional.

    9) Bila dah menang majoriti mudah tak perlu pun 2/3 majoriti tunggu saja nama diumumkan sebagai Timbalan Menteri di Jabatan Perdana Menteri.

    Mudah bukan?…Selamat mencuba nasib.- !!!

    Wanna Try?

  • Vaniee

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    there are some deserving people in Najib’s cabinet list but Wathya is not one of them..Enough said since many have put forward their opinion about this guy…


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