Weakness of the Bible

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‘Apa Lagi Cina Mahu?’

..was the headline of Utusan Malaysia, a newspaper cum toilet paper owned by BN/UMNO a day after the election. Of course, it was expected. The moment they are in power again, UMNO had started their racial politics and scare tactics. We’ve grown up in Malaysia carefully separated by the ideology that somehow we’re all different. We study side by side with another Malaysian yet we have to identify ourselves as Indians, Chinese and the Malays.

The funniest thing about Malaysia is the people who are linked to the Government spew so much shit onto the people yet none of them get arrested or even get warned.  When Najib was asked to comment about the headline of Utusan, he rebutted saying that the Chinese papers is equally wrong as well. That means Najib is encouraging such articles in our mainstream medias , isn’t it? Hypocrites who will go down to do anything including playing drums and dressing up like a Chinese to beg votes, yet when he is rejected, he shows up his true color.

The moment you question them though, you will be told to fucking get lost.

The day after our Home Minister came into power, Dato Zahid issued a statement that people who are not satisfied with our system should migrate to other countries. What kind of Home Minister will actually issue a statement asking us to get out of OUR ‘home’ just because we’re not satisfied with the system? The people who call the non-Malays as pendatangs are fucking stupid. We’re not pendatangs. We’re as Malaysian as you’re, fucking come out of your tempurung. Extremist like Ibrahim Ali, Zulkifli Noordin, and Syah Kirit with the mentality of a retard had issued numerous talks insulting religion and race in the past. None of them were charged DESPITE multiple police reports.

Race and religion had always been the power card of the current Government. Whenever the non-Muslims were insulted, hardly any action is taken. Only the liberal Malays had stood up for us. If you remember, there was an uproar about Zakir Naik last year, another extremist from India who was allowed in this country to give a speech. Zakir Naik discusses comparative religion, basically he downgrades and insults another religion just like what our local scumbag Shah Kirit and Zulkifli Noordin did but escaped unscathed. Why the fuck do you want to discuss and compare religions? Will any Muslims tolerate their religion being scrutinized and laughed at behind close doors?

These ideologies is bred directly from the schooling days, with BN penetrating inside schools and inserting their political propagandas inside our history and exercise books. It is no better in public universities and colleges. Young minds are molded to think like Ibrahim Ali who challenged to burn the Bible.

Look at the below banner, this is totally ridiculous. Why have such a talk? Why spoil the mind of young Muslims with this kind of talks? Why do you discuss the weakness of a religion when you can discuss so many other things? What benefit will it bring to our society other than hatred and racism? Why invite someone to spew hatred when you can invite someone to spread love?

I’m ashamed that our public institution’s are organizing such talks , injecting poisonous toxins inside the mind of young graduates. Until all Malaysians are brave enough to stand up for each other demanding and rejecting this kind of racial and religious discrimination, let us all wear kaili, sit at home and watch Sindhu Bhairavi.

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  • putumayam

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    all these things are norm for malaysians what… plus, they gotta prepare for the next election. they took quite a beating in the recent one, so, they gotta prepare themselves with the one and only thing they know to ‘win’ over people’s hearts. let them carry on with their shitty propaganda bro.. we pakai kaili, watch serials and at times, laugh at their pathetic attempts to segregate us..

  • pan

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    Nothing ro do with UKM. this is mosque for outsider too, for them to pray. But its happen so many so call ulama who don’t understand his own religion settle your own problem first. Why so many terrorist use Islam as Jihad to kill innocent people? Why Syiah and Sunni fighting in the name of Islam? Don’t involve in other religion which you don’t know. Just tell me one since you claim you are good in Islam, did BN won the election in Islam way? Please read Quran and understand youtself and don’t listen from non qualify people.

  • alan

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    Bloody Bastards! Don’t you dare provoke us! We are also human beings and equally sensitive. U get together talk about your religion and its values. Do not demean yourselves by tarnishing other religions.

  • Deiveindran S

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    To all who think that UKM is the only university that hosts these sort of things, think again. I graduated last year from UTM and I happened to witness Shah Kirit and his racist convert apprentice Jaysuman Puspanathan commit the thing above. I was walking pass my universities mosque one day when I stumbled across a banner promoting this comparative dialogue and it was hosted by none other than Shah Kirit.

    I immediately called Mahaganapathy Dass (Chief of MIC Higher Education Bureau) to complain to him. I knew very well what was going to happen in the mosque that day and I knew exactly what Shah Kirit would say. So Maha said that he would look into the matter.

    I was not satisfied with his answer and I contacted some of my Malay coursemates regarding this program. They then invited me over to attend it in the mosque that very night. There were students from UTHM as well who came to witness this.

    Shah Kirit did not disappoint as he had a field day insulting every single religion known to man except Islam. I just sat there in the mosque with my fellow Malay friends and witnessed them insult and laugh at the slides. They put up pictures of the Holy Trinity, Buddha, Brahma-Vishnu-Sivan, Kaliamma and various chinese and hindu deities. They mocked every aspect of them.

    It was over by midnight. I left and then spoke to some of my friends about what I witnessed. I pulled an issue with my friend who is a students representative in the MPM UTM. He brought the issue up in the council and went through lots of obstacles to put a stop to it.

    Meanwhile, the ass Jaysuman conducted a few follow up programs on campus as he continued Shah Kirit’s work. Even my junior who accidentally heard the debate called and complained to me on why they are allowing these people to insult religions. What could I say?

    All this while, there was no word on this issue or any action by the MIC or its Higher Education Bureau wing to address this sordid affair.

  • RVN

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    Islamic Allah v/s Hindu Bhagwan

    Difference between Allah’s & Bhagwan’s words!!

    Allah says “Do not try to find me in idols. Worship me as unseen and you will go to heaven.”

    Bhagwan says “You have the freedom to worship me in any form. I am not concerned about that. I am only concerned about the true faith you have for me in your heart.”……………………..……………………..……………………..…………………………

    Allah says “Pray 5 times a day. Only then I will be happy & send you to heaven”.

    Bhagwan says “First take time to accomplish your duties & responsibilities. I’ll be happy if you call my name even a single time in a day with true faith”……………………..……………………..……………………..……………………….

    Allah says “Eat only Halal food & then you will go to heaven”.

    Bhagwan says “I am not concerned about what you eat. However, I’ll be happy if you skip your meal & offer that food to the one who is starving”.

    Allah says “Kill idolaters wherever you find them. You will go to heaven.” (Mentioned in Quran)

    Bhagwan says “I do not want you to kill my own creations for no reason. However, you have the right to kill someone if he/she is posing a threat to your life, your loved ones’ lives or to the society (which includes Hindus, Muslims & everybody else ).……………………..……………………..……………………..…………………….

    Allah says “Love your fellow Muslims as they are your brothers & sisters. And as for those who are non-muslims & do not believe in Allah, keep yourself away from them as they are Kaafirs”.

    Bhagwan says “Love each and every creation of mine

  • Respek

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    I have found a new respect to Hinduism. Your God’s principles are much better and humane than this one.

    Utmost Respect to You..!

  • Vaniee

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    Such situations occur due to two reasons. One- the need for the insecure Muslims to continuously enforce and convince themselves and the rest of the society that Islam is the best. Second – the need for the newly converts to jump into the bandwagon of projecting themselves as ‘pejuang’ and protectors of ‘syiar’ Islam. If either one cease to exist, then there will be no events as such. However, even if the insecure Muslims let it a rest, the newly converts will continually provoke the first group to ensure a steady supply of income, fame and status. Somehow I agree with what the Prophet has said – Di akhir-akhir zaman ini, ramai yang menjual agama. Many converts are doing this openly in the name of preaching Islam.

  • Vaniee

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    and I can’t stand Sindhu Bhairavi..God, it takes almost 5 minutes before the heroine shifts from her first facial expression to the next facial expression. I feel like screaming at the cast- can you all move faster (oru suru-suruppu ille)…

    • Sheila

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      Sindhu Bhairavi now in new channel, kena bayar pulak… so Indians get cheated again and again.. Irukere Indian channel pathele, tambah lagi.. apa lagi jadi couch potato la..

  • samuel

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    there is one sure thing i know, they can only talk about.. even if the whole world turns against d bible it can never be destroyed. because Jesus is the word.

  • samuel

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    there is one sure thing i know, they can only talk about nd implement rubbish .. even if the whole world turns against d bible it can never be destroyed. because Jesus is the word.

  • ABCrobot

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    I believe in God. Why did He allowed (not create) religion to exist? To allow human to have differences. Why? U only compete when u can differentiate. Why compete? Angels dont have differences, so they are what they are. Human’s have differences so it allows them compete to prove to be the best creation of God. Why so much war/hatred in the name of religion? Isn’t religion supposed to spell God? When there’s a competition, u do (as a human who is a created to have a free will) what it takes to win His Majesty’s heart. Why didn’t He made a rule for a fair game? Well son, he created human to have a free will. Means they decide the winning strategy. So they can win even by cheating? GOD is not stupid. He created everything and we are still struggling with quantum science. Cut the crap! Why dont He just create Angels instead and save the headache? Angels do not evolve and progress hence, making them who they are. Mankind evolves trying to be the best..thats why He said “I created them from a part of me”. We are his Masterpiece! Why am I born to this particular religion? U don’t choose to be on which team. Its how u follow or lead the winning strategy. If I win, I’m sure to be by his side. But whats happens if I lost? Well…tell me if u can find someone who can answer that.


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