Mati Dalam Lokap

Yet another death in police custody and all we can do is sit and watch. You see, taking it from a practical point of view, it is impossible not to beat a detainee in the lock up if he is involved in some heavy cases, such as the one Mr. Dharmendran was involved with; shooting. It is normally unofficial part of the interrogation process; but to beat someone to death is another thing altogether. Over the past decade, hundreds of detainees had died in the lock up, with hardly any action taken against the culprits behind it.

The image of the police force in this country is fast deteriorating because of these mistakes.

I still remember when I was about 18 years old; I was waiting for the bus in the Taman Sentosa bus stop while checking out some Meenachis when few Machas zig-zagged several times with their Honda EX5’s. No helmets of course, and they were doing some monkey stunts trying to impress the Meenachis.  Obviously not interested with the monkeys (and also me), they were sitting restlessly hoping that the bus would soon arrive.

And then it came. Not the bus, but a police patrol car. The Waja managed to force stop one of the bike while the rest managed to run away. One huge bulky Indian policeman came out and went to the Macha, and the conversation was something like :

Police : ‘Ingge enada pandringge? Helmet engge? ‘ (What are you doing here, where is your helmet?)

Macha : (Blur look)

Less than 5 seconds later, I heard a thunderous sound, and the Macha slumped to the side of the road. I don’t know how to exactly describe it, but if you could measure it in terms of data consumption wise, it would be a terabyte-slap. The Macha obviously started crying and the policeman shouted :

Police : “Edethete vitteke poda!” (Go back now with your bike!).

ACP Datuk Paramasivam

That was the first time I saw ACP Paramasivam, one of the most feared policemen at that time. When Klang and Taman Sentosa was polluted with dangerous criminals, ACP Param was posted to Klang, to ‘take care’ of it. A fearless cop, he went down to the ground to battle these criminals; and when Taman Sentosa was at the peak of it’s criminal activities, ACP Param restored faith to the people. The hardcore criminals that was hiding in Taman Sentosa was gunned down. The rest of the pullepuchi criminals knew ACP Param was not an ordinary man, and ran away knowing that this man is not to be messed with…

Similarly, another legendary cop that most of the younger generation’s are not aware of is DSP Kulasingam. He rose to fame when he was assigned to capture the most notorious criminal in Malaysian history, Botak Chin. A bachelor, DSP Kulasingam dedicated his life to the police force. A mere mention of his name will make criminals tremble in fear, knowing DSP Kulasingam track record. As far as I know, this is the only policeman whom I know is more notorious than any other criminals out there, busting crime as it happens and fucking up criminals no matter how dangerous they were…

DSP Kulasingam

Quoting source:

“The first attempt was in 1975. He had stopped at a traffic light junction when 11 shots were fired at him. One of the bullets shattered his right rib, pierced his liver, and grazed his lungs.

He survived and went on fighting crimes.

“On April 7, 1976, Kula was shot in the stomach during a robbery at a jewellery shop in Paramount Gardens, Petaling Jaya.

He also survived

when a 44-pound jar of formic acid was splashed on his legs and chest;

when a tree fell, killing a helper instead;

when an axe-wielding man rushed at him;

and when a patrol car in Sarawak was ambushed and another officer with the same name as him was killed.”

Both were exemplary policemen. They fought crime and they fought it hard. They went down to the ground and showed the criminals who’s the boss. But because of politics nowadays, the policemen are facing a bad reputation. They’re no longer feared, they’re more known as someone whom can be bought by money and reputation. You know exactly what I’m talking about, but I can’t elaborate further.

You can catch me for some shitty case, but your reputation is down the drain because hundreds of innocent Malaysians are dying in the streets as a result of snatch thieves and robbery. Why protect fucking criminal politicians who steals millions of dollars but kill an Indian who fought in a restaurant?

I’m here to tell you that we need more Kulasingam and Paramasivam in our police force… who will fight crime and fuck up criminals, not bowing down to any pressure or internal politics. As a normal citizen having my mom and sisters walking in the streets nowadays, I no longer have confident in PDRM protecting them. I want police who will fuck up criminals and bring them down hardcore, no mercy and ruthless in executing the law. Not being mere slaves and executing the helpless and the ones in custody, which reflects the helplessness of the police force.

I want a policeman who will withstand 12 bullets for his society like above, not 12 policemen who will gang bang an innocent citizen like below…

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  • Killer

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    Its no more PDRM bro, its PDBN.
    I think ACP Param should take up the role of Batman. Since Gotham’s chapter is over, we need the symbol in Malaysia.

  • Ashpree

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    Malaysia…descending to a state of lawlessness!! It’s so scary!

  • Althottha Boopathi a/l All In All Arumugam

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    naan evere (Param @ Paramasivam) oru 20 varusham pinnadi parthen….naan ennode cycle ottikite pogum pothe, enna Jalan Manggis, Teluk Intan everu nippati eneku oru super lecture kudutharu…anthe lectura naaan kettuthan police mattum aga kudathene mudivu pannen….evere pole ore legend illei….vayaa thirantharena, semme kuey tiaw goreng pannuvaru……paartha naalike veliya agire maalam inneke tanniya vanthidom….vaalga vaazhalamuddan…..

  • Joker In Action

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    Nowadays, its not about fighting crimes anymore. Its how much you can earn by being a policemen even though there are a small number of good and steady officer in action. An action is merely taken to satisfy some parties but untold truth will hurt heart of many. Only Indian cases increases as discrimination and our self oriented mind “mostly” brought us here today. The blame is carried by all of us to our grave.

  • nathan

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    BN/UMNO inherited a well run super efficient civil service fron the British Govt, run almost totally by Indians. In fact for 200 years Indians made up practically the entire civil service in Malaya and many including my Great Grandfather was brought into Malaya to serve the British Govt. These days, the civil service is 89% Malay while the Iban, Kadazan, Dayak, Indian and Chinese make up the rest. No non Malay can rise up beyond a certain level in the civil service effectively creating an “Us and Them” mentality among the Civil Service. BTN teaches the same mantra that Malaysia belongs to the Malays and others are outsiders. Even in the case of the 1,517 deaths in custody and EVEN when it is classified officially as murder, the perpetrators are not punished. The only way forward is to dismantle the BN Govt. No other way forward for Malaysia

  • puspa

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    my husband ASP worked under DSP Paramasivam in klang for reduction of crime rate project previously…

  • Billa

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    Bro, i heard that he is not helping the indian community at all. He is closing one eyes to all brutality toward indian community. Of course, this is word of the mouth. Not a valid source of info

  • Bystander

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    You guys buat lawak.. Think this is Indian movie? Where you can kick and ten ppl fell off the chair? Light up a ciggie using guns? LOL!!!
    Hallo macha, carrying gun and fighting that resulted in dead is a serious crime. As far as i am concern, one less macha off the map. Who has no effect to the community as they only contribute crime statistic.

  • Vaniee

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    tera-byte slap…that was funny. At one point, I do wish there are more police officers like ACP Param. Especially to handle those machas who can only be taught by a good ‘tera-byte slap’.Then, there are deaths in the police custody which makes you think what kind of animals are working there? these are also people with family members. People with kids and wife. How can they go back to their family each day without a guilty conscience of killing people on their mind?

  • Sara

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    For ur info…our indians was spoiled by our indians….especially parents…they are fail to monitor their kids since school time until they become adult… dnt simply blame POLICE in all situation……They (police) r gud enough to prevent us….BUT …we as a indians wat is our main role for unity??? So….Stop blame POLICE n lets workout together to save INDIANS…Our Dato’ Param are doing a worderfull effort to bring our indian community back to track….so pls give a hand to achieve it….

  • maniv

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    if got time pls visit police station nearby your area and f chit chat with police..or spend all day with them in any police station especially puchong,kapar,meru and klang station…indian youth cant be helped anymore…only way is shoot kill the criminals indians..they r hardcore and most of them repeat offenders…

  • lollu sabha

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    yea la blame the police sumore! you dont know abt indians la.. they’ll act like billa when in custody! talk bad words fully to police. you think police will keep quiet?? keep blaming police la you nonsense people!
    and SK durai, thanks for deleting my views all. thats shows you’re one big coward to accept views. so stop talking like one hero k? :)

    Dei, You were spamming my chatbox with your useless views. I can ban you here as well, so mudikitte don’t try to personally attack me. Un lollu vereh edethele vechiko.

  • kamal

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    enn manam valikirathu

  • Susie

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    I have witness an Indian traffic officer being beaten in the police station by other Malay officers!
    What chance do a fellow Indians have in this country? Move on my dear friends..


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