Malaysian Indian Hot Girls

You see, many of you had written to me about this issue. I really didn’t want to write about it because it will make it even more viral. But; your call.  As some of you may have already known, a number of pages had come up recently uploading pictures of Indian Meenachis in Facebook. Their motive is mostly so that some Machas can wank off looking at these pictures, while the rest are saying they’re in a way educating these young girls on how to dress up.

Have we faced these issues before? Of course we had, this is not something new. It has been there since the days of Friendster. I’m going to be very direct and blunt in discussing this, and it might contradict with what you pejuang pejuang wanita might have in mind.

You see, when someone opens up a page to upload these pictures, he will usually have a good collection of pictures already . This is plucked from various sources , and I can safely say almost all of it would have been plucked directly from various girls profile. Can you see his role here? He is doing a compilation, means he is putting them all in one place. You can of course blame him for infringing the rights of others, but remember that anything that is uploaded on Facebook ; you no longer have exclusive rights to the pictures.

What does that mean?

That means you have to stop uploading your pictures with thunde wrapped around your body! Why the fuck would you upload a picture like that? I tell you, some of these girls are fucking stupid. They allow opportunities for abuse to happen, such as uploading pictures of them kissing each other in bed. I know you already do your project, is there a need to upload for the world to see ah?

I saw a 17 year old girl posing just like Shakila and uploading it in FB

But Durai, my pictures all private da. Only fwens can see.

Then dumbass; stop adding every other Machas in the street. Someone in your profile is downloading your pictures and distributing it. Get rid of all the people you don’t know in real life. Don’t pride yourselves having 5000 friends in Facebook, chances are your pictures are going all over with Machas commenting like below:

You must understand that only when there is a demand, there will be supply. I’ve gone through many of these pages, and I find that a lot of you including some from my own friends list had actually ‘Liked’ these pages. You may defend this somehow, but you’re indirectly supporting these pages to grow bigger by affiliating with it. Don’t give them support, and they will die off automatically.

But Durai, I’m a model yar? I hv to posing with underwear ya

Sadly, you have to face the risk.

These are the immediate solutions to these type of issues, we’re living in a world where predators are everywhere. Even our law is sick, they let free a 40 year old guy who married a 13 year old kid he raped.

You can point your guns to me now saying that I’m actually like blaming the girls for this, but really,I’m talking from a practical point of view. Hundreds of these girls are posing with sometimes nothing in their body, I mean why the need for this? You trust that your EX5 Macha will keep it secret ka? Some skimpy pictures are uploaded directly to FB, for maybe you liked the attention. When others question , you might come up with hundreds of woman rights campaign slogans.

You think these Machas behind these amateur profiles understand your slogans ah?

Some of the girls in my own profile are extremely beautiful, yet none of them get featured in any of these pages. You know why; because they know how to behave in social networks. Nothing skimpy, and being moderate. Even if someone is going to abuse your pictures, they would not be interested much because there is nothing much to see anyway.

Gambar sekadar hiasan – This is Sister Priya Rai a professional porn star

I don’t want to go hunting for the people behind these pages, because that is not practical. You can stop one now, another 10 will pop up tomorrow. This is a never ending game. We can argue this all day long, and some Machas will come barking non stop that we shall not blame the girls; sadly, that won’t solve the problem. I’m absolutely not supporting the guys behind this, all I’m trying to tell you is don’t give them the opportunity.

Please don’t start implying that I’m asking you to be fully clothed and take care of your behavior in social network, I did not say that. Whether or not you want to heed my advice is up to you, but I feel it’s better not to risk uploading something that causes problem for your future.

Whatever it is, we all pwens foreva okey? Pwez keep in sentuh!

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  • Saravanan Sivashanmugam

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    Thanx yar for sharing yourz opnionz… U owned uz..

  • Preeti Boperai

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    hmmmm…….so sad nowdays gurl will do so many things juz to get man attention…..wearing modern clothes and uploading pictures are not wrong but gurls u need to have a limit cause if u dun respect urself….definitely others won’t…..this is modern era and yes we shuld b open minded and blend in with latest trends but not untill we forget our origin…..

  • Cassandra

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    I absolutely agree. I will never understand why girls degrade themselves by doing this. I am a girl and feel very uncomfortable when girls do this. And then the very girls that do this get angry when some guy makes lewd / suggestive remarks. please if you are going to act like a uneducated person then be prepared to deal with the outcome.

  • vss1

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    From now onwards before deciding on a girl better check out these websites first if theres any photos…!

  • warmonger

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    Good one Sk. I reckon these maidens are in a desperate need of attention. To be blunt, they probably are suffering from the “dumb blonde” syndrome hence the need to show ahem…their depleted assets. You know why cant they just take up a hobby like knitting or baking or cooking or even eating. Silly Tamil and Hindi movies are another cause..these creatures tend to mimic the half baked actresses that cant act worth a dime and are only good at showing their fully developed assets. Well that’s my ‘not worth any a cent’ take.

  • ABCrobot

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    I ‘loike’ the sista Priya….hahaha…made my day..

  • Abirami

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    I came across a few FB pages like what u have mentioned in your article. Being a girl myself, yes , i feel embarrassed and I pity the girls as well. But then, they themselves took the risk and posted such photos. Of course they wanted people to see their pics, or else they wouldn’t have uploaded such pictures.It’s just pure stupidity if they wanted to go against or fight people who complied and uploaded their pics in a page. Well, siape suruh u upload in the first place kan??

    But then,like u said, when there is demand, there will be supply. So, it does goes to those who liked the pages.

    There is no point arguing who is right or who is wrong. The more you argue, the more they defend themselves. Sendiri mahu tau la.. My humble opinion.. :)

  • Darren

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    nowdays most girls act and talk like no 1 bitch…dont know where they pick up this street bitch ideology…apa ama pereh kedikeh piranthe bitch this girls…i 100% support this kind of humiliation..they deserve this…padikireh vayisileh…porikeh mari pesikiteh..sutikiteh erikigeh…bastard bitches…


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    Be good and stay safe, yo !! Aanavam le aadathe, naalai ke enna nadakke porethe ne paaru..

  • Nita

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    Ah i got to this topic a bit too late.Well i dont blame the girls entirely its the up bringing.My mother never allowed me wearing obscene clothes.I’m way passed 30 now,I too want to be sexy but that doesnt mean you need to be a slut expose comes down to how you carry yourself and present yourself.Not how much of boobs you show.

  • Concerned Tamilan

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    In Simple – My Granma used to say this! ‘Usi Idam koduthathan Nullu Nullaiya Mudiyum’

    If you allowed others to view your pictures and able to download the pictures…then it is your responsibility.

    We are aware there are lots of deprived retards out there…so be wise in what you upload. Neway Sex is a common thing…Human Nature..there is nothing to be eeeee about but you got to keep it private…simple as that!

    You allow some moron to be in your friends list because you think that if 1000 people likes your comment that means you are awesome ‘syok sendiri’…then dont cry aiyo amma when you see your pictures in some walls!

    Even I see our woman also deprived since most machans are dating Pinoys and Indon! I see so many past the age of 30 being deprived of having a Husband! Kahwin pun ended up divorce due to Expectations…Must have this and that due to comparison!

    Our Parents lived happily and also our Grand Parents…Why our 3rd Generations are suffering with divorced rate rocketing year in year out? We just forget our basic needs and simplicity of Life!

    I will say it is Parents Negligence and also Lack of Basic Knowledge of how to behave when you socialize! Everyone can do their part by educating those who you can educate about Social Media! It can start from any one of you! Highlight this to your Nephew and Nieces…Son and Daughters…Ensure to teach them how to behave in Social Media and avoid the retards whether it is male or female.

    Concerned Tamilan.

  • Mahen

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    I believe that many do not know that there is nothing private in social media, abusers will alwasy continue to abuse, and thrill seekers will continue with what they do best. It boils down to how much of awareness the individual has and whether they do mind privacy.


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