Garang dan Parang

I’ve written about many issues in this blog, highlighting crime and social issues which are plaguing our community today. The vast majority of young Indian boys are now getting involved in gangs, some of them without knowing what they’re getting themselves into…

Last week, netizens were busy sharing a video clip showing a 33 year old man writhing in pain after being slashed up without mercy by rival gang members. Look around you, you will know where our boys are going nowadays. Take a look at numerous funeral of Indian boys, the deceased friends would proudly be displaying gang flags and symbols  in their parade.

Young boys nowadays are even more dangerous than other organized crimes in this country. They act emotionally, without knowing the consequences.

It’s been years since I’ve ever been to club, but due to invitation by very close friends; I walked in to an Indian club in Changkat recently. Young Machas were dancing their heart out, and the crowd looked fairly decent. After a few rounds, I wanted to dance. While dancing, I accidentally (I repeat ACCIDENTALY) stepped on one of the Indian guy shoe who was dancing there. I quickly smiled at him, shaked his hand, tapped his shoulder and said ‘Sorry bro, silap’. He looked at me with no emotion. I retreated (chinne payen kitte adi vangge venamene) and went back to my table . From that moment onwards, he and his team mates started the staring game. Though I was well protected, my friend thought it was no longer safe for me to be there and we left.

See how such a small incident can tick them off so badly…

Some of the young Machas are so fucking retarded that they will start a fight for ramming your motorbike.  I remember just a few months back, a young guy suddenly blocked a couple of small boys right in front of my house. Similar conversation happened…

Dei punde , yen vitte mineke motor yenda murukene? Innore thadave murukene munje pundeye odechereven..

Dei punde, why did you ram your bike in front of my house?  Another time you do that I will break your face.

Machas are the only creatures left on earth who will fight because someone rammed their bike in the street. Motor ke porenthevena irupanegeh poleh..

Look at the recent Klang Utama incident. An accident happened, a young Malay chap and few Indian boys had verbal argument.In the end, the Indian guys slashed the Malay guy in an attempt to kill him. According to my sister in law who treated him, the guy was slashed so bad in both his hands that it can hardly be used anymore. He was also slashed twice in his head, fortunately he survived.

The first victim who was slashed without mercy. He survived with a total 4 deep slash wounds.

This spread fast in Facebook and some fools started war against Indians and Malays in Facebook and social networks. The Malay boys came back to seek revenge for their friend and attacked a group of Indian guys in Klang Utama. It can never be denied that there was a certain amount of unrest for the past few days, until the police managed to contain the situation.


The situation sparked off from a small accident. And it led to a major fight involving hundreds of teenagers because of the initial damage done by the Indian boys.

Our Machas are no longer just involved in crime and gangsterism, they’re obsessed with it. It has become the way of life. It is their life. Our young boys has become fools who will fight and die for nothing.Violence is their answer for everything.

Let’s see how our newly elected politicians are going to address this situation that is plaguing our community today. Until then; stay safe, be safe. It’s perfectly fine to be a coward; run when you see trouble and don’t get provoked.


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  • mother

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    This is the very reason i took off from klang. My son is pursuing his degree course now. If i stayed for sure I my son will also be one Macha. God help this children. To be honest when ever he reads about these things on the net he says he was sorry. My wish is parents keep tab on your children’s movement. They will thank you later.

  • Uncle Gerald

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    Stupidity leads to ones on destruction…

  • Basil

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    and they say crime rate is just a perception?
    stupid pieces of shit!
    indian clubs are like suicide spots nowadays la bro. better stay away as much as possible.

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    Getting sick bro..When these people gonna realise?? Death by death increased but same time rowdism increased as well.

  • shiva

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    dear police… please continue to kill those morons in lockup as usual.

  • Anon

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    The man that was kena tetak is a head of 08 gang in btg kali, so ill say it is fair..

  • rabin

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    Firstly, the Indian politicians, NGO’s & all hero’s of Indian Community should stop the same old excuse of lack of eduction, lack of opportunities and also movie influence. It’s about time the indian community comes out of this stigma and do something for themselfs.

  • Concerned Tamilan

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    Dear RagedIndian,

    Firstly, in my opinion we should turn the negativity into positivity…remember what Gandhiji said ‘Be the Change You Want to See in the World’. We aware that these guys are neglected from a decent life and they have no choice apart from doing all these…Pure Survival as they live by oppressing people. Whats our population now? Very Minimal and being minority, we are also pushed to the corner as well by people who suppose to fight for us which is our politician! They encourage all these gangsterism and they live by it. End of the day it is all about economy and inflation that pushing them to become like this. Living by oppressing people!

    Being deprived from Education, Work and Decent Living…another issue hit them will be the socializing issues. Many of them cant even form a family due to expectation from the so called Parents who would like to filter the guys on materials…They got married earlier but when their daughter want to get married…they ask for all kind of requirements like house, car, education, cash and so on.

    You know for facts that by the time you come out from Uni and get a decent job…your life only starts at 26 or 27…then by the time you see some savings after settling your loans will be 32 – 35yrs old…so you ended up being single and getting sick of waiting…after marriage another fiasco of expectation rises! Poor these fellas…what esle they have to cope with where their own kind dont want to marry them with all kind of materialistic expectations!

    So basically they are redundant without choice…cannot make living, cannot have family, rejection from love life, cannot earn decent money, cannot get decent job…so where they ended up and rely on?

    Gangsterism is like a plaque and once you get sucked in and there will be no way out! Firstly, to curb all these things…if every 10 indians assist 10 to get a Job and guide them…that 10 will do for another 10 and it multiply bro!

    I suggest you post good and positive things about Indians and Change People Perception about what others think about us! No point you put your blog as RagedIndian and suggest that you remove the ‘R’ and place it with Aged Indian…Indian with knowledge, Experience, Wise and remove your Jamaica color and the Weed Leaf! You will bring in the Positivisms brother!

    Concerned Tamilan

    • Tamilan_Malaysia

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      I totally agree with ‘Concerned Tamilan’.
      People pls stop blaming the government or tamil movie.
      My question is ‘what are You doing for your Indian society?’ shy away?

      PLS Read Mr. ‘Concerned Tamilan’ many times
      “I suggest you post good and positive things about Indians and Change People Perception about what others think about us! No point you put your blog as RagedIndian and suggest that you remove the ‘R’ and place it with Aged Indian…Indian with knowledge, Experience, Wise and remove your Jamaica color and the Weed Leaf! You will bring in the Positivisms brother! “

      • TheTruth

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        Truth hurts doesn;t it….

        Well i don;t see any of your points in changing this website’s point of view brings a change of better Indian community. For that length of comment that was written, i am sure if you have taken that time to think you would have figured out the “Impossible”.

        What you both are implicating here is IGNORANCE. By placing the Positivism do you counter the negativity that is surrounded here.

        Changing the “Jamaican” color ( again dumb stereotyping, get a life and move on it;s just color) or replacing the weed leaf… Won’t stop gangster-ism. Netherlanders smoke this in coffee shops….. Now again think straight do not confuse self with this petite stuff….

        The commentary or opinion here express to me is a form of awareness to the Malaysian Indian community. Look at the evidence posted here, it is far more worse than you one would think…. Wait till you;re thrown in the Lion’s den. I for sure do not wish to be in that shoe. For now creating awareness is one step to prevention of these diseases that have been plaguing the Indian community.

        @Tamilan_Malaysia – if you are not a frequent reader of this blog. Let me tell you this, the post in this sites are good enough to contribute to the Indian community as wake up call. Which i don;t see any active Indian political leaders in this country have been addressing all this year. The moderator of this sites have numerously seek out contribution to help Tamil school which direly need of funding. “Why ask other what they have done… What have you done….. ”

        There are many sleepers like you who are far more potent than this gangsters.

        In a line you mention if 10 Indians help 10 others all would be good. Why don;t you start providing these good positive things happening around to the moderator. I am sure he is more than happy to post it. If he is not interested try MIC they would be …

        • Tamilan_Malaysia

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          @TheTruth, maybe you need to rethink what you say. I am teaching Indian boys for free. so don’t question me on my contributions. you have your kinda awareness rageindian-site. there are many well educated Indians/businessman doing their part to up bring Indians social and eduction status, unlike those who choose to focus on negativity and condemn Malaysian Indians.

  • Gauthem

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    I agree with our boys are getting too much screwed up with gangsterism and stuffs but the root cause of all this are Indian cinema’s. Whats more when the movie shows how a hero turns a gangster and manage to be rich and invisible from the man in blue (Cops). Example of movies like Billa-2, Renigunta & thousands more!! Im not against the actor they are doing it for entertainment yes but the mentality of our youth is getting ridiculous nowadays. They think imitating those hero’s can bring them supernatural power or status. Apperom eppedi pa nambeh indian makkals munererethu??

    The government should enforce more on this bad example movies to protect the future generation is the only answer for this situation as i can think of.

  • Concerned

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    I totally agree with this statement, ”They act emotionally, without knowing the consequences”. Not only these machas, we as Indians generally think and act with our emotions and not with our brains. As long as we just use our emotions, and not think with our brains and analyze things properly, the Indians will never progress.

  • Richard

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    Censor all (I mean it!) extreme ‘parang’ fight scene in Tamil movies before screen it and, it will help a little, I believe.

    Villain with ‘parang’ is fine for our teenagers but if it’s the hero, they tend to imitate.

    Sometimes, I feel down when you know, driver next to me immediately centre-lock his car because of one thing, I’m Indian. They just don’t feel comfortable when see us. Very sad fact…

    Nobody care to differentiate us whether we are decent or bad, if you are an Indian, I know who you are!

    Well for me, I can only seek Divine intervention to bring the change.


  • jay

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    top cops and some politicians all involved in organized crimes,who is the back bone?All this secret society…their earning exceed the local district officer salary…easily more than 10k pm.
    Semua RASUAH…thats why they can chop you like like chopping a lamb…..boleh settle maa…
    Try doing this in Spore…sutte kilinjirom.
    Only strong police force and integrity can reduce this trend.Malaysia Boleh…..wait for Lord Kalki.

  • Tamilan_Malaysia

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    Dear Rage Indian,

    Besides writing article, maybe you can travel to estates and educate the Indians there at least once a week, and share your vision for better indian community.
    I am doing it my way. I am teaching.
    Hope the rest of educated Indians will do the same instead of condemning your own people.

    • Concerned Tamilan

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      I am proud to say that I was Born in Estate and was brought up well. My elderly people taught me 1 thing…Your Life is yours and You decide want you want to be. Now I am assisting and guiding the Younger generation with Job Opportunities and also guiding them to be better…If I can turn 10 youngster Life into Good Path and that will change few around them.

      It is all about bring positivisms in them and direct them into the Good Path. Let’s all of us do our part in changing one by one slowly but surely 10 years on the road…we might be able to change 100 or even 1000.

      Long Journey starts with the Few Steps Brother ‘AgedIndian’


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  • SataN

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    If u see 2 or 3 machas in a bike just find other way to go.. cos dont want to be

  • Kamikaze Pilot

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    These are the result of “something” which was done systematically 20-30 years ago by “the scientists” who were walking in the corridors of power then. The result from these experiments are successful. Many are still ignorant and are blind to accept this but keep pointing their index finger here and there.Do you know that those who carries a weapon in his hand don’t read blogs and comments. The worst nightmare is yet to come but its closer than you think.

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    […] foreign criminals, let’s state the obvious fact – Malaysians (from all races and not limited to a few Indian youths) still top the list when it comes to committing crime in this country. And it has been a […]

  • Yugi

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    jeez…can’t a guy just blog in peace…why does a person sharing his thoughts to the public always require some form of justification. we are what we are. stop judging. just read and absorb the awareness and move along….if you are able to help solve/improve the situation then do so by your means, don’t impose on ragedindian on what he should or shouldn’t do.

  • penang_citizen

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    lack of education, job opportunities or tamil movie influence could be one of the reason. but the main reason is the police and the politicians are support them …. now in penang most of indian boys involved in a number, direct and indirect. The sad thing is some of them are my friends since school days. When I asked them how they are willing to get involved in numbers …. they said that they had no other option to protect themselves. This is because the police are supposed to provide protection to the people is behind the gangsters. If an ordinary citizens who have problem with a gangster who involved in the number, he seems to be caught “7 and a half Sani”. If do police report, the suspect will come out from lock up less than a week. After come out he will take revenge!! death of the victim either parang or the latest is gunshot!! police must react before things goes beyond the control…..I believe that an ordinary citizen can distinguish a criminal and pious… Police are more expert, don’t tell masih dalam siasatan or tangkapan belum dibuat lagi!!

  • sOuLRebeL

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    ….mentality only matters here!!


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