I abruptly left and decided to go low.

“Sanjeevan, 29, was shot by assailants at a road junction near his family home in Bahau, Negeri Sembilan.

The memories since that day are hazy, but he remembers the moment his life flashed before his eyes vividly.

“I wound down my window at the junction when I saw a motorcycle behind me with two Indian fellows on it.

“In my rearview mirror I saw the pillion rider get off the bike and walk towards me. I saw the gun he pulled out and I thought ‘that was it!’

When Sanjeevan was shot, I was out of town. I did not have access to the Internet and the first thing I read when I came back a couple of days later, was that Sanjeevan had been shot.  I’ve personally received a number of threats, be it through email, Facebook , my blogs, and calls. Of course, I did not really bother. I’ve always treated it like a joke.

But when the shooting spree started, for no reason I began to feel restless. I got worried about what I do and about my family. Of course, I was paranoid. Whenever I stop my car in traffic lights, I used to distance myself from the car in front; worried that some Machas would pull out a gun.

This is because I know some dumbfucks would prefer to see me in mortuary although I have no connections with them.

I know I’ve made my enemies.

 “Asked about a Bukit Aman dossier implicating 30 or so top cops involved with drug kingpins, he said he has no interest in pursuing the matter.

“Why should I? Nobody wants to protect my family.

“Can this country protect me? I think you know the answer. I have done my national service and paid my dues.”

There is nothing more this country can ask of Sanjeevan. In his young life he has done more for his nation than many have in their lifetime.”


Of course, my blog is well known. A number of people know me. But like Sanjeevan, what is left for us one day? Who’s going to even protect me for the shit I do? Ikan bilis mathiri iruken naneh. Uthi utta pothum, 2 weeks admit. Some were even suggesting that I should stop writing about education,corruption,crime, gangs, politics and social issues. But that’s the only thing I write about, that is my passion! Then what you want me to write? That my Meenachi polished her fingernails today ah?! The corrupt and the criminals should succumb to us, not the other way around.

Perhaps I got too worried. Perhaps I’ve stressed myself over a non-existence risk. And the only thing that accompanied me over the past 2 months was news from The Star and some other online sources. And many things affecting the Indian community in particular has happened, from temple demolishment right up to Machas being shot dead like dogs in the streets, to pati tata being chased out of their estates.

When I read mainstream Medias, most of them talk about criminals not getting enough education thus resorting to crime. PhD holding professors knowing little about street justice and crimes are talking about what’s going on in a Machas head. Funny uncles. Do anyone really go down to these boys and talk to them what is their need?

And Sai Fund was not moving anywhere, I have no money without the readers. With Ops Cantas dengan pantas cleaning up the country, I received the blessings from the ‘brothers’ .

I had no idea how much support I had until I left. Feels good to be back…I promise its going to be far more interesting.



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  • putumayam

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    good to have you back bro.really missed the sarcasm filled thought provoking articles. keep writing and be safe bro. enjai

  • rossi

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    Swashna Moksha : isn’t really the place for your comments to play down the seriousness of the issue here,at worse it sounds sarcastic ,and at best ,it’s like a limp, torn condom.if you can’t appreciate this,at least try not to sound like an idiot

    • Swashna

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      Firstly if you have guts, use a real profile to comment on me or else shut up! SK Durai is a family friend and a close friend of mine, and he knows what I’m trying to say so next time don’t hide under Rossi kinda name coward!

    • Swashna

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      Btw you are the real idiot, as the message is not meant for you! It is for SK to respond to it. Did you also read that on a serious note I asked him to get lessons on martial arts….duh, dumbos! this must be some idiot hiding behind stupid names like rossi….Lol

  • Daisy Apoc

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    Good to have you back BRO. All the best!! :)

  • warmonger

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    Dear SK,

    Missed you bro. Good to know that you are alive and kickin’. Remember the pen is stronger than anything else. Those that diss you are just uneducated morons, so fret not and keep up your crusade!

  • its time to grow up

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    Sometimes i wonder , you dont even have any money in ur pocket and you yrying yo fund other by creating cheap publicity … same goes to your ill looking face . Try to write something tht could raise the standart of the community not write trash and mock them over the net . Grow up , get a job and earn a living . Feel pity for your parents .

    • A-style

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      hi bro / sis / aunty / uncle / macha / machi / ETC

      well sorry to drop a comment on your status here, but its just i don’t know lar, if you don’t like then why wasting time coming to this blog and reading it plus wasting your valuable time to comment on his post all? may be for you the message or the post that he is posting up is not good/interesting/etc but for us it is use full and we do appreciate on what he is writing upon his point of view. it is called a blog and it is his blog, let him do and write what he feels wanna do, and you please carry on to tc of your own rice bowl. Indian blogs are very very less… lets support on what we have now rather then vetti ar kosong tin ar pesikittu…… pudichireka…click lar :P

  • A-style

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    all the best bro :) welcome back


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