The Naga Babas

From the days I started writing, I had always been critical about our beliefs and things we do in the name of God. The path of spiritual is subjective, people will only believe in what they want to believe, ignoring the rest in pursuit of the interest they’ve been conditioned in ever since they were young.


In Malaysia, our spiritual belief is extremely strong. Some rubs pig’s ass thinking that will bring good luck, while some run after few holy men thinking that they’re God. A prime example is shown below of how people might misinterpret teachings of their guru and come up with ridiculously idiotic stories. This sometimes perplexes me.

This was circulating around in Facebook today.

I’m not really sure who’s behind this, and how far this is true. But I’ll let you judge it yourself.


Recently a video clip is circulating around the net showing up Nagini Druvinka Puri in Ipoh Shirdi Sai center blessing the crowd of curious devotees. The video spread like wild fire, of course attracting hundreds of negative comments. I don’t blame anyone who has commented about her, but I don’t think she deserves it. I don’t see anything to put her in limelight, what more accusing her of cheating the public. If anyone is to be blamed, it’s the people who brought her in or the devotees who are giving her unnecessary attention.

A picture was circulating after the video, pictured in all glory; a pose of her holding a cigarette. First of all, she is from a lineage of Aghoris or Naga Babas. She does her penance deep inside the jungles of Kerala and India, and due to their customs, hardly ever communicates with us. The snake is also a symbol of Naga Babas, and represents Lord Shiva.

Smoking ganja, alcohol, yoga and deep long meditation are part of their routine. Since they’re strong believers of Lord Shiva(whom they believe smokes ShivaBhanam – ganja), they continue the tradition of inhaling ganja and going into long deep meditation, sometimes for days forgetting to eat and drink. You can see them along the stretches of Varanasi, India. Remember that they do not initiate the public or take in any new followers, they’re on their own. Even if someone wants to follow the path of a Aghori or Sadhus, they must relinquish materialistic lifestyle.

Some even commented that she was holding a python, and that she should hold a cobra. Here’s something for you, they have no worries about handling anything because they are least worried about the body. Here’s however a picture of her holding cobra.

They have no belongings, no relatives, no money, and no desire. Their ultimate purpose is oneness with God. And though they abuse their own body in pursuit of enlightenment, they’ve never begged or collected money from anyone. I’ve never commented against Aghoris because I adore their deep devotion, unlike the money making god men that you can see around Malaysia or kattil mel porattam Nityananda.

She was brought to Malaysia by an NGO, and I would like to hear if anyone was charged to see or be blessed by her. Whether or not she was genuine, is not my concern. My concern is blind bashing, and pre-judging her by putting her in the same loop like holy fuck men. Just because I adore them does not mean you have to believe them,  but let’s just think twice before picking up our guns.

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  • samini selvaraja

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    Hi.. I got a chance to meet her n get her blessings.. thanks to my friend kamalesh n his wife who helped me to get this chance.. true.. she was so divine n looking into her eyes was my unforgettable moment.. n I do understand of the way of her living n I don’t see it in a negative way.. we as ordinary people are far away from these yogis.. so lets respect them do our best as humans..

  • priya

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    Bt agoris usually do not bless or come away from their mediation grounds for any reason so how was she persuaded to come here and bless people?

  • ABCrobot

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    All right, seeing the cursing and anger about the debate here between fellow Indians, I pray this wont cause another hacking of limbs case just because of difference in believe/faith. I believe in my creator even I have not seen him/her. Sounds stupid, I know. But any person bad mouth my creator, it’s up to that person. I will not curse, yell, wack. Because if I do, then what i have believed/faithed for is wrong.

  • Ramesh

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    At least she did not recruit people in the name of bakti for a paid sum of RM700….so what the fuck if she hold snake or smoke.Who those condemn her,i say “fuck you”…
    and for the blogger of this blog i say,”machi,ur idea awesome…keep on writing,don’t give a shit to other assholes who just know how to condemn other people”

  • Jainthy

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    Some how I can see lots of people barking at her cuz they simply don’t know her… Do your research well… Not a piece meal kinda thingy… God is there for ppl who believe. One thing firm…. She didn’t look for anyone to give her blessings it’s the people who believe in god seek for her blessings. Educate yourself enough in this before pin pointing someone…. Speaking my mind


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