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I’ve been receiving a video clip showing dogs being captured by municipal council workers and people are going emotional that this is animal cruelty of the highest order. The workers can be seen in the video clip mistreating the dogs captured, and at least one of it is bleeding from its mouth. People as usual are calling for these ‘bastards’ to be killed or to be tortured the same way.Some are saying that these workers would go to hell for doing this…


I’ve stressed this many times, and people don’t like when I talk about it. You must understand that there are different types of animals; such as cows, goats, pigs, chicken and fish. You think only dogs has problems?

Chickens also got problem.

Sick and deformed chickens suffering inside a chicken factory farm

Goats also got problem.

Couple killed in action for Deepavali function

While I absolutely agree that the dogs should not have been tortured, I couldn’t agree with the way people are reacting towards the municipal workers. This is because we’re no better than them, in fact might be far even worst.

The workers are being directed by someone, in fact paid to capture and torture the dogs. In the name of Sunday Samayal, we pay someone to slit the throat of chickens and put it in hot water to be boiled alive and rip apart their feathers , and bring the body back home for Koli Kicap. That is animal cruelty. In the name of religion, our ‘Atta’ and ‘Ayya’ temples are slitting the throat of goats and let it die slowly, enjoying the bloodbath. That is animal cruelty. You go to a seafood restaurant and see some fish swimming happily in the aquarium and order it to be butchered for your ikan masak tiga rasa. That is also in a way animal cruelty. Here’s a clip I took in a temple…


Of course, we justify this by saying dogs are pets and the rest are meant for eating. We say dogs are emotionally attached to us, while the rest of the animals are rarely so. But that is selective execution isn’t it? If anything is emotionally attached to us, we will show mercy. But if they’re not, we kill them. Say that the municipal workers are dog eaters, which means they won’t be emotionally attached to these dogs. Will that justify the reason for them to torture and kill the dogs, just like how we do the same to chickens and goats?

My idol, Kak Sharifah. She fights for every animal in this country.

Will it also be justifiable to say that the Sri Lankan government killed all those Tamils because they were not emotionally attached to the Tamils?

I’ve eaten dogs; can I say dogs are meant for eating? Who are we to judge which life should be ended and which should not? Dogs are multi-talented, protectors, and loving. Indeed. So animals which do not possess any abilities should not be shown any compassion?

I was not really moved when the dogs were captured. We do these all the time anyway, so why judge the workers alone? As I said, why close eyes for the rest of the animals who are treated far worst but open it wide when it comes to dogs only? I applaud the effort taken by animal rights activist, but it seems animal rights applies only to dogs and cats nowadays.

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  • Kavirajan

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  • Jimmy

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    Agreed with some of the point. People being selective when come to mercy. But, Kill to die and Torture to die is two different thing.
    Chicken, Goat, Fist are killed to die, whereas the dog in the clip is tortured to die.

  • r2

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    lets all go vegan !!!!

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    I think some of us are missing SK’s point on animal cruelty here. Further it is not easy to catch a stray dog in an open area – it is not going to walk to you when you call it with a long pole with a noose. If you can catch even one, your success rate is quite good. Sometimes you have no choice but to catch it the hard way (which the council workers seemed to have done)

    There was a group of stray dogs in my neighbourhood and some roams around the children playground. As parents, we feared that these dogs might attack the small kids and also that some of the strays may be infected with rabies (read them here – We called the council to get these dogs caught but when they came, they had a hard time running around to catch these stray dogs and they failed to catch even one. The next day, the strays were back at the playground and because of this, you can hardly see anyone at the playground.

    We are still having a problem with the strays…

  • Daisy Apoc

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    The workers have a right to choose not to torture the dogs. There are ways to kill the dog without torturing it. I think the idea here is not about the “killing” of the dog but rather the torturing of the dog.

    Why are only dogs getting killed like this and not cats? (not that we should torture cats ;-) )

    I agree that we should be compassionate to all animals, and no one soul is bigger than the other but torturing dogs or any other animals is not justified.

    My two cents bro :) Cheers.

  • vikneshwary

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    Just sharing my opinion sir,
    As mentioned in one of the readers comment just’s the circle of life, but in malaysia, we’ve been eating goat and chicken for a long time, it’s in our foodchain. But dogs are being reared by humans for working like siberian husky, malamute and toy dogs, such as minipinscher and maltese .have you heard of eatable dogs? But still eating dog is not a crime, but in malaysia, it’s something new.

    P/s: great article. Never eating goat and chicken again. Promise :)

  • Sasi

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    cakap dengan management..but0h…english oso fail..wanna talk lk big puluthi..mariyatheya pesu ah..arivekathe jenmengehh!..

  • Kumar

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    Just to satisfy our taste buds, we say killing goat and chicken isn’t the same as killing other animals. Tell me which one of you eat chicken wings, mutton varuval for its protein, mineral contents. Taste good right.
    Live and let live. True vegetables are living too, thats why if you see real Indian vegetarian diet, the vegetable are usually fruits like – brinjal, okra, beans, etc where the whole plant is not killed.
    Please dont make your body as a graveyard for all the animal you eat.
    And when the times comes to leave this mortal frame, at least you say to yourselves that i lived a live with causing the least burden to creatures who shares this planet with me, whether its human or animal alike.



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