The Notorious Machas

The article was written based on what I saw and heard. Something else might have transpired there.

I was in Changkat last night, together with three of my friends; one of them is a cop. After finishing our prayers, it was already around 2 am when we parted ways and I left. I decided to eat steamboat, so I picked a few sticks and dipped it inside the saucy boiling water. Just when I pulled out the sticks, I heard a commotion.

Of course; a fight.

Around 10 Machas were chasing down a white guy, who clearly looks frightened. He slumped near the steam boat van and to my horror; his face had already been disfigured and bleeding profusely. He pleads for mercy while the Machas continues to shout to him…

“Zay sorry!”

“Hey, zey sorry!”

I seriously have no idea what the white guy had really done; but I overheard some of the conversation. It seems like the guy had disturbed another guy or girl in the club.

“Veleh karen punde adi vanggena, kandipa melesiyake thiripi varamatan”, said one of the guy happily discussing about it and laughing out loud.

Clearly it was not a heavy case. Just a  misunderstanding. Though I was feeling tipsy and felt braver, I basically could not do anything to stop the violence. All the Machas were heavily tattooed and it’s a guarantee that someone like me will be squashed within minutes if I had tried to help. But why 10 against 1 helpless white man?

A guy who was slashed recently by two other Indian guys inside his own home.

Indians are topping the list in crime because we think its pride and power. We inflict violence on others to show our bravery. But seriously, what kotte bravery do you intend to show by ganging up on a lone Westerner? We do not use our brain, we act emotionally. We fight for anything and everything. Even ramming your motorbikes in front of a Macha house can get you killed.

Most of my readers here are young boys, in your teenage years. Remember, your age would prompt you to act first and think later. This is one of the reason why Indian boys get involved is so many violence related crimes. We don’t think the consequences of our split-second decision. Drinking alcohol further damages your ability to think right. I’m not against drinking, but be responsible after drinking.

Thanni potta, nanthan mande, nanthan puluthi. You should see the way these freaks walk and talk, as if they own this country.Try going to clubs, every Indian in the club will be a don.  Or at least try to behave like one, which they fail miserably of course. Teruk vahne sareke mineke kude over padem punde kattevanegeh.

You fight here and there, do the killings and go on a rampage. When the police gun down these useless scumbags, we blame the police for only gunning down Indians. Of course the police will execute Indians, we are the ones who’s topping the crime list anyway!

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  • Visudharn Nair

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    Well said article.. even though tamil movie influenced alot but where did this macha’s brains to think rationally went .. just because you can box doesnt mean you are a boxer …

    Please think wisely before ending up your life in jail or getting killed.

    Gangsters are not all bout fighting and killing .. its bout getting repped and making money .. if you are fighting to kill, why not join the army and go kill our enemies …. you will get a medal for that instead …

  • marina h

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    Thank you for this. I saw the same event at Changkat outside Havana on Sat. One very scared white man, surrounded by huge Indian guys. Laughing, pushing, slapping, such aggression. One Indian guy I think realized, this guy was in serious trouble – he pulled him and told him to run. I shouted run. He was just repeating, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.

    Changkat is going to hell. This intimidation goes from the car parks to the street, to the bars. These people and it doesn’t matter the race, but these people who work in groups who fueled on alcohol, male bravado, will bring Changkat down and KL down in the eyes of everyone.

    There is nothing fun about Changkat after 3am.

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    My self got nervous watching & reading materials of this kind. What has happened to our country & our society. Needs lots of efforts, not just the young Indians that have this stigma the boundary is getting blurr every hour.. Thank you for write up..

  • saitan

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    kovil udaikumpothu enggetaan olinjikittu irupangaloh intehe veerargal

  • putumayam

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    senje case lar these fellas. only these young karat machas have the tendency to act violently at even the smallest of trigger. why? coz, they have the obligation to impress people around them. only when they realize there are bigger, better things to live for, these machas would turn over new leaf.

  • Srima

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    This happen because they DON’T FEAR God.

    “If the human race is one, any notion that a particular racial, ethnic, or national group is in some way superior to the rest of humanity must be dismissed; society must reorganize its life to give practical expression to the principle of equality for all its members regardless of color, creed or gender; and all individuals must be given the opportunity to realize their inherent potential and thereby contribute to ‘an ever-advancing civilization.’”
    — Baha’i International Community

  • Human

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    How I wish that there’ll be secret agents assigned to gun down these uncivilized citizens in the society. We don’t need such people walking amongst us anywhere. I’ve always wanted to cleanse our society by having these creatures extrusioned.


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