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I basically ignored this issue until…

“A Muslim rights group has urged Christians in the country to accept the Court of Appeal’s decision on the Allah issue or consider migrating.

Ikatan Muslimin Malaysia president Abdullah Zaik Abd Rahman said Christians must accept the supremacy of Islam in the country and safeguard the country’s harmony among races and religion.

He warned that Muslims will oppose any move which threatened their position in the Constitution.”

The amount of shit being spewed by our local good-for-nothing NGO’s including people like Ibrahim Ali are beyond amazing. I’m seriously fucking raged, as if we do not have enough issues to migrate already; this piece of fucks seems to think that they have the rights to order us out of the country anytime they feel so.

Musuh musuh kami ! Fuyo, ayat power nak mampus

Who gave us the right to rule on how we should address the supreme energy of the universe? It’s funny that this matter was even brought to court. What is mere word in front of faith? I’ve uttered Allah thousands of times while singing Bhajan and during my school assembly, and though I no longer believe in the concept of organized religion, I believe in the Supreme Spirit. Every Monday morning during my schooling days assembly, we chorus out Allah while singing out loud and proud. None of my Muslim mates were offended. I also found out that the Herald(the publication alleged of misusing the word Allah) had been published since the year 1994.  Why did no one raise any objection all these while?

So adamantly defending the word was Jakim. Funny that there are organized bodies and NGO’s that defend Islam to the core but when issues about other faiths are addressed, the Government will show their middle finger to us. Take an example the recent surau-cum-tokong Buddha issue, the surau was not even abused. It was taken care just like any other holy place, but it was demolished, merely because someone was worshipping Buddha inside it. Tens of police reports were lodged against Shah Kirit and Zulkifli Noordin but satu habuk tindakan pun tara.

Another example…

I saw the news about Kaliamman Temple in KL Golden Triangle which was partly demolished by DBKL officers, and since it’s a 100 year old temple, I firmly believed that it should have been gazetted as a heritage site. Instead, it succumbed to the greed of the politicians and businessman, and if you see the way the temple was demolished, it shows the arrogance of DBKL officers entering with shoes inside our holy temple. Will any Muslims tolerate if someone enters your mosque with shoes? The next day sure kena roboh. We have sentiments too.

For Hindus, we’re partly to be blamed for what happens in our temples anyway. You see one pokok you immediately tie one saree and start praying, of course la people will laugh at us. We don’t set standards for our religious ground. See one batu in weird shape, one old fellow will declare its Lord Shiva and ten fools would be building a pondok on it the next day.

Swami Sri Beerananda(Look at how devoted we’re…)

There is a temple nearby my house, a Kali temple. It was recently built, but has expanded to at least half a hectare. Hardly anyone stops by the temple, but it has a huge statue of Kali. I stopped with my mom the other day to check out the temple and had a chat with the lady who was taking care of the temple. When my mom asked if they owned the land, the lady coolly replied it’s not theirs, and they don’t even know the owners. Poremboke nelem, she replied.

How do you expect people to respect our religion when you yourself do not abide by the rules set by our ancestors? Temples has certain standards, rules and regulations before the construction can even begin. Ini longkang ka tepi loji ka asal ada pondok you make it a temple.

Back to the topic…

Religious issues in this country is not happening because there are multiple religion in this country, but because we have greedy and fucked up politicians who will do anything to cling on to power. Every single freaking time  you will see that these issues are actually  incited by politicians and the people in power. Then, they watch as we fight among ourselves. PR or BN, both sides are just interested in gaining political mileage.

As I’ve said in the past; Muhammad, Buddha, and Jesus would have sat together happily for a meal, but their supporters outside would be at war. That is exactly what is happening in our country now.

The supreme energy of the universe, Allah you may call Him, Brahma you may call Him, Jesus you may call Him, do not need you, mere humans; to defend Him.

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  • Dinesh

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    Its wrong for Non-Muslim to use the word Allah, but its ok for them to use our Sanskrit word for God(Ishwara) for a car. Talk about justice! Lol!

  • Daytona

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    The Proton Iswara was discontinued for the exact same reason. See, our politician bafoons.

    • Dinesh

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      The car was in production for a long period and its one of Malaysian’s best selling car. My point is were there this much fuss and discussion or controversy was done during the naming process for the car? Biasness is always there in Malaysia. Sad but true.

  • Fiq

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    I don’t get it why there will be problems if non-Muslims are using the word Allah. Even the Quran states: “Praised be to Allah, Lord of the worlds/mankind (Rabb al-‘Alamin)” [Quran 1:2] and not Rabb al-Muslimin (Lord of the Muslims). So why it should be exclusively used by Muslims only? The Christians and Jews in the Middle East have been using the term Allah for hundreds of years, build churches and synagogues side by side with mosques, live together peacefully, so why shouldn’t we?

  • putumayam

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    surely their god must be proud coz these souls are mati2 defending the word. surely got heaven lar for them even if they have done bad things in the past.

  • MelcomX

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    Hi All,

    As all of you here, I love this country very much. And I love the plural society that we have in Malaysia… The reason that most of the Muslim rage when other religion want to use the word “Allah” because of ONE MAIN reason (there are a lots of reasons, but this is the only one that most of the Muslims brothers and sisters most afraid of). The reason is “Confusion”.

    As we all know, a newborn child or a little child is like a white canvas. We paint it to become as bright as rainbow, or as dirty as dirt. The word “we” here refer to us, the society. A little child can be easily confused with a small things.

    For example, the work “chocolate”. We adult use the word “chocolate” to be referred to cadbury, van houten, ferrero rocher and etc. But if you live in Malay culture, they also refer sweets (gula-gula) such as hacks,sugus,lolipop as “Cokelat”. So, from a child perspective, “Chocolate” and “Coklat” are the same things (as long as it taste sweet, you get my point..). If they can be confused by a little things such as “chocolate”, it is not impossible that they can be REALLY be confused with the words “Allah” if it serve as double meaning.

    They just worried about the future of their children and I can understand it really well. So, please understand. Just my 2cent~. Hope it worth something here.


    • man

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      Dude, confusion u say?? the future of their childrens?? seriously its going to confuse their future childrens?? I dont get that….

    • Atheist

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      This is funny! I call my dad ‘ayah’ and you call your dad ‘ayah’…do you confuse who ur ayah is? N why these kids get confused when they are not exposed to Christianity…Even if they are confused, it is ur responsibility to make them understand unless you don’t know ur own religion

    • Vaniee

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      funny how confusion takes place when Agama Islam is a compulsory subject for all muslims since primary school. And why is that confusion happens only with muslims? If say it is that confusing, shouldn’t the Christians be worried as well that their followers will mistaken ‘Allah’ for ‘Jesus’? I don’t buy that one-sided confusion BS..

    • A-style

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      LOL… Melcomx

      as you said bro….
      (As we all know, a newborn child or a little child is like a white canvas. We paint it to become as bright as rainbow, or as dirty as dirt. A little child can be easily confused with a small things..) its their parents duty to educate them and explain and make them understand well on their kids confusion. well in that case, as you said only because you dun want to the kids get confused. let go ban the word Chocolate from now onwards, because for the kids “Chocolate” and “Coklat” are the same things ( you got what i mean? ) can you do it? I am waiting :)

  • Jayabalan

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    ” The supreme energy of the universe, Allah you may call Him, Brahma you may call Him, Jesus you may call Him, do not need you, mere humans; to defend Him. ”


  • ABCrobot

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    I like Malcomx. He is very funny. Anyhow, Only Muslims can use the word Allah for God as it is ‘their’ God only and others to refrain and to use other alternatives. I also learnt that a Muslim refers to God as nothing but Allah and Allah only. This means they might have to look at our National Anthem as it then clearly states that our country is blessed by a non Muslim God because ‘Tuhan’, instead of Allah is used. Isn’t this clearly constitutional? Or confusion at its highest respect ignited by some ‘playing God’ politicians? Or I’m confused myself? …my Sejarah dapat ‘E’ by the way.

    • A-style

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      sure ar bro you get E in senjarah? because from the facts that you are saying here, naan apediye shock aithen… if they get this facts as well sure they gonna edit our National Anthem…(cuming soon National Anthem V2.0)hidup satu malaysia…1 for all..all for one…

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    Durai aneh, small request…
    Can you do a small write up about Malaysian Indian Media’s?
    Which is almost full fill with politics and kill the real talents.

    Humble request from your reader..
    Thank you

    SK Durai : Noted bro

  • Jingalala

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    Seems like we need another hitler with a final solution…..and everybody hates him….pity.


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