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When I was around the age of 14, I used to follow a few ‘seniors’ of mine who was very active in downloading God into their body. There is a Kali temple inside the Klang graveyard, so we used to frequent the temple every now and then. Multiple poojas would be conducted by these self-trained priests, almost all the time screaming hysterically; probably from being possessed by some spirits. Coming to think of it now, it was indeed a horrifying experience; sitting deep inside a temple located inside a graveyard surrounded by multiple Machas with their tongues wiggling out depicting Goddess Kali, staring sharply at you and predicting how my future would be. Once the downloading and drama is over, they would sit down and have a few balut (weed).

All these inside the temple.

A separate section from the temple we used to lepak. This is Pechayiamman. A very rare statue.

Let’s go to the recent Muniswarar temple demolition issue.

“Federal Territories Minister Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Mansor said the priest visited the shrine prior to Deepavali and found only six worshippers.

“The priest went to the toilet, and he found hard liquor stored inside. The priest said that it’s a disgrace to his religion,” he said today.”

First thing first, it’s obvious that the temple was not entirely demolished.

Second, all those muttal Indians who followed Waythamoorty sutte to vote for BN deserve this of course, because you voted them to power thinking that they can be trusted. That Memorandum of Understanding signed by Waythamoorthy is not even worth toilet paper in the eyes of Najib.

Third, let’s come to the point. The issue that I wanted to particularly discuss. Tengku Adnan had obviously insulted the Hindus in Malaysia, sparking rage among the Indian community. He was accusing that the temple was keeping liquor inside the toilet and temples are actually being misused.

I was not even surprised. This is the root of all issues. When he mentioned that temples are being misused, it is the truth anyway. I’ve seen it with my own eyes.

Truth is, while we fight relentlessly to defend our rights as a Hindu in this country, we’ve failed to realize that we’re the ones who are insulting our religion in the first place. We practice things that make us look like a fool in the eyes of others; fuck we don’t even have proper guidelines on what to do and what not to do. Malaysian Hindu Sangam is another useless organization, unable to represent Hinduism or even matters related to it.

When Tengku Adnan mentioned that temples were being misused for illegal activities, you don’t have to be emotional. You just need to be rational. I don’t like UMNO fellows, but truth can’t be denied. Think back what’s happening in our temples nowadays.

There was an issue a month back during the Qurban festival, where the Hindus were protesting that slaughtering should not be done in schools, and should only be done in slaughterhouse. It seems children’s would get affected. I was least bothered. In our own Hindu temples; multiple goats are being sacrificed without mercy and in full view of children’s, where the fuck did you go Hindu warriors? Bring la all the goats to slaughter house and do it. People like Tengku Adnan are laughing at us because they know they have a point.

They know they’re somewhat right. I’m very confident that the liquor found in the toilet was probably the offerings made to Lord Muniswarar. Muniswarar ungge kitta Johnnie Walker kettarada?

Temples should be used as a learning center for the younger generation. It is supposed to be used to inject moral and spiritual values to kids and adults. Love should be spread equally, and kindness should be shown to all. Instead , we even have temples sacrificing goat every single day. This is bloodbath in temples which our Machas inherit and display it in public to other Machas.

What’s the point of defending religion when you’re not following whatever values being taught in it? Goes to also almost all PKR and MIC fellows. Chumma padem punde than overah. Organizing big protest it seems.Ningge pandre ulel mayireke yenthe samikude unggele kapathathe.

Still not convinced how Hinduism is being practiced in Malaysia? Here’s a video clip. This is supposedly Lord Hanuman. Lord Hanuman being instructed by mere human like a monkey in a circus.

Tell me, who will not laugh at us and destroy our temples?

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  • thiru

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    Bravo my fellow brother…well said..

  • mages

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    Vanakam. Nicely written. When this incidents happens, we are blamed for many reasons. I agree with your statements but i dunno where we are heading too. Who should we turn to?? Temple n shrine are explained by Tengku Adnan. But where are the Indian champions of Malaysia???

  • annonymous

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    very well said. i hope more people will understand that the divine path to god does not require any sort of rules or regulations which were first and foremost set down by man himself. we need to understand that all it takes is to do good, help our civilization including the animals and plants, be good, think good and be the best version of ourselves. the rest are just extra frills that will eventually get us back to square one, especially since in our “religion” nowadays its all about who can do the most, give the most and be the most ‘creative’ in their approach toward mastering Hindu practices. We have completely strayed off the path of our forefathers and ancestors who I am sure, never intended these extremities to be apart of what constituted Hinduism. Hinduism is after a set of guidelines towards achieving a spiritually richer life, it is more ” a way of life” rather than a book of do’s and dont’s.

  • Nishanthi A

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    I agree with what you have written but the sad issue here is Hinduism is not being understood and dwelt upon. how many hindus can even explain the religion. The ‘downloading’ event as u said is definitely a query and I can see how irritatingly ridiculous it may have seemed. Lets give he issue a Benefit of Doubt. Nice article by the way. Thanks. U have sum ‘machas’ u need to deal with up there. =)

  • vijay_s

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    It was indeed an insult to all Hindu’s in Malaysia, that FT’s minister highlighted things occurring in the temple, which we know could be true. The core of the issue, as the author describes is lack of efficient control with Hinduism and its practice in Malaysia. Do we hear about Churches and Chinese Tokongs being demolished? Is it because of our socio economic standing, NO, because heck we have more temples in Malaysia than Churches, Tokongs and Mosques combined, that show we have the money to build them!
    We normally hear of new temples being built in our area, and of renovations. We even have a 10M granite temple being built in Klang. Why not spend these millions in helping the poor with education, healthcare and basic necessity? God Almighty has access to all the gold and riches in the universe, does he really care about a posh residence ? or how sincere humans pray to him?
    Isn’t Dharma a more effective way to please god than in building temples all over Malaysia? The crux of the issue is that Malaysian Indians are self centric and believe they will gain god’s favor by donating and building temples, regardless if his poor neighbor has nothing to eat or can’t afford to educate his children.

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    Funny thing is Durai, I know for a fact that left-handed tantric practices employ the use of alcohol, weed and meat for worship. In fact, these tamasic (things that induce intoxication; things that create pleasure/aphrodisiacs; things that may be injurious to health) offerings are presented to God in very complex and rigorous sadhanas before the worshiper partakes them as prasadam. However we, in Malaysia, have distorted all rules and proper usage of these constituents of worship, or rather, our (Malaysian Hindus) lack of knowledge about Hinduism and all things Hindu have lead us to believe that what we are doing is right.

    Whether this distortion of such gory albeit divine practices have either been mis-taught, mis-learnt or abused by our predecessors that came to Malaya is immaterial at the moment. However, it is time Hindu people in Malaysia woke up and take initiative to actually know what exactly Hinduism entails before we blindly do worship and practice such sacred tantric rituals in a blasphemous manner.

  • Dark Knight

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    Cha, by any chance. would you be able to find guidelines for everyone to use in a munishwarar temple?

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      Seek out tantra practitioners in India. In Malaysia, Muni aiya is viewed as a protector and due to his sometimes fearful nature, the sacrifice of lambs and offering of alcohol is sometimes done but offerings should be removed once the rituals are done. Not kept in its grounds.

      I know your question was satirical (maybe even mordant in nature) but if you want a black white, sorry cha. Not an expert on the matter.

  • Kumaresan

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    Solution for above matter..
    1)Sent your children to Tamil school to learn Tamil- How many of you can read and write in Tamil?
    2)Learn about Hindu religion- If we understand that, we can put full stop for issue above.
    3)Help those Indians in Kampung to get good educations. Education will solve many problems.

  • Thayallan

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    I am was laughing , when I watched that video clip. After that, the guy would have bad nightmare until he repents .

  • Samiyar?

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    Hinduism , as it is correctly stated is NOT a religion but a WAY OF LIFE practised by people of all walks of life from the Continent(Sub-?)of India . From Meditators in Himalayas to the fishing village in the extreme south , are practices of the so called Hindu faith all over India and now all over the World where all the- so – called Hindus live .As it also correctly said , Hindu and Hinduism are terminologies used by the perpetrators of the English language and widely accepted by the Hindu ( Sansrit,Hindu, Tamil Malayalam , Telegu Punjabi etc etc)- people of the World.
    2) What is right , what is wrong only the God will know. Why the various practices being followed by the various groups in their own form of worshiping God (gods?) only the worshippers will know.Who are you and who are we and I to tell them? Can anybody who knows what is the right way to worship God , please start an educational article in any or all local dailies, and be prepared to be counter- educated by the readers of the articles . Even HINDU SANGAM or any of those so called religious representatives or mentors who flash their visage in TV , or RTM(Govt?) sponsored forums ; can’t do that because they do NOT want to face the music.Let
    people FROM ALL WALKS OF LIFE DO THEIR OWN WAY OF WORSHIPPING THEIR GOD IN THEIR OWN WAY.Whether they want to slaughter goats , dogs , cows ,camels , chicken , frogs , snakes , cockroaches etc are none of our business . It is their money , their religion , their followers are going to receive the blessings from their God or Gods.Who are we (YOU & I) to tell them what they should do or should not do? These practices are not new or created by the present inhabitants of the world or by any particular religious teacher ; but way back ,as far back as you care to trace IS THE WAY OF LIFE ; fortunately it IS NOT THE WAY OF DEATH. As long as THE PRACTITIONERS are NOT doing anything against the LAW , we are quite safe.
    3) Some(not all) who practiced the rituals and practices before , have abandoned it as soon as their life -style improves or improved or changes for the so – called better(who are we to tell them what is good or better?)It is their choice . Somebody said somewhere ,nobody knows when ,that if you want to change the world for the
    better start with the one you see in your
    mirror , when you are looking at it .
    4)Coming to the issue of Hindu shrines and Hindu temples – breaking and passing comments and making news in the press ; please observe the personalities and authorities doing it –
    Ministers , DBKL ,DBKlang and so forth. So the only right people to reply , counter or defend should be the so – called authorities like Hindu Sangam,MIC, Chairman/Chairmen of the respective temples or all the temples (who
    care ), because they are the spokes – persons whom the people have nominated or elected.
    for the job. If in their wisdom they beg to remain silent , who are we (you & I) to speak up ? Are we the only ones with the peelings ?

  • P.k

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  • Eswaran

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    I too disagree with goats being slaughtered within the temple area or being told that it’s a must and part of the religion. That aside, I have been to Muniswaran Ayya temples and I know that the goats were not being slaughtered openly. In fact, they don’t allow children and women to be at the slaughtering spot. Maybe those temples that I had been have less ignorant people. On another note, no matter how the goat slaughtering merciless machas are craving for mutton, they never slaughter goats in schools. Therefore, please choose your words wisely.
    Apart from this, I agree with you regarding the element of alcohol in the name of religion and the video part.
    That’s definitely not Lord Hanuman in that guy’s body.. haha! Must been a spirit trying its best to mimic Lord Hanuman or that guy is just pretending.

  • Sri

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    We have to stop these mindless rituals. Lack of compassion for animals breed demoniac qualities in people. That should explain why gangsterism and violent crimes are on the increase. I don’t think a compassionate vegetarian would have the heart to kill or hurt people. If we are serious about creating a more progressive society, we need to curb these bad religious practices. Perhaps a good way would be to distribute copies of the Bhagavad Gita to school children and also to those who frequent these dubious places of worship.

  • Sri

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    A quote from Swami Vivekananda- “Who makes us ignorant? We ourselves. We put our hands over our eyes and weep that it is dark” – the only way to eradicate ignorance is by cultivating wisdom, and that is by seeking knowledge.

  • tinesh

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  • truth

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    As I knew Hinduism a way of life and true Hindus support to be vegetarian. But with time past , the Hindus adopt the knowledge and practice by people from deep jungle. the practice downloading sprit in their body actually is a ritual practice done 1000 years ago by a group of people who lived in deep jungle in India which practicing the method to cure and remove bad sprit and bad luck form a person, but the activity well accepted by people and then moved civilization world where some people start practicing those activities for self purpose and money making. Hinduism is a way of life and allowed you to worship god in your own way but doesn’t mean you can kill any lively things in this world. In sivapuranam stated human have various form of life : as rock , tree , sprit , angel , human, animal & etc. Hinduism belief god living in your heart but u still need to go temple to pray because the universal energy fall in there . Do study Hinduism well. Then you will know there is no such thing of multiple god. Only ONE. And Hinduism stated that if you understand yourself deep you can be god by yourself. Your soul will teach you everything. The universal will come to you. So please don’t misuse Hinduism. The practice done in Muniswaran temple and similar activities are not part of Hinduism. But an old spiritual activities been carry on for thousand years and tag along with Hinduism to protect some people needs. it’s time for us to break the link and practice proper way and purify Hinduism.

    Note: too bad I can’t produce any evidence here since I don’t have supporting details. The above comment I have read a book years back . If I manage to fine the book will share here.

    Thanks .

  • Ranggi Mike

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    Any Man claiming he is GOD is GOD spelled backwards.

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    Bro can I post your articles in our FaceBook fan page?

  • Vivshelga

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    People can practice whatever they want. The people who follow them also have their choice. Please do not call it Hinduism. These acts that are being discussed here have nothing to do with Hinduism and it is outright insult of Hinduism. Hinduism is a very well defined recommended way of living life that creates a very cultured highly intellectual society.

  • ABCrobot

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    Why in Hinduism, there so many Gods? Some human like, some animal like, some object like? This is because Hinduism tells that there is God in everything, even you! Even space and time is God.

  • paranjothy

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    i wonder why the sikhs dont have trances in their gurdwaras? I hear only kirtand and channtings with dhyanam..very calm and peaceful..yet they are famous for their bravery and martial history..hmm..i wonder why….


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