Powderful Woman

All praises to Guru G for his guidance.If something happens to me, you know who did it.

Yesterday, as I was browsing through, something caught my attention. The Prime Minister wife was personally invited to attend an event in Qatar and Malaysian government had approved the usage of government jet that can cost a whopping RM 470000 for a single flight. That’s your tax money by the way…

Well, tax money being misused is not something new to us anyway. The opposition was once again riled by this attitude of overspending our money thus came the reply from Putrajaya…

Putrajaya has defended Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor’s recent use of a government jet for her trip to Qatar, saying the trip was “fruitful”.

Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Shahidan Kassim said Malaysians should be proud that the Prime Minister’s wife was invited to the Gulf state to discuss “many things”.

This type of things sometimes pisses me off. As if misusing our funds is not bad enough, they come and defend these acts with utterly ridiculous statements without the backing of any solid data.

And then out of nowhere …

Enathe cabinet ah ? You’ve been briefed ah? You’re fully aware ah? Ningge yethekela aware agenum?

I nearly pissed my pants laughing at this piece of shit. It was posted in the page of Ms Geethanjali G, the 8th most powderful powerful woman in Malaysia. With over 280k fans from Malaysia, Bangladesh, India, Myanmar, Zambia, Somalia, Jamaica, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan and many other unknown countries, she is one of the most famous celebrities in Malaysia today.

She is also the President of MAIFEI, Founder-President of G Global Media, Radio DJ, TV Host, Actress, Social Entrepreneur, Social Activist & Motivational Speaker.

Gambar sekadar hiasan

The Star recent advertorial listed her as one of the most successful women in Malaysia .Though I don’t recognize any of the organization that she had listed herself as President and I can’t even think of any reason to justify why she must be listed with people like Marina Mahathir,I actually ignored her post as she is entitled to her own opinion. But her last liner caught my attention:

“In fact, on behalf of all MyWOMEN members and Malaysians, we would like to thank the Prime Minister’s wife because the visit brought many benefits to Malaysia.”

On behalf of whom?! Who are you to represent Malaysians la? Ningge katheye ileyeh.If you mau jilat, itu hak anda. Tapi jangan jilat untuk semua. Can I also know what sambrani benefits Rosmah trip has brought to Malaysia? First of all, what crap is MyWomen la? Any of you have heard about it ah? Acha bucha na athe ilekerange.

This isn’t a personal attack. In fact, I’m a big fan of Kakak G for reasons I can’t state here. As a Malaysian celebrity and someone who is being idolized by many, Geethanjali has the rights to represent any organization that she has created on her own, but she must understand that she does not represent the sentiments of all Malaysians. In fact, I don’t even see any reason why these local artists need to support Rosmah or other politicians and be a ball guard anyway.

Local artists and celebrities in this country play an important role in shaping the future of our community. When something is obviously wrong, they have the mass reach and media to pressure the politicians. This could be used to influence the politicians to listen to their demands for the benefit of our community. Instead of doing that, they choose to bed the corrupt and powerful to advance their personal agenda. What example are these people setting for the younger generation anyway? That it is okay to sell your soul and community as long as you make money?

Do these people ever think of how average Malaysians live? How we’re struggling to make ends meet? We’re all paying tax so that in the end at least our kids would be enjoying something in the future, but looking at the amount of money being wasted to support the politicians lavish lifestyle; I’m beyond disappointed.  And when someone who has the influence of media chooses to support these politicians for their own personal agenda, I’m raged.

No matter how successful you’re, always remain humble and down to earth. Use your influence to bring changes into the lives of others, create opportunities with your money and do selfless service. This will give you all the attention you crave for, automatically. Throwing in thousands of dollars and taking photos with famous people will not make you famous, in fact it makes you look like a complete joke.

I would like to personally advice all these aspiring cronies and power hungry wolves; that one day you will have all the money and power in the world but you will never see real love. Respect and success comes from hard work and selfless service, and it can never be bought with money. The people have awakened. You can’t fool us all.

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  • linda

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    i think someone failled to understand a simple q.it wasnt abt why she went to Qatar or why she represented Msia..and v never criticize the visit. yes we are proud our PM wife was invited for the meeting – no comments.it was fruitful meeting it seems n they discussed “many things” – what many “things” they discussed? instead of blindly repeating the media statement, it will be good if “someone” can explain what “things” they discussed n how fruitfull it was. Anyway back to d point…our Q or concern was actually on “why spend RM 470000″ just to discuss d many “things”??? how fruitfool can it be spending rm 470000 for a discussion?? (its goverment money, which means the malaysian money – y is it wrong for us to question it??) so how much will they spend for follow up discussion n implementation of the fruitfull discussion??

    (is it a must to b in president post in order to have friends in cabinet??? – hmmm something to ponder about)

  • pbk

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    “…I actually ignored her post as she is en[b]tit[/b]led to her own opinion.”

    “In fact, I’m a [b]big[/b] fan of Kakak G for reasons I can’t state here.”

    Nice use of bold words. I see what you did there. Hehehe!

  • Murukesan

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    Anne, gambar sekadar hiasan superrrrrr..:-)

  • Disappointed

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    People like her are the reason Indian’s in Malaysia are going down the drain

  • dhasinii balasubramaniam

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    I have been wondering..how come she became such a big deal all of a sudden? She was only a RJ in THR,hosted couple of programmes and now she is one of the powerful women in Malaysia after getting married to someone whom God knows how he looks..actually who is she married to??

  • G Kaige

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    G ekko, just go fucko…

  • mathan

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    Who is Geethanjali G, how she became powerful women? just suddenly in one overnight became millionaire just because of fxxx wt billionaire. Shameful to our community, other races are looking down on us coz our indian leaders always mingling with her in publicly. She nt even dare to mentioned his husband name publicly while because MyWomen group president, this bring us very bad image for our indian girls as well.

  • warmonger

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    Who the f*** is she again?

  • Samosa

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    I personally experienced her “VIP” performance in an event recently, and i was dumbfounded with what i saw & heard. She had 5 armed bodyguards and they were waiting for her below the stage, till she completed her speech. Her speech, oh let’s not even get there! People seated around me were saying stuffs like “can someone please ask her to stop” and “please grab that microphone off her”. I expected nonsense from her and she lived up to my expectations. Not a hater here, but people with cheap publicities and sugar-daddy-money are setting bad examples and most importantly, are burying the chances of those people who are really working their butts off, to reach the top!

  • Vaniee

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    Being a former beauty queen, I think G should have enough brains to stick to her side of the field. If she wants to give opinions on beauty pageants then fine. She should first and foremost, not meddle with politics and politicians. As a celebrity, she should have known that her opinions will be read and evaluated by many. It will also reflect negatively on the Indian community. So, she should never have opened her big mouth on this issue. Now, trotting down the same path, we have another ball carrier who is out for self fame and benefits. She really has a thick skin and no qualms whatsoever in selling the Indian community. G- are you aware of what happened to Dato CT when she told KJ to be more polite when dealing with FAM? Thousands of her fans spat back at her comment by saying she should just stick with singing and stop meddling with politics. So, G – if you have any political ambitions, please drop it. You make a lousy role model and an even lousier political figure…

  • Sash

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    Actually ,she used to be a good RJ and as a person,very kind. After she got married, she became evil with all the wrong motivation from her so called motivational speaker husband. He injected political obsession and greed within her that now she lost control and became uncontrollable this days. She is not married to Gnanalingam,trust me! I have my bestie working in Westport.Datuk Gnanalingam is married to a Chinese woman and only her. This Kakak G is married to Gnanaraja ,the man who came in the poster beside the PM a few years ago. He is not a dato legally but claims to be Dato and no one hear his motivational talks but claims to be too. During 2005/6 ,am not sure which year, there were talks of who is this guy suddenly in the poster and he is claiming to be a world famous speaker. That’s it! That man who looks a little fat gone into hiding and till today no one knows. All this info was in the internet but there are some black magics going on that each time they write about this man,the site will be closed in a few months and so was Minvarthagam website that was popular as well.This man would have cheated her by saying Dato and of course ,greedy people always fall into the trap so she would have married him.After finding out, I think she took control of him and his wealth. My question, do you need a woman like that?? Pity that man! About her page likes, she bought it from PTC sites. She is inspired by number of lisa surihani’s twitter followers.

    • Vaniee

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      any idea why she’s hiding him? I thought the initial motive was to prevent any future highjacking by other even prettier women. Somehow, what you have said about the husband does not sound so great…

  • mala

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    Well said….and the picture sekadar hiasan is Good…hats off for to your guts. .

  • Alan

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    Inthe maathiri anjadi ellaam namme representative huh? Seruppaale adichu verattungge la!

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    for whoever she is..or he is..i don’t give a damn!!!
    na vele senja enekke soru.
    come on guys..commenting further on this not going to bring her down or lift us up.
    Life has to go on and get some early sleep..tomorrow need to wake up early to drive to work..Zzzzz

  • randomsoul_10

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    swami saranam.. ELLAM DIRECT TAMIL TO ENGLISH TRANSLATION POLE… lol..although ur words impressed me, jus control ur anger in real life…but we need 2 get angry when our rights being questioned despite whenever,whatever n wherever.. be humble n DWN EARTHED.. ur hardwork in blogging wont get wasted jus like tat… hopin 4 a better future… tc

  • jay

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    Aiyooo…cumma ve antha pechi now sulah lapat Datuk?..yellam avan seiyal..so guys lick to the max to get this kind of Honour.

  • Arrrggghhhh

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    Firstly your posts are awesome and very much speaking the minds of what we are thinkin. I personally feel the datukship in our country has gone to the extend that even a filthy rich person can pay a lumpsum of money and HIS dog can apply for the datukship. Geetha G has nothing in her public service to support herself on what she has done that makes her deem qualified for that title. rubbing shoulders with the PM wife is not a noble cause. i am sick and tired listening to our country going to hell and the citizens are suffering with price hike and low income. and if they sign the TPPA doggone is our children’s future.

  • sOuLRebeL

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    Good day guys!

    ….disposable heroes.

  • bottlemani

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    ennala comedy seiyaringga….

  • KB

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    I have to second pbk: you certainly chose very discretionary language when you confessed to being a “big” fan of her,for reasons you couldn’t be more explicit on. If you’re discussing Sista G, in one instance at least, big can enter the lexicon.

  • Jennifer James

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    I have seen her on Tv and her body gestures and her vocal tone clearly suggests that she’s too arrogant and proud. Its a great picture of a lion doing some personal acrobatics and unless MRS.G can do the same to reach out for her own fanny she should keep her Fat Mouth Shut. Some auto suggestions: Practice makes perfect anyways. Those Who are too Greedy land up in having conman as their soulmates. This is a untold punishment to those who are riding on fiancee’s money for fame. Money is such a great invention, it can make you either Grow or make you a Crow. When she become crow her own shit will bite the very place it fell from. Relax, and be humble that is the medicine I wish to prescribe to her.

  • Joseph

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    The Black painting itself White, the overpowdered Bikini girl is fast becoming a media ugly by wearing on her bad conducts. Her cruel looks and her false pride that she knows it all is very evident in media and at the public arena. Her Head swelling pride is certainly making her look very ugly besides her superficial plastic smiles. Her late coming to programmes where she is a guest of honour stinks to the seventh heaven, and which reflects her instant riches and all should wait for me attitude. I’m sorry for whoever that Mr Gnana is and his two nuts are now been squeezed in a sugarcane machine for more wealth. Anyways the Modern defination for a Good Husband is one who can make money quicker than his wife can spend, undoubtedly if she is a high maintainence. Probably this guy had weakness for bikinis.

  • Abram

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    What a pain to others and false pride to themselves one can be. Even if we were gifted to live a full 100 years it just 365 days X 100 years which is 36,500 days in total. Kaka. G should be humble.

  • sriram

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    Guess who will be our next MIC President ??? Only potential candidate with sprouting new ideas to carry Malaysian Indians to the next level that I can ever think of is Our Kaaka.G Look at her picture on her Website, she uses the top half of her Bikini to attract the faint hearts. An excellent Statergy to win male voters and who knows Bikinis may be made the dress code of women Youth MIC. I cannot stop Imagining how they all will look like.

  • genelyn

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    This kakak always making herself to be a comedy piece…..hehehehehe.

  • Yash-_-

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    Crying out loud,Dato Seri’ G Gnaraja is her husband and he is a very low profile man. Do not speak about others when you don’t know them and don’t judge them as well…Envy ? She is Datin Seri Dato’ Geethanjali G..But she is known as Dato’ Geethaanjali G. Nobody really knows about Dato Seri because he doesn’t like praise and he is very low profile.

    • yashothaa

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      Came across this site with the almost same name commenter. Would like to share my point of view, I believe we can’t stop ppl from talking and bitching about others, but at the same time why should one allow them to get the loop hole to do so….? Why can’t this lady just be transparent on who she is?Being jealous and feeling envy should be 2nd matter over here, ppl will start talking as they find a loop of doubts or fishy, something to ponder right!!! Everyone will do so when u turn out to be someone within over night. She was a DJ at THR then VJ at Astro, married to someone which was non disclosure, wake up the next morning with new title and fame all over??? If the husband is a low profile and doesn’t like praises as what stated above by yash, then this datin should act in accordance of that rhythm, not in such ugly way by allowing others to question. Back to myself which i believe strongly, if u have got all this via ur marriage and wealthy husband, then u should pass a credit to that generous man as well and not earning it on ur own. Anyway, who is this Dato Seri G Gnanaraja??? How come even the famous google got no answer??? Even our PM has a Twitter and FB account. Correct me if im wrong. If u want to keep ur husband identity so in mystery, then u should live a mysterious life too…..just throwing in my pot of thoughts.

  • Yash-_-

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    Agree. Errm.., I really can’t say anything about Dato’ Seri..

  • puva

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    if she married in a good way why should she refused to reveal her husband identity,,,???hey come on are caring a dato title now why are you ashamed to reveal your husband identity????rather than doing this kind of cheap publicity please do help our indian community to achieve something ,,feed the poors erume maade u proudly said tat u bought a billion dollar ring and show it to some one ????my foot rather than spend a billion dolla for a ring poii ethaco urupediya seyyi dii karupi,,,,,

  • Sunder

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    Well said bro. this type of stupid dum head ppl need to be teached well. N ur the best person.


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