Beribu Syaitan Naik Batu Caves

Had to insert this post in between the Sabarimala posting, because I’m so pissed.

Without a doubt, many issues raised in this blog had always revolved around race, religion, ethnicity and our Indian community here in Malaysia. We’re living in a country where there are 3 major races; the Malays, the Chinese and the Indians. Of course, looking at our economical and social status, it’s obvious that we’re topping the chart in the wrong way. Generally most people have developed some sort of perception against us, the Malaysian Indians.

Negative perception.

Thaipusam this year was marred with only 1 murder, fortunately.

Over the years, our Machas had created a perception that Thaipusam is a festival where gory rituals are conducted and a place for us to freely dance after getting intoxicated. Quite a number of Machas had been involved in all the wrong activities during the spiritual event, and of course since Tamils form the biggest majority here in Malaysia; most of these Machas are usually Tamils.People from other race or religion may view us differently, as what happened recently. An individual named Man Namblast blasted:

Habislah. Malaysian Indians kecoh all over. Of course, our nature is not to admit though these things are actually happening in our festival. Why? Because not ALL Tamils or Indians are actually causing this social nuisance. Only selected few. How can the Malay guy generalize all those climbing the stairs as syaitan?

Tamilan pun angkatlah parang…

Kadale nikire konore kana nikire ponore…

Next comes Presana Narayanan. The only Malayalee chick I can quickly recall after Shakila is Presana. All for the wrong reason. Presana made her name through a series of postings in FB, singling out Malaysian Tamils as pariahs and slaves. She subsequently apologized but said her outrage was towards Malaysian Tamils who are always behaving indecently with her. Presana was highlighted all over, fact remains the only thing she was wrong about in her posting was generalizing an entire ethnicity because of the actions of a few Tamils. We, the Tamils in Malaysia were so particular about defending our ethnic and race.

Today, I saw a particular posting from a Tamil woman, clearly discriminating a Sinhalese in her posting. She went to a tailor shop, found out the tailor was Sinhalese; she left. And she posted that“‘in Sri Lanka you guys rape women and here you want to make dresses for them?” ¬†What kind of fucking logic is that? You boycott a person because he is Sinhalese?

I posted it in my fan page.And then came the most shocking part; the number of people who was actually supporting her.

I felt like I opened a can of worms, so many with so much hatred against the entire Sinhalese people, because Sri Lankan Goverment and Rajapakse killed Tamils there. Of course, I agree. But, dumbfucks, you have to understand that the war was fought between LTTE Captain Prabakaran and Sri Lanka Government headed by Rajapakse. It has nothing to do with civilians or maybe this tailor.

Mr Raj Kumar, fighting Rajapakse and his Government from Facebook since 2005. Parambere parambereyah hate pandrangge

Some argued that they hate all Sinhalese because the Sinhalese did not stand up for the Tamils there. Are you fucking joking? A war is happening with bombs here and there and you expect the Sinhalese civilians to go in the middle of war to defend the Tamils? How come I don’t see any of you Tamils here who packed your bags and left to defend them in Sri Lanka? You’re supposed to have more passion for the Tamils than the Sinhalese, right? Ninggele sutte mudikitte inggethane irunthingge, aperom yanda inthe bantha pechi.

If what this lady Kamache did was right, then we should be fair. Namblast and Presana was right too. My argument here is very simple. You don’t even have to think hard. You just have to use common sense. Use simple logic.

Malaysia is a country where Muslims are a majority. Osama Bin Laden (a Muslim) was accused of masterminding the attack on World Trade Center; which killed a few thousand innocent people. Now, do you run around and accuse every Muslim as terrorist just because Osama blasted World Trade Center? You don’t, because you’re not a mutta kueh , isn’t it? Your hatred should be targeted against Osama, not Muslims. Similarly, the atrocity in Sri Lanka was committed by armies and the Government of Sri Lanka. How can you accuse a Sinhalese who is working as a tailor here for atrocities committed by Rajapakse and his team? Unless the tailor was a convicted criminal, we have no rights to judge him.

I’ve seen Tamils in Madurai(India) taking a dump in a public place like bus stop. I’ve seen Tamils eating rat. I’ve known cases of many Tamilians raping and murdering a girl. Half of you who read this blog are Tamils, can I say all of you eat rat, poop in public, rape and murder girls during your free time? I can’t, simply because it doesn’t make sense.

There is nothing to argue further here. The lady Kamache is wrong. Her actions were wrong. Boycott with a sense, not blindly. Your cause maybe right, but choose your target wisely. Discrimination of any form is wrong, don’t try to justify it.

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  • punithakrish

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    Nalla soninnge bro !! ;) this is a simple logic but our ppl sometimes are ignorant and never think wisely..wish our ppl can see things in a different perspective to avoid misjudgements and discrimination !! :)

  • atheist

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    Salute this article

  • Jamboonathan

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    Dear monkeys,
    Please say no to racism,rape, murder and all evil thoughts. Live happy. Indians are not Sri Lankans. Sri Lankans are not Indians. Sri Lankan Tamils may have their own agenda and should keep it in Sri Lanka. Don’t bring this to Malaysia. That kamnati who said bad about Tamilans that came from India, your Kunji Menon’s and Kunji Nair’s also disturb girls. There are monkeys in every single race in the world. It’s about good and evil. You choose. Om namashivaya!!

  • Murugavel

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    You are so wrong to say it is nothing to do with civilians. The Sinhalese people have been brainwashed to see the Tamils on the island as inferior, as invaders, and as a threat. They have dehumanised Tamils to the extent that they support genocidal governments. Rajapaksa won a landslide victory right after the genocide in 2009. During the holocaust there was civilian involvement at all levels, civilian complicity allowed the Nazi genocide of the Jews to take place. The same can be said of SL.To deny the anti Tamil genocidal culture that the vast majority of Sinhalese have is to bury your head in the sand. Sinhalese president Jayawardena said this right before he unleashed black july 1983 pogrom: “the more pressure i put on the north the more happy Sinhalese people will be, really if i starve the Tamils out Sinhalese people will be happy”. Its no surprise that Rajapaksa is the most popular president the Sinhalese have ever had. Here in London we boycott Sinhalese businesses.

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    Im Always Read ur articals but im totally disagree abt the sri lanka statement !!

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    Im Livig with Srilankan Tamil Ppl And Also understand their pain !!!

  • Counter Balan

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    To those that want to “boycott”, “fight” or agitate the Sinhalese so much, you obviously don’t know what is best for the Tamil race. If tensions come back and another war happens, you can kiss all of our Sri Lankan Tamil brothers and sisters goodbye. Do you really think fighting will do us any good anywhere? Think about it, we’re a minority in Sri Lanka, a minority in India and a minority in Malaysia. We have to learn to stop digging our own graves man. In the long run, isn’t it better if the Sri Lankan Tamils live peacefully and prosper with the Sinhalese instead?

    Secondly, I’ve read comments on Facebook about the use of child soldiers being “necessary” in protecting the people. Wow, that’s so messed up man. You’re supposed to PROTECT children, not throw them into a war like grenades. What kind of organization does that, seriously…

  • saitan

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    Naanum athey than solren bros. Within our community itself got racism, we are going and screaming at others. Dengan izin :

  • Apos

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    So many sinhalese haters here, if you think you are better than them, give your money la to the Jaffna people.. They need it right?

  • Murugavel

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    Dear Counter Balan you can’t compare a peaceful boycott movement to starting another war, they are worlds apart. Secondly, your assertion that by not challenging the Sinhalese will somehow miraculously erase their anti-Tamil racism and allow the two ethnic groups to prosper is just naive. There is a 60 year history of violent persecution of Tamils that continues to this day in the form of¬†continued ethnic cleansing and structural genocide. Please watch the award winning No Fire Zone documentary by channel 4.

  • Nigel

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  • nj

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    This is a good read. One must get this message across very clearly; SKD is not glorifying any party over here. What he really meant is discrimination is wrong no matter what. I can’t believe there are so many people out there who are intellectually challenged that they can’t comprehend a simple message. All this overnight obamas here who are defending Tamils in Sri Lanka, what exactly did you contribute to the war against Sri Lankan government. Probably nothing. You are just a sore loser here who probably didn’t accomplish anything meaningful in life and projecting your inner aggression in the form of hatred towards other race/ethnicity. Before jumping into any conclusion and throwing allegation towards others, read and really understand what one is trying to say. God bless you all.

  • Shantini

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    I’m mesmerized by the overwhelming response of so many who actually are blindly against every sinhalese. It reminds me of my muslim friends in US who said, they felt threatened by half of the world after the 9/11 attack. At least you should try watching the movie ‘lone survivor’ (based on a true story), there, it is shown that not everyone in Afghanistan are Al-Qaedas. We can’t group people based on their country/state/city/kampung/jalan/taman. Boycotting these innocent people who are not part of the war will only show how inhumane and illogical you are. If this racism continues the hate will continue, when hate continues, the war will never end. Thus, make peace not war :)

  • mages

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    i was waiting for your blog to release the syaitan issue. well some of our indian kavadi bearers dress up like for halloween party. Even some minachis dancing on the street. i guess many have seen the other side of Thaipusam but we can hide it. These cuckoos are spoiling our image, disgrace to community n Hinduism. I was annoyed when these idiot post like that but when i received pictures taken during Thaipusam i guess i cant say more. i will post the pictures soon. Please take care of heritage…..

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    i feel that paathikapatta makkalin velipaduthan ithu..naama avanga irunthu paatha puriyum.
    anyway mannipom marakka muyalvom.

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    Sk durai as u have ur own thinking on any issue other people also have t right to have their own idea. As long as it doesn’t hurt physically u cannot condemn them. Every issue got other point of pls respect others decision if someone doesn’t want to go to a singalese tailor she have every right to do that.its her dress, her money why u should ‘tevayillama mukkai nulaikamum’.don’t ever think I’ m alwsys right.


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  • HeartySlimShaddy

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    You can’t hate Germans for what Hitler did to Jews.

    Let me ask you all few questions.

    1. What if you were born as Sinhalese and you don’t agree with what your government have done towards the Sri Lankan’s Tamils?

    2. You being a Sinhalese (same situation as question 1) and discriminated for someones mistake, what would you do?

    3. Lets say if you are wearing shirt/dress made from Sri Lanka or other country and sewed by a Sinhalase, what would be your action?

    Well dear readers and commentators you’ll need some critical thinking before jumping on you own bandwagon. Adios!

  • Murugavel

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    @ Slim shady 99% of Sinhalese supported Rajapaksa in 2009. There was no significant protests by any of the Sinhalese during that time when 100,000+ Tamils were slaughtered. If you are Sinhalese and disagree with the vast majority of your community then you should open your mouth and make that clear. Silence puts you on the side of the oppressor. There is a tiny Sinhalese minority (less than 1%) who did speak out and now they are living in exile, because the Sinhalese masses regard them as Tamil loving traitors. If the tailor was in the 1% (highly unlikely) then it would be wrong to boycott him, but in the statistical scheme of things you can not fault Kamache.

  • man

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    Hmm… Im an indian, but im not proud at all.. we keep pointing and saying people are accusing of us this and that. For instance we were called satans during thaipusam. your concern was dont generalise the term but you cant deny the fact tat the real ppl who are involved is also indians. where they got their teaching hurting, dancing violently, drinking in temple, piercieng and so on. why we get angry with all those ppl calling us in such away?? Why dont we turn our anger on all the pathetic ppl who ruining our name. Until when you going to fight with others to show that not all indians like that. we are leading in crime rates, poverty. What are we good in, just because ppl like anandha krishnan and tony fernandes are successive indians doesnt make us one, How long to live in their shadow of success. look at those indians robs for living, who kills for living. im sure if this state of indians continue to dominate our race than our future is dark.

  • whiteman

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    This article from we are being called satan to dont hate srilankans. hehe.. Whats our concern? we are diminishing our own belief. There was a news of a group of indians chopped of an indian guys head and prayed with it to get 4 digit num?? Have you guys heard about it?? What can we call them?? what can we call of indians who dance violently drunken in a temple? How many of them really comes to batu cave to pray? And i have a debateable question? do you realise other religion ppl are more devoted, so we call them their religion have better teaching or their beter humans. no wrong in other ppl to look down on us when we are actually showing to others unhuman

  • jay

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    Whiteman,which religion is more devoted?Devoted to what?All the muslim in the world has one word for you KAFIR,do you know what is stated in Quran for the Kafirs?I am proud to be a Hindu and most of all a Tamilan.Only some punks are misusing and diverted from real Hindu practice..(guluji-guluji included)this happen in every religion.Do you need proof?ask Uncle Google.Bro Durai,this is a good article but personnaly everybody entitle to their own opinion..same goes to you.Actually i am waiting for your article of deputy minister kena tumbuk and action done by (Make Indian Cry)Umno cock suckers….tarak commentkah?

  • Murugavel

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    Fine I cannot prove that 99% of Sinhalese supported Rajapaksa from simply extrapolating election results. However, I still stand by my assertion that the vast, overwhelming majority of Sinhalese civilians supported Rajapaksa in 2009, and that even included the opposition supporters. And the election results do reflect this. I am also talking from personal experience at the hands of Sinhalese. The 99% number is the impression I get from the number of Sinhalese I know who speak out for Tamils, which is definitely less than 1%. But sure you cannot equate that to 99% support for Rajapaksa.

    I would humbly request that next time you interact with a Sinhalese

    person from SL to please broach them about Rajapaksa and the events of 2009. Ask them what they think of the atrocities and also Tamils people right to self-determination.

    Secondly please explain your ‘shady references’ comment? If you are refering to Brian Senewiratne, a Sinhalese who has defended the Tamils from day 1 and is on the Sri Lankan government’s list of enemies. Someone who has been constantly slandered and initimidated by Sinhalese Nazis. Then wow. You really have fallen for SL government propaganda.

  • Viknesh

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    Well said bro.
    People should realise that there are no rules such as malays are racist, Chinese are racist and Indians are not racist. Fanatics are not judged based on their religion but it’s based on individual preferences. Just because a malay gentleman wrote bad about Indian, it doesn’t mean that all the malays are same.I’ve seen an extreme Indian racist who is willing to boycott all the malay shops anywhere he goes. Namme mattum Enna romba Olunga? Every year Thaipusam sure got atleast one murder. Then masa Thaipusam it is compulsory for the machas to drink and not forgetting the Teruk vana so called dance. Did murugan asked you to drink? Even for movie premieres, ungaloda thollai thangala. I still remember a attempted murder in front of my eyes at Cathay Butterworth for aadhavan movie release. Can you see what kind of impression you’re giving to other races?! Think about it!!

  • Viknesh

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    Kerana setitik nila, rosak sebelanga susu.
    Oru paanai sotrukku oru sore patham….
    We are not accused by name, because they won’t know our names, so we are accused by our race. Yosingge!

  • Shamala

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  • dee

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    Find inner peace not inner hatered everything will b alright…


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