Bulb Baba

RPT silap masuk, itheke meleh unggeleke attack meleh attack than. In upcoming blogs which would be published in maire1.com , I will expose all their internal teachings . Last week, I received yet another warning from a fellow friend, who have close contacts with the most famous bulb eating circus performers in Malaysia; the RPTians […]

Paid Dogs

MIC is a sette pambe, but I respect and have contacts with some individuals who are genuinely trying to do something. But these genuine people would never be able to help, because they’re headed by greedy and shameless leaders.  KAJANG: Why should police investigate the Muslim NGOs who offered a cash reward for anyone who […]

The Joy of Pain – Sabarimalai

“Swami Appa, Ayappa” Deep breath… “Saranam Appa, Ayappa” I chanted slowly, catching up with my breath as I try to digest through what I’ve got myself involved with… As I looked ahead, darkness started to fall in and we’re now walking deep inside the forest, and our journey had just began. After 48 days of […]

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