Bulb Baba

RPT silap masuk, itheke meleh unggeleke attack meleh attack than. In upcoming blogs which would be published in maire1.com , I will expose all their internal teachings .

Last week, I received yet another warning from a fellow friend, who have close contacts with the most famous bulb eating circus performers in Malaysia; the RPTians .

I’ve really stayed out of trolling these RPT dumbnuts for sometime, because they’re so blinded by their belief that even if their Guruji is caught in a video like Swami Nityananda, they would defend it perhaps by saying it was a body purification process.Thousands of Indians had been duped by this cult group yet no action had ever been taken against them. With the hundreds of millions that they’re making, it is not a surprise that they manage to evade any type of investigation against them; shutting down those who are against them either by money or through violence.

Bulb Baba – He was travelling in Lotus before he bought Mercedes

Today, my pictures were uploaded in their online FB page called as ‘RPT against Haters’ by one of their bulb boys. I warned them not to drag me in yet they refused. I call this sutte kolepe. They accused me that I’ve been spreading rumors about Guruji through anonymous pages. For your information, I have no connections with any other online pages in FB other than ragedindian FB page. It is not a surprise that most Malaysian Indians are against this prabale cheating champions because thousands had been victims in the past. Within hours though, the perpetrators were identified by some friends and one of the guy behind this is actually a pilot. This sappi immediately deactivated his profile once his identity was known. But since he put up my photo, it’s only fair if I put up the picture of this sappi here.

RPT jama puma

Bulb Baba a.k.a Dato Guruji had obviously amassed a massive amount of wealth within a short period of time through followers like the pilot above. Though educated, they’re blinded by the belief that Bulb Baba is God. One of the followers had recently been quoted as saying (Actual statement):

My Guruji can turn manne into powne.
(My Guruji can turn sand into gold.)

He can do magical wonders.

Adeh panadeh paradesi…

Then why so many followers of yours are still living in poor conditions la? Arrange a trip to PD beach, take a few bags of manne and ask Guruji to transform it into gold lo…

I’m sure Guruji actually meant that he can turn his followers’ brains into kalimanne. That makes sense…
Now, let’s go to 3 top reasons why I personally say this man and RPT is not legit.


The whole group evolves through multi-level marketing. This is purely a business based on MLM. The group is organized perfectly, with multiple team leaders, down liners and up liners. They dupe their helpless friends, relatives and neighbors’ who are in difficulties with the promise that they would live a better life by paying up the initial RM 730. When this helpless victim complains that they have not gained anything, they’re forced into taking ‘higher’ level courses that can cost up to RM 3000 per person. When obviously nothing was gained, the victims would be brushed off aside by saying that they did not practice properly. In order to enter their meditation centers, a person need to introduce another victim. By introducing future victims, this team leaders and up liners gains special privileges’ such as the chance to open Guruji’s car door (seriously). I’m quite sure that they also receive some sort of commission for each person that had been successfully conned. (click to enlarge below)




Have a look at Guruji’s posh bungalow. With his fleet of cars and crazy monkeys ready to defend him at any cost, he is living the life of a king. The supporters meanwhile are running in the street trying to make more money for him though they themselves are living in a deplorable condition. Though he had made hundreds of millions through his MLM business, he has never stopped charging money. In fact, no receipts had ever been issued for all the money collected from his victims.


An enlightened guru is beyond this world, He had achieved the ultimate bliss. He will have no desire for wealth as He knows the trick to attain permanent happiness. He would do selfless service, dedicating his entire life uplifting mankind from miseries.

I have to include this woman here because she obviously knows what her husband is doing, and clearly enjoys the money that comes out of it.

A quick look at his wife also shows that she’s clearly enjoying all the wealth gained through this dubious ways by transforming herself into a walking gold trolley.

Violence and Cunning

This bulb eaters had in the past promoted that Guruji is only promoting peace through meditation and yoga. But once anyone goes against RPT or try to dig out their dirty tricks, they’re immediately silenced through violence. If you follow news closely, you will see that many people had been attacked in the past by these bulbs. For an example; Sitrarasu(former founder of RPT who exposed their tricks), Malaysian Hindu Sangam President and recently Tamil Malar office.

Of course, some may say that actions of few do not represent all. But do you know that most of these followers are also cunning preachers? They’re the ones who represent the Guruji to go around and force the troubled Indians to take up these courses. They’re extremely smart in convincing, that I must say. They would talk about Kundalini awakening, anah ore pundelini kude theriyathe ivenegeleke. I’ve spoken to many RPT preachers, so I personally know how it’s like….

This Guruji that these followers are parading around is none other than a cunning conman who has learned the art to manipulate his followers for his personal gain. It is not the first time we’ve seen Asamis like this, but for Malaysian Indians; this is the first in large scale. And we should stop them, because knowing that this is a good way to make money, many more are breeding; slowly.

Designed by RPT followers.

The time is now ripe, to fight.

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  • naga rajah

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    super ji Continue to break more bulb mande bro

  • kannang kozhi

    Thumb up Thumb down +4

    guruji wife ok thaan

  • Malaysian Sensation

    M1 comment! Thumb up Thumb down +7

    “They would talk about Kundalini awakening, anah ore pundelini kude theriyathe”

    Deiva vaakku ya ithe.. ^^

  • intiran

    Thumb up Thumb down +1

    Oh my gawd..
    Im laughing like hell reading this at 3am.. hahaha
    Superb article..

    Pannada padesis and bulb baba got served..

  • Anonymous123

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    Pudinge sir avanne!!! Pudichi Jaile podunge sir!!!

  • mages

    Thumb up Thumb down +3

    Dear Bro,
    I’ve many friends who are in this scheme.Many profesionals involved n most of them forced me. But thank god i declined. Why? i don’t have to pay money to pray or meditate. Where in earth siddhars or guruji in modern dress( tie n tuxedo ). I’ve seen many shops n houses having his picture in altar. Why can’t our ppl think wisely? If you look back at our saints n guru’s, just see how they have lived. A divine examples Sri Shirdi Baba..Sri Adi Sankarachayar..Sri Ramakrishna Parahamsa..Swami Vivekananda..list goes on. Please lah wake up n see the world.. Thank you bro to bring this up..n b careful

  • Thumb up Thumb down 0

    Balakrishnan Vellasamy has no powers at.All he has is just cheating methods and magic tricks.
    Our people need to wake up.

  • unknown

    Thumb up Thumb down +2

    Guruji ki sappi ude nereya sappinge irukange athan guruji ode health(um) wealth(um)peruthukitte poguthu…..sappungeda sappunge innum nalla sappi nasema ponge

  • just an indian dude

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    haha no wonder people look down at our religion bro
    our religion gave way for fake gurus

  • SataN

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    Good write up bro, rich are getting richer and poor are getting poorer, when are we going to learn this idiotic ass holes are just conning us. GOD BLESS.

  • Thumb up Thumb down +1

    How much have you payed income tax? Since your are collecting Rm750 per person and the convention hall is always full so you must have collected millions, and after that you charge RM3300 to open the throat chakra, how much do you collect and do you honestly show that to the income tax office. Datuk Najib said if anyone who does bussiness who doesn’t pay income tax is a national traitor, so what are You,Mr .Balakrishnan Vellasamy?

  • Basil

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    very freaky right? the number of blind followers he has… means there are soooo many ppl who are just not right in the head.
    has anyone actually…you know…had improvements in their life after following his ‘teachings’, other than his wife?

  • jay

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    RPT followers..ur guruju boleh terbangkah like David Blaine?
    Body can cut to 2 like David Copperfieldkah?..Than this 2 person is YOGANYANA SITHAR ha?Pudiggilah you all…muthal,bengong no words seem to fits lu orang punya thinking….a disgrace to our religion…watafaklah

  • Man Karate

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    Beautiful ….. i love it. All of them are a bunch of crackpots.

  • samar

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    Avanekke nalla saavey varaathe. . Ammenemaa nadu rotteley adipatte setthe kedeppaan. . Kaka kodey vanthe thinnaathe anthe naaye,For cheating millions from pple. .
    N the most stupidous thing is our arivu kettei muttaal followers..believes he’s the god. .
    shit!!! I just don’t understand, where the hell their brain is ..
    probably their brains shrunk, became smaller than men balls. .

  • kumar

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    The unqualified n ignorants making a comment…Everyone is entitled to their opinions but without going thru a path n making a statements.it is plain stupid.before becoming engineer there are many giving cheap advices..None is forced there is a freewill to decide to take up a course.Think before shooting.n whoever says that u must be a beggar to be a jnani.read the indian thirumarai n discourses to get better understanding.Using logic

    The advice from the Isa Upanishad is very appropriate here as a conclusion to this subject,” Into blinding darkness enter those who worship ignorance and into still greater darkness those who worship knowledge alone… He who knows both knowledge and ignorance together, crosses death through ignorance and attains immortal life through knowledge.” (Isa I. 9& 11).


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