When I first saw the news about the flight missing early morning yesterday, I was quite shocked. At that point, it has already been 8 hours since the flight had last made contact. I immediately muttered quick prayers and hoped all of them would be fine. I travel quite a lot, and I have to admit though I’ve flown countless times, I’m very afraid of boarding a plane. Being an avid fan of Air Crash Investigation does not help much either. My balls would be up in my throat each time the plane goes through an area of turbulence. So, when a plane goes ‘missing’, I somehow felt traumatized.

The whole nation was unprepared. As far as I could remember and if the sources are correct, there had not been any major accident involving our planes since 1977 hijacking incident.

And then…

MH370, belonging to Malaysian Airlines bound to Beijing carrying 239 lives on board, suddenly vanished off radar 49 minutes after taking off from KLIA. No distress call. No contact made. Disappeared; just like that.

Social media ‘activists’ immediately took notice of this incident, and as usual we had a number of self-made aviation experts predicting what really happened to the aircraft. In Facebook, almost 99% of my timeline was filled with concerns and prayers for the 239 lives who were on board.

Some were warning others not to spread rumors, some were putting up pictures of them praying , and some were spreading latest news and information’s about the aircraft.I personally think we could have handled the situation better in social medias. Here are some things that I noticed…


Personally, for me, until someone has actual pictures and data’s pointing out the fact what exactly happened to the aircraft, no one has the right to deny what others want to share. Everyone seems to be quoting from one source or another. Most of them are quoting and relying on CNN, BBC, Astro Awani and even Yahoo news. In my personal opinion, these Medias are reliable sources, and it is not wrong for people to share their own opinion based on reliable media reports.

It actually shows that people are concerned, whether they’re genuine or not is not for us to judge. If we’re dismissing other’s theories as mere rumors, then we will have to point out the fact why it is not possibly so. I still remember that one of my friend actually suggested the plane could have been hijacked quoting from her internal sources, and I immediately shot her down thinking that it’s absolutely absurd to think that the plane had been hijacked. There is no motive whatsoever. And almost 24 hours later, media reports are claiming that 2 person have boarded the aircraft using PASSPORTS belonging to two individuals who did not board the flight! And both the tickets had been purchased one after another. It has opened the area of investigation to a whole new level. So , let people share news and information’s from reliable sources, there’s absolutely nothing wrong in it.

Irrelevant comments/status from fake profiles

This is one thing we Malaysians need to learn. We’re too quick to react for petty matters, and some scumbags are taking advantage to this situation to spread hatred. These lone wankers create fake FB profiles, and put in comments and status that would rile up most of us. They want and need the attention, and they win when we react to their words. If you see someone had posted a hate message, investigate first. Do not jump because almost all of these profiles are actually fake profiles created by people affected by Chronic Masturbation Syndrome. Even if it is genuine profiles, ignore these ignorant idiots.


Religious/Political Accusations 

Of course, you would see Rosmah going up and down consoling the victims to show that they care with almost all the medias doing coverage. Pakatan Rakyat supporters are some of the worst, with most of them blaming MAS, Najib and the government for multiple reasons. Many were even confirming that Najib was doing this to hide what they did to Anwar. These are certainly politically motivated accusations to push the blame to individuals or parties. This is seriously not the time to blame anyone.

And please, for God’s sake, do not drag religion into this.


To explain this further, in case if you feel like coming up with theories like above with no basis whatsoever, I’ve attached together info graphics to remind you on what need to be done.

It is an unfortunate incident, but no exact confirmation had been made by our own Government. While we cannot dismiss international Medias, we should respect the effort being taken by MAS and our Government in handling the situation. You might fucking hate Najib, but seriously this is not the time to show it. Let’s keep our differences aside, and hope that all of them are back home safe. The worst scenario that I’m hoping it would be is they’re hijacked, and it is a matter of time before the hijackers make contact.

Once again, let us keep our hopes and faith; high. May the Supreme Energy of the universe protect the souls of those in flight MH370.

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  • NoJustNo

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    You need to get your facts right.

    The passports were stolen. They were not fake.

    Stolen = authentic.

    • SK Durai

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      Corrected it sir, thanks for pointing it out. Apologies.

      • NoJustNo

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        I apologize if I sounded harsh. Was slightly annoyed of the amount of people getting confused over this and used this opportunity to start bashing the relevant authorities. My apologies and thank you for taking it in a very polite manner. My respect to you.

  • SataN

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    Hope all the passengers and the crew members are safe, lets pray and hope nothing bad happen to this people and they will be back to their love one.

  • kavitha

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    yeah u r rite, im starting to hope its terrorist attack also, at least there is still hope for all those lives.if our government are tighted lip over this, i prefer to think they have their reason, they cant simply say thng to ease the situation.
    About sharing comments and status,it’s the best and easy way bring ppl in line, some of my ignorant kids there will notice, given the choice, they will choose not to know all these, i dont feel keeping quite will make them notice either.

  • SataN

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    Please don’t take it word by word, this is what I got it in my mail just a couple of min ago.

    Dan daripada itu, ramai yang tak berkesempatan untuk tonton, minta saya kongsikan.

    Baik ini sedikit info yang dapat saya kongsikan berdasarkan ilmu saya yang cetek dan apa yang mampu saya ingat. Kepada juruterbang/kapten/jurutera kapal terbang dan yang sewaktu dengannya, sila betulkan dengan hikmah sekiranya saya silap.

    1. Agak mustahil untuk sebuah kapal terbang terputus isyarat atau komunikasi kerana setiap pesawat ada 3 peringkat komunikasi dan ketiga-tiga ini memang berkualiti.

    2. Agak mustahil untuk kita katakan pesawat mengalami total ‘electrical shutdown’ dan sekiranya berlaku sekalipun, pesawat ada masa yang sangat cukup untuk buat pendaratan.

    Bukan sahaja itu, setiap pesawat mempunyai banyak bateri dan bateri ini mampu menjana tenaga untuk pesawat.

    3. Di udara, setiap pesawat akan dapat baca pesawat lain, yang berdekatan.

    4. Setiap laluan yang dilalui oleh mana-mana pesawat, adalah juga laluan yang dilalui oleh pesawat lain. Laluan utama. Jadi mustahil laluan di situ boleh memutuskan bacaan dan komunikasi dengan menara kawalan.

    5. MAS adalah syarikat penerbangan terbaik dari segi ‘maintainance’ kerana menurut kapten, Amerika Syarikat juga meminta MAS bantu dari segi ini.

    6. Kualiti juruterbang MAS juga adalah yang terbaik, bahkan menurut Kapten, juruterbang MAS sering “diculik” oleh syarikat penerbangan lain.

    7. Seorang juruterbang itu akan buat SEHABIS BAIK selagi ada harapan, untuk selamatkan pesawatnya, walaupun gunung ada di depan. Bukan semudah itu untuk mereka putus asa.

    8. Setiap pesawat boleh terkena petir, itu biasa, namun aliran arus elektrik itu akan mengalir mengikut bentuk pesawat dan keluar ke belakang.

    9. Akhir sekali, sebagai penutup, Kapten Nik menyatakan bahawa, Kapten Zaharie adalah antara juruterbang terbaik yang beliau pernah kenal selama kurang lebih 30 tahun.

    Ini apa yang dikongsikan oleh Kapten Nik Huzlan dan hasil daripada hujah beliau, beliau sendiri tidak boleh ramal apa puncanya.
    Saya hairan..

    (1) Kenapa Malaysia hantar ahli keluarga mangsa ke Beijing sedangkan China tidak menghantar ahli keluarga mangsa ke Malaysia walhal kawasan pesawat hilang lebih dekat kepada Malaysia.

    (2) Mengapa ahli keluarga dihubungi dan diarahkan menyediakan passport untuk ke lokasi kejadian yang akan diberitahu kemudian. Kalau korg kerja dengan syarikat penerbangan tu, lokasi korang tak tahu tapi logik tak korang call ahli keluarga mangsa dan cakap akan dibawa ke lokasi kejadian yang akan diberitahu kelak.

    (3) Media Malaysia dan China kedua-duanya dihalang daripada menemuramah ahli keluarga mangsa.

    (4) Media terlalu kerap mengungkap jangan percaya kepada spekulasi malah seorang menteri cakap dalam temubual telefon agar rakyat rely on RTM sahaja kerana RTM ada saluran rasmi untuk dapatkan maklumat terkini, tapi RTM pun tidak dibenarkan interview ahli keluarga mangsa.

    (5) Hampir kesemua ahli keluarga mangsa tak nak di temuramah, ini pelik.

    (6) Gambar yang ditayangkan media pun gambar yang sama (beberapa orang). Gambar lain macam takde pula.

    (7) Dalam sidang media terakhir kalau korang tengok la, ada seorang reporter tanya kalau boleh mereka dapatkan rakaman cctv, tapi seorang panel cakap tak boleh atas sebab keselamatan (security policy).

    (8) Beberapa jam selepas sidang media terakhir itu, The Guardian melaporkan 2 penumpang (warga Austria dan Itali) sebenarnya tidak menaiki pesawat dan mereka telah kehilangan passport di Thailand.

    (9) Bukan ke sepatutnya kumpulan keselamatan di Malaysia investigate rakaman cctv di KLIA terlebih awal, dan verify setiap penumpang (list inspection) sewaktu menghubungi ahli keluarga (well boleh call embassies juga untuk verify). Kenapa The Guardian yang dapat tahu dulu ye? Ke memang kita tak buat security check yang teliti?

    (10) Since rakyat dah tahu ada dua penumpang pakai passport curi, sekarang takde pula update berita terbaru tentang isu ni. Selalunya kalau emergency, sampai esok pun berita ada update tak berhenti. At least keluarkan rakaman cctv dua suspek yang menggunakan passport curi itu. Tak tahu la kalau KLIA takde cctv atau pasukan keselamatan kita tidak cekap untuk investigate bab cctv ni. Footage rakaman cctv kapal terbang berlepas pun tak boleh tunjuk? Hmmm entah.

    (11) Sepanjang berita pasal MH370 ni, kita banyak tengok footage media dalam bilik berita, sidang media dan kat airport je. Korang tak perasan ke kalau kes bencana macam ni media akan ikut pasukan keselamatan ambil footage atas helikopter ke, kapal laut ke, interview ketua pasukan pencari dan penyelamat atas kapal ke, kat jeti ke.

    (12) Dalam salah satu sidang media juga panel ade jawab bahawa Malaysia mencari di perairan Malaysia dan Vietnam mencari di perairan Vietnam, tapi kalau korang tengok laut di selatan Ca Mao itu juga bersempadan dengan Thailand. Jadi perairan Thailand Gulf siapa yang cari? Thailand tak umumkan pun nak join aktiviti mencari.

    (13) Awalnya angkatan tentera Vietnam bagi laporan pada media kapal terhempas di laut selatan Ca Mao, tapi Malaysia nafikan dan panel sidang media sendiri cakap authoriti Vietnam (means Kerajaan Vietnam) tidak mengesahkan berita itu. Kerajaan Vietnam dengan Tentera Vietnam ni ade krisis ke? Pelik kan.

    (14) Kemudian pasukan tentera Vietnam cakap jumpa dua tompok tumpahan minyak di laut selatan Ca Mao, tapi peliknya takde footage video rakaman tumpahan minyak itu juga. Yang ada hanya gambar itupun bukan gambar rasmi daripada media Vietnam. Dalam hal kecemasan begini selalunya media mesti sibuk ikut pasukan keselamatan rakam video kerana merekalah mata rakyat agar menjadi bukti betapa realnya bencana yang menimpa.

    (15) Laporan berita akhir tengah malam tadi, pastu sampai sekarang 4.50 pagi tiada update, well selalunya kalau bencana macam ini bilik berita tidak akan berehat.

    (16) Temuramah dengan seorang pakar penerbangan (bekas juruterbang MAS) yang juga merupakan kawan kepada juruterbang senior dalam pesawat yang terlibat nampak cool, begitu juga seorang panel dalam sidang media petang semalam (siap makan gula-gula).

    (17) Kita duk dengar negara itu hantar kapal, negara ini hantar jet, tapi footage media (video) kapal-kapal tu takde pon. Dan lebih pelik Thailand dan Brunei tidak turut serta dalam usaha mencari pesawat. Singapore, Vietnam, US dan Filipina yang lebih jauh join.

    (18) Sampel tumpahan minyak di Vietnam dikatakan sedang diuji, sampai sekarang takde news update. Hmm macam tak emergency.

    (19) Cerita di laut Vietnam belum habis tapi Malaysia dah umumkan usaha mencari diperluas ke Selat Melaka. Wow. Thailand Gulf yang dekat dengan Selatan Ca Mao tu tak nak carik ke?

    (20) Go watch more news on airplane crashes worldwide then try to compare. Our news mostly kat bilik berita, sidang media dan airport.

    (21) Media keep repeating (emphasizing) from late afternoon to night two things which are mereka tidak dibernarkan masuk ke dalam bilik ahli keluarga menunggu dan jangan percayakan spekulasi. I also wonder kenapa susah sangat nak dapat rakaman interview ahli keluarga mangsa sedangkan ia dianggap risiko bencana.

    (22) Ahli keluarga co-pilot pun tak nak ditemuramah. Kenapa semua orang tutup mulut eh? Selalu anak hilang dalam hutan beberapa jam mak ayah gerenti dah nangis-nangis media kan?

    (23) You try la analyse all the news. The subjects, the contents, the presentations, the faces on the news, etc.

    (24) I just want to share with you that all these questions are bewildering and they make “sel-sel otak tidak dapat berhubung”. Some can be relevant and some can be not, and it depends how different our “sel-sel otak berhubung”.

    (25) Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t say it is a conspiracy or what not, I just wonder about all these weird news because I watched them all and still waiting the updates because I do care like all of you do.

    I am sorry if you have read this

  • SataN

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    The biggest mistake made by most human beings: Listening to only half, understanding just a quarter and telling double.

  • RVN

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    Never deprive someone of hope; it might be all they have.
    H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

  • Syszler

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    A plane that dodge the civilian radar may be possible as the radar system may not be too sensitive. However as the army claim that the plane might cross over to Andaman sea and the reports from fisherman on seeing the plane flying lower than usual, what action did the army took? When their radar picked up the plane crossing unscheduled, shouldn’t the army send a fighter to investigate? For all the reason they are it is the “plane”. What happen if it was an enemy jet?

    As times goes, our so called People Of Responsibility With Authority to speak are coming with excuses, allegations and scenarios that beginning smell like a cover up.

    Sorry if i misunderstood our goverments intention and truth. All i wish and hope is the entire people in the flight return home unharmed.

  • kamikaze pilot

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    The next GE14 they will say this is Anwar Ibrahim’s fault. Not meant to create jokes on this issue but felt ironic on the current development in this country. My prays and thoughts to all the souls in Malaysia Hopes 370 , hang in there ppl help is on the way!

  • Nitu

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    This incident has kept us puzzled, different people with different theories/thoughts/findings.My hearts goes out to everyone in the plane and to those who is waiting for their arrival, may God speed his love to them.


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