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This is my personal opinion about this movie and our local industry. I represent no individuals.

“Ore ticket bro, Malaysia movie ke…”
“One ticket bro, for the Malaysian movie…”

“Malaysia movie oh, Vivagarathu ah ne?”
“Oh Malaysia movie, Vivagarathu right bro?”

He showed me the screen and told me to choose a seat.

“Yethe bro empty?”
“Which one is empty bro?”

“Elameh empty tha ne..” . He smiled at me sarcastically.

And then an hour later, I walked in to an empty movie hall. It was a feeling so beautiful because I felt like the whole hall belongs to me. And then came a couple who sat in the corner, perhaps for some oral session.

And approximately two hours later, I came out of the hall; totally disgusted , disappointed and in utter disbelief of what has been presented to me. I wasted not only time and money, but also energy to drag my ass to the theater to watch a movie so horrifying that I felt like I’m sitting with my patti watching Tamil Serials on TV.


I don’t attend most local movie previews though invited because people in the local industry do not like me. Unlike them, I do not need to blowjob anyone by saying or writing a favorable review.


Ice Cream Level = Jenna Jameson

Most of them call me for a simple reason to be honest, they need a little more media coverage. They think I will open my pants and let them screw me from behind just so that I can take a selfie with them.Unfortunately I have enough sense to recognize genuine people. This is not the first time I’ve watched a movie like this, and this would definitely not be the last. I’ll tell you why…

Our local Malaysian Indian entertainment industry is so corrupted at the moment that it cannot be repaired. It is controlled by the people who have money and influence. Local millionaires, criminals, and politicians are all involved in shaping the entertainment industry. The real talents hardly have any platform to built anything out there, and even when they produce something very powerful, their end product would face so much challenges to make it to the audiences due to the pressure from the corrupted bastards in the name of influential people in the local industry.  Some rich ladies who made it out of nowhere think they can control the media industry by displaying their wealth. This is the truth.

I’ve seen real talents. In fact I’ve spoken to many of them and seen their piece of magic. ALL of them say the same thing, that they do not have the money and influence. They do not have ‘cables’. They want to present their products directly to the public, but they’re not able to do so. Because if they tried to skip this corrupted bastards who are there only to make money and fame for themselves, they would fail at the end of the day. Thus the need for them to bend down and sell their ass, so that their products would be ‘blessed’ by the influential people and reach the public. Having said that, there are also a number of notable artist who are still living with certain principles.

Many years ago, I watched a Shakila B Grade porn movie, and it was so disturbing that I felt like my sexual life is going to be affected. More so or less, this movie gave me such a traumatizing experience that I felt I should never buy a ticket for a local movie again. Do you now see why you should not come up with crappy movies just because you have the money and power?

It’s because when you produce shit, you will impact the work of genuine artist and talented people.You will impact their rice bowl. People would lose trust on Malaysian products; it creates a ripple effect for the rest of the talented individuals who truly believes in producing quality products.

Films by Gana(All his movies), Shanjey Kumar Perumal(Jagat ), Senthil Kumaran (Jerantut Ninaivugal), Karthik Shamalan( MTK), R.Perakas (Vennira Iravugalal) gave me the orgasm(=level Mannin Mainthargal).

And heck watch and learn from Ravi Shanker, the master tactician who produces quality live on stage with absolutely no chance of having retakes. This is what I want to see. This is what I want to pay for!

“Bro support la mannin maintargal! First time sure got flaws! “

Dei maire, flaws na certain part le varenum. Inthe movie fullah flaw than.

For this particular movie, people had been promoting it all over THR Raaga and Astro. Do you know why? Because people who are producing, directing and acting on it are all influential people. Don’t you guys have any fucking shame? You’re cheating the public! As local artist, you would have had the chance to view the movie during the ‘preview’. Listen to your heart and tell me, is this movie even worth to be on pirated DVD’s?

Do you guys seriously think you can fucking fool us by producing this type of shit and expect us to support you? The people who have money and absolutely no fucking talent would produce things to bring them fame and money and ordinary citizens like us should throng to cinemas nearby to spend our hard earned money watching your -F class movie? Poda **** .I’m not particularly talking about this movie alone; I’m talking about the overall industry.

For those who are seriously talented but find it difficult to grow in the market today, continue living by your principles. Audience like me will find you. We recognize through talents. Do not sell your talent to the people who are in power and influence. Do not prostitute your talent. Let your recognition be late or never, but do not succumb into selling your soul.

There is a reason why I wrote this article. I’m sick and tired of real talented individuals not having the opportunity to realize their dreams just because they do not have money and influence. They fade away , like dust. And I deem them not as mere dust, but as gold dust. As an individual , I will do all I can to help them glitter. My wish is for all of you to do the same…

My exact reaction after coming out of the cinema hall..


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  • Manithan

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    Ice Cream Level = Jenna Jameson :P Epic bro

  • Thumb up Thumb down +1

    When me and my wife went for movie after busy with events whole week, thats the time we saw the tickets sells for “vilayatu pasangga”, first we wanted to go for some other English movie, but I told my wife, let support Malaysian movie. Holly crap, the whole movie doesn’t relate anyway to the title, some cheap standard dialogs, lawak bodoh, only thing we enjoyed is the music and the songs. That’s the day we decide not to waste any money and time on Malaysian tamil productions.

  • sheshan rao

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    Actly, i fl bcs of this one movie=vivagarathu..othr movies n directors got the bad name,compared to the 80’s n 90’local movies..msian movie cud say has improve alot..its stil viewable n bearable:)they cant rch the kollywd standrd..but atleast thy improved bt this particular movie..has brought us bck to the 80’s 90’s era whr thr is poor editing n screen play..thy only wan us to take the message frm the movie..thy r not emphasising on the othr matters s film makin is not only bout message..its mor thn tht.evn if we critic for thm to improve in future thy point thier finger bck to us n say tht v r not eligble to gv coment s we dono how muc hardwrk they put..if a person wanted to try smtg tht is open to the public then they hv to tk the risk tht comes along wit it..bein sensitive not goin to solve anything..

  • mishra

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    Wht im rly not satisfied is,how cn thy claim thmselvs s thy hv tkn a gd movie?1st of all i fl tht it looks like a documentary mor thn a movie! The botom line is she wans to present a message not a movie! Someore cn say its a true story..evn if its a fake story its not goin to mk any diference on the storyline..bcs u only wants to deliver a message thr not entertainment movie..y must waste money n tm to take suc movie jus to convey a simple msg..just do like a short drama or documentary n publish in tv is mor thn enough..the ticket price is so expensive out thr..imagine pple whom goes out wit fmly how much thy need to spend per head for this no quality angry thy wil b like me..we wen to the theather to support local artist but see wht they gv in return?bt undeniably thr r many movies like jerantut kanavugal..vennira iruvagal..viliyatu pasanga..vetti pasanga n mor gd movies in this movie is rly a big disapoinment n cud corupt othr movies reputation..i stl hv faith on local made product bt just nd to b extra careful on selecting the movie tht i wan to view..obviously its her first attempt..i appreciate her of taking the wht makes the pple mor angry is whn the particular person or director refuse to accept her fault n mistakes..just bcs thr r some pple who supports her she refuse to see the majority..

  • Shamini

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    Well said bro…

  • Rajee

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    kili kili nu kicitingge …
    Bro waiting for u next write up!! Kaman i say.. :)

  • SataN

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    Again brother Durai good write up agree with you 110%

  • Nisha

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    was casually finding blogs to read.. found yours.. kinda addicted with your writings now!! honest n no chill at all. Keep writing! Thank you for this!


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