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There had been too many individual cases of insulting non-Muslims in this country lately that I decided to come up with a countdown for the best of the worst. The reason why I’ve chosen not to highlight about other cases is because most of them were not as seriously highlighted, and cases involving non-Muslims are usually charged and dragged to court. For an example, the Alvin and Vivian Bak Kut Teh posting and a boy named Gopinath posting about Prophet Muhammad.

Coming in at no 5, Nam Blast caused a social media uproar earlier this year when he posted something related to the Thaipusam festival – a single status that made him the talk of the town. He was using an anonymous account, but he was finally identified as Mohd Hidayat; a teacher by profession. Basically his statements were recorded by the police, but no further action was taken up till now.

This man comes in at No. 4. Hated equally by the Chinese and Indians, and most Malays, he is known to provide extremist views in relation to current issues. A perfect example of a Chinese trying to be more Malay than real Malay, Ridhuan Tee had shot himself to fame by preaching hate speech in the name of defending Islam and Malays.

The recent internet sensation Ustaz Shahul Hamid a.k.a Ustaz Alagappa comes in at No 3 in the scale. A video clip of him insulting Hindu religion and some other related Hindu customs has caused such uproar that even MIC that usually doesn’t come out of their cave, finally came out to protest. It is rumored that MIC is all over this case because Alagappa~man is actually a PAS member.

Satu hari juga banner semua sudah siap…MIC hidup

Alagappa was actually trying to imitate Ustaz Azhar Idrus, but failed miserably. Last known status shows that Alagappa had apologized and explained that he did it in closed doors and someone is trying to damage his reputation by uploading the video. Alagappa had apologized, but I think inthe nayike konjem kari pusi udenum.

At No 2 is Zulkifli Noordin, well known for his extremist views related to political issues, who was caught with his pants down when a video clip of him making fun out of Hindu gods was released in social medias. He was punished heavily by PM Najib, by offering him a seat in the recently concluded general election. He lost the seat, and had been trying off and on to stay in the limelight by offering more racially biased views.

At No 1 comes is Shah Kirit, a man I would consider to be one of the most sick individual and a preacher who went extra length to belittle others to show that Islam is the greatest religion in the world. Speaking in a closed forum, Shah Kirit displayed slides showing Hindu Gods and explained in sickening detail his own understanding about the subject matter. A man self-claiming to be an expert in comparative religion, Shah Kirit had insulted and degraded Hinduism to such a point that it is a wonder that not even a fine was imposed to him as a punishment.

Shah Kirit was let off easily by the authorities, despite hundreds of police reports that were lodged against him. Many local Indian SutuMalaysia politicians decided to open their pants and bend down for the sake of political mileage because Shah Kirit is well connected. Recently, he was also instrumental in bringing in another extremist fuck just like him to Malaysia from India, named Zakir Naik.

Obviously, the compilation shows a bunch of individual idiots who chose to look into spreading hatred rather than spreading love. It has nothing to do with Islam. The reason why I chose to highlight these people is because no action would ever be taken against them by the authorities, and to show how unfair the authorities had been when it comes to cases related to non-Muslims.

I sincerely hope that rather than catching people banging each other behind closed doors, the Islamic authorities in Malaysia should focus on getting all these preachers to be certified and they should be consistently monitored when they’re delivering talks to the mass public.

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  • ABCrobot

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    The last video…U.N.B.E.L.I.E.V.E.A.B.L.E!
    Im confident to say that, this Shah Kirik consumes substance regularly.

  • krish

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    you know, this racial discriminatory issues have been lurking around for decades now.
    if you’re malay/muslim, you are fully backed up and you can walk away freely. Wherelse if you’re a non-malay/non-muslim, you’re mostly likely to have stepped on a landmine.
    if they wanna discriminate, let them do it…
    if they wanna share more videos and make stupid statements, let them do it…
    if they think that this’s all that it takes make one’s faith waiver,
    lets show them why we’ve remained Hindus since the very beginning and not a converted piece of trash like their pathetic bloodline which forgot its roots.

    “Ethu nadantha-tho, nandraaga nadanthathu…
    Ethu nadakkira-tho, athu nandraaga-ve nadakirathu..
    Ethu nadakka-virukkiratho, athuvum nandraaga nadakkum…”

    There’s no point arguing with a dumbass. (sevudan kaatheleh sanggu o0otheramaathiri)[curahkan garam ke dalam laut]
    You’re only gonna stoop down from your position and waste time and energy for a piece of shyt??
    I know some of you are really offended deep down and you wanna retaliate/get even someway…
    here’s what i got for u…make these few videos go viral…
    (18+ Violence/don’t watch if u cant see people being butchered)
    (this is an average American’s perspective towards the muslims/there’s another vid before this one and jz watch it if you wanna do more damage)”it’s funny if you’re open minded”
    (also has some drama “from a muslim dude that tried to reply with another vid and lost miserably/ the same loser that replied the above vid)

    -if you start watching their videos you’d get more links to more stuff that would make an average racist explode.

    1) One thing is for sure; they’ll be burning in hate… most probably crying and giving out more racist statements knowing that these people only depend on their numbers(pandi-kootam) and knowing the sole fact that racist losers can’t except defeat. More and more anonymous user accounts gonna be spreading hate, dividing us apart.
    2) no matter what you say, an eye for an eye has never a been part of the Hinduism’s teachings. Repaying the debt of insults doesn’t make you any wiser than the rest of them nor do you get any good karma. Here’s the thing about karma, it solely depends on your intentions rather than the action itself. So, think about why you wanna do it and what would you probably get, out of it?
    3) Let me tell u guys a lil secret,
    They feel soo insecure of their religion, (being in it and knowing the pro’s and con’s of it)
    they realize their current position is full of drawbacks,
    are very afraid of dwindling in numbers,
    so, they ridicule and spread misguided teachings about other religions in order to cover their flaws and sleep peacefully at night :D

    P/s : I’m an atheist, I don’t take sides, but i stand up for the righteous :)

  • SataN

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    This is too much to hear and to see bht what can we do they can talk and walk freely like nothing happen, what wouod happen if non muslim would have said some thing bang there goes everything you have… Hope one day ppl will realise thier mistake…

  • mages

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    I saw d “Sempoi Alagapa’s Ustaz” videos. To me he’s mentally retarded n he’s disgrace to Islam. I respect all religion as Hinduism believes all are one. Who is he anyway? A born Hindu…rite. This guy spitted on his own face n i too commented in Fb for all the videos uploaded. The 1st person to hit with bata slippers is Zulkiffli Nordin & d 2nd, a Indian guy kissing him in public. He must be slapped every time he walks in public. I hope one day this guys will be crying for help…really want an Indian to help that moment. When our political heroes will voice out?Where’s Mrs.G anyway? I’m waiting…as Vijay says in “Thupakki”


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