Tamil Schools and the Forty Thieves

“Result yenna achi?” I asked…

“Na, na number 1 class le. Ninety ke mele” Said the sweet angel.

“Nee, uneke result yenna achi?” I asked her best friend.

Showed me a thumb down sign and a sad face… “Yelameh uttikichi na…”

Uttikichi na…the first girl in the picture…

I could hardly contain my laughter; these are 7 year olds communicating to me. Such innocence. I later found out that she is actually an above average student. Then I looked around…

The school was infested with termites and it had bitten through almost all the school building. The building itself looks more like an animal shelter than a classroom. Recently the fan fell off from the ceiling because of the termites but luckily it happened early in the morning when the kids were not there yet. It was raining when I was there that particular day and the roof was leaking, and water was pouring down right in the center of the class. I witnessed this with my own eyes.

This is not an isolated case. These are the things that I’ve seen over the past 6 years during my visits to schools. And it has not changed even a single bit, like termites; the politicians had been eating away the development of our society for 50 odd years.

As much as they want to deny, most of the money that is going to Tamil schools are being managed by MIC fellows. A couple of years back, a new Government agency was formed to study, identify and upgrade all the existing infrastructure in current Tamil schools.It was announced; as usual, last year that RM 540 million had been allocated to upgrade the existing infrastructure of Tamil schools.

My question is; enada maire studies pandringge to upgrade the infrastructure? Your budget and manpower is given, what else  do you need other than to go and immediately upgrade all these schools? Are you waiting for some classroom’s to collapse and for innocent kids to get killed before taking any action?

The answer is PM Najib had allocated the money; the problem is none of these are reaching the kids directly. The bastards in between comprising of local politicians and contractors are swindling almost all the funds that are allocated to upgrade these schools. The politicians are awarding the contracts to upgrade these infrastructures to their cronies and family members and low quality materials are used to save the cost. Quotes are given 5 times higher to make extraordinary profit, at the expense of underprivileged estate kids.The money is swindled mostly by the contractors, and as a token of appreciation, the contractors pays the local politicians in the form of vandis, money or alcohol.

Next, just in case if you’re not aware, our Tamil schools are divided into two schemes. Out of 523 schools, 372 of them are partially aided schools while the rest are fully aided.First tell me, why these schools need to be in ‘Separuh Bantuan’. Why it should not all be fully funded? Who’s going to fund the other half? Ungge tata va? Our tax money is being used to sponsor pandas, but we can’t fully sponsor the schools and kids?

Panda ke air cond, pilenggeleke cabin ne. Panda pundaingge

The moment you pose these questions to the parties involved, no answers would ever come forward. Government secret it seems, can’t disclose financial details. But if you don’t disclose all these details, how will the people ever trust you? We deserve to know what you’re doing with our fucking tax money.

You expect the kids to come up in life when even the initial primary school education is not given properly to them? Say even when one or two of these kids managed to score some excellent results, still they’re sidelined when it comes to higher education due to quota system and race-based entries. These underprivileged kids who struggled all the way with excellent results so that they would be able to enroll in public universities are denied the opportunity and given a turnaround, and forced to take up loans. Even when offered public universities, they’re given a course that they’ve not even listed in their initial selection.

MIC fellows are known thieves, but what about Pakatan Rakyat? They planted high hopes that our education would be given priority, but I don’t see any improvement in Selangor either…

Most of the schools are still in a deplorable condition!

We’re also partly to be blamed in this, we’ve never bothered to check on what’s happening to our kids. As long as your kids are not studying in that particular school, we just don’t need to give a fuck. All we do is go to temple and pray “Mariatta kaliatta ene kapathe yen kudembethe kapathe” and then put the money inside the temple donation box and pray for your safety. If you invest that money for these schools, we would have less machas roaming around in the street with parangs to rob you. Donate to living beings, not statues. The Supreme Energy of the Universe do not need your money, they’re the Supreme Creators a.k.a God.

Attah yeppeda kase kettechi, yanda ipedi buta va aleyeringge… If you’re willing to donate to the ‘God’ you’ve not seen; why not to the ‘angels’ you can see?

All these politicians have public Facebook profiles; highlight the issue right on their wall. Put it direct to their face, call them and harass them. Tell them about the issues that are happening in your schools or nearby schools. Visit the Tamil schools, Orang Asli schools and Sekolah Pondok that are in a deplorable condition nearby and highlight it to the medias. If you’re out drinking with your friends, collect money from them (possibly when they’re drunk) and contribute it to nearby schools.

There are many ways you as an individual could do to change the future of these underprivileged and poor innocent angels.

Fight the right fight and donate to the right cause!


5 comments to Tamil Schools and the Forty Thieves

  • nathan

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    Don’t waiver. Keep writing. The MIC cybertroopers will bring you down with many confusing data & data which intelligentsia they only know off.

  • vpuli

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    same feeling here also. why gomen can spend millions for some useless projects but kept our Tamil school partially financed. Also our own people can build temple spending millions of ringgit but very less to donate to Tamil schools. We have golden temple, glass temple, 5 gopuram temple and many more temples build side by side but Tamil school operating in poor infrastructure.

  • CikkangoJenggo

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    Bang naan satyamah MIC karen ille.. Naan avungeleh back up pannaleh. anah oru chinna kathai sollikiren.. Neenge soldrathe post pandrathelam ritu than anah ennaku 100% ungeleh support panneh mudiyathe. I dont believe in MIC either. I dont really know whats ur agenda as well. Just a small manasathci cakap la bro..

    1) Nambe community pathingana school ke mukkiyam kudekeve materange. Theivam irukka illayahne theriyathu anah rombe kasse athuke selave pandrange.

    2) second pathingana i gt experience to visit almost 90% of school in a particular state during a program, while I made visit. I really see a lot of teachers complaint bout their work load, how they treat students, how they interact with students, and since I got many teachers fren sometime I read this tamil school teachers fb status also walawe sakit hati they curse the parents n students. So nambe teacher qualityum seri illeh actually.

    3) MIC kathaike varuvom. Kase adechange kase adikerangene solringe. Athan bang kathai, yaarum MIC leh join panne materange. Opposition leyum indians ke poradum thaalaiver illeh. Vanthan oruthan nalla, kadesileh mayereh enna achine terleh poithan. Nambe periyaar matherilam kekeleh atleast oru small range leader kude okthan. Yevanum mic ke vareh matringe pillai pondathi family friends lah uthethe so ellatayum uttete MIC leh varevenge network irukke contractor fren irukke come on lah kandipa contract makan panne than papange. Puthusa leaders varanum appethan konjum bayapedevange. By the way since I got my family members who work in govrnment contract division of an agensi kerajaan I used to ask gov contract lah eppedi memang ada involvement of politician ke, they usually ans one in 10 case will be that one also mostly if the fund from federal to state lah.

    4) oru school leh 5 student, athene teacher naleh 1 student ehh padike veike mudiyathe? I met school student only one student in standard 6 n she can read or write properly. U wan to blame school infrastructure? MIC ? bang teacher lam ippe mutta pundaya irukange. aduthavan pillaye eppadi ponah enna ne irukange. I know many people with bad result masuk jadi cikgu sebab kerja senang and senang dapat mapilai. N easiest gov job they can get.

    5) Kovil. Kovil sami kumbude anah anthe kovil kathe periya kathai. GOV kasu kudukerathe kovil perusa katte illeh, kovil leh program seyye, kovil leh students chinna pillaingaleke educate panneh. inge appadiya nadukuthe. Kovil leyeh perachanai. Politics. 08 04 21 kaingeh masuk. No use give money to kuil if they use for built it only.

    6) apparom nambe parents, payyan nalla padechi uni poitha uterethe. UNI pasangalum ippe seven sea rokke ellam adikurathe. Appadi illeh kaase iruntha clubbing porathe. For me going clubbing with nice suite drinking expensive drinks with friends is no different from drinking 3 10 in a park with street light. ange kaasu irukke inge kaasu illeh. Both directing to a community disaster in future if misbehave. Nanum apapdithan irunthen but ore limit ode irukanumpa.

    kadesiya innoru vishayam, u look properly ehh. 20 to 30 vayasuleh nalla padechevenge ellam enna pannuvange, kolej ke poihte velaiku poi nalla padiche kase sambaritchi ellathayum settle apnnithe apparamah they wan to kutuk mic coz they accuse mic never do anything or never give anything. but 20 to 30 vayasuleh ulalvenge those who never study properly they will follow the local mic leaders do work for them kastham patte vantherepange mic leh. kaandipa avunganaleh mudenja alavuke contractor business pannuvange. so kastham pathavenge kandipa etherpapange from mic to help them get fund or anything. but this educated people who didnt even join in politic earlier after they settle in their life n they got family money n all they will start involve suddenly in online politics. so athe seri illeh bang. Nalla padechavenge arambithilenthe irukkanum mic leh appathan nalla ideology valarum. After work till age of 35 save money they want to open business then oni will seek for gov fund lah this n that. then if tak dapat they will start accuse mic tak help. mic leh ullavangalaku tekun loan kude enge apply pandrathene theriyathu samaayatheleh.

    So conclusion MIC ehh thappe solli punniyam illeh, opposition support panniyum punniyam illeh. Nambe community nalla irukanumna start from Education. Not only studies but also nalla olukkam. Oru kampung leh ulleh ellam student ayum padike veikanum. Rotan leh pichhi achuum padike veikanum. Teacher ke extra nambeleh kase kuduthe padike veikanum students ehh. Illeh na rokke balut pannithe peace irukke vendiyathethan. Cool Buddy.

  • CikkangoJenggo

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    Anyway I am giving this comment as non MIC Member, or Opposition Member. I am just a student who is still pursuing my masters but slightly interested in Malaysian Indian Politic issues. I am not accusing any particular people or organization in my previous comment.

    Thank You..

  • uthiashalini

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    oruten…mandayatti…innoruten maniyatti…araivilunthalum…tuupu vilunthalum thodachikuvanunge…manam kette maarkandeyanunge…


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