4 Ways MIC Could Gain Back the Trust of Indians

The ongoing Anwar sodomy trial is getting nationwide attention and BN as usual is very much focused to try to gain as much political mileage possible by this event. I was browsing the news related to it the other day when I came across…

Aunties want justice for Saiful. Do you seriously believe this shit?

This is definitely not the first time I’ve seen something like this. Our community has long been known as dogs by BN, thanks to MIC who had nurtured such a culture by just grabbing everything that is thrown to them. I was indeed devastated and felt sad that these innocent aunties had been once again been manipulated by these assholes to campaign for Saiful’s asshole. These aunties were obviously paid by BN/MIC. But of course, this was denied strongly and they don’t realize I’ve seen with my own eyes numerous times when Indian aunties are duped into MIC campaigns and speech with the promise of saris and rice packets. We ALL know who manipulated these aunties.

Just another proof of what BN/MIC does best

And suddenly, you can see the concern some MIC macais have over Saiful. It seems they’re just fighting for truth and justice for Saiful. Anwar sute adichetharam. Dei, ningge ithene varesem Indians pidichi sute adichinggele, athe therile? When I questioned this, I was actually accused of being a follower of Banggaru(I didn’t even know what that thing is) and being paid by OMS Thiagarajan , a local millionaire from Klang who is a PKR supporter. That is the reason I always write about MIC and don’t write about PKR it seems. First of all, MIC macais need to get this in their head; no one will be stupid enough to pay someone to write about MIC. It’s worthless. The reason why some of my readers still remember the existence of MIC is because I write about you guys, so thank me instead.

Anyway, since I still have some good friends in MIC and with the hope that the party might just survive, here’s four Maire 1 tips that I think MIC should follow to gain back the support from the community.

1. Stop the corruption

This may sound difficult, but it should be given the utmost attention by MIC fellows and their macais. When you’re wrong, you’re wrong. When you know your leaders are accumulating wealth through corruption, you must be bold enough to question and expose them with proper evidence of course. Stand united against corruption whether inside or outside party. In the event you got no balls to question, immediately sethere.

2. Eliminate the Fools

I believe a thorough cleanup should be done starting from MIC Youth,Wanita MIC,Puteri MIC, Putera MIC, Pandu Puteri MIC, Pengakap MIC and the rest of it. I’ll just tell you directly, your party lacks PR skills. You have fools with no credibility at all approaching the public with arrogance. People don’t even want to waste time listening to these idiots because they know they’re just merely ball-lickers. Every single post or messages that they bring through would focus on bashing opposition or lick Najib. The simplest thing you could do is just publish whatever community services MIC been doing (if there is of course).

A few fools could destroy the good work being done by the rest of the members; so watch over your members. If you know your fellow member is a dumbfuck, immediately inform your leaders who will not take any action of course; but at least you’ve done your part.

3. Transparency

I can bet my ass that the moment MIC starts being transparent, they will regain half of the trust they’ve lost. The Government seems to be providing many things to the Indians, but almost all of them gets lost in the process of execution. And who’s responsible for this execution? The No. 1 Indian party in Malaysia of course.

What is so hard in putting up all the detailed expenses of the money provided to them? Every cent should be accountable, just put it up where the public can see and I bet you’ll soar high in terms of respect and trust in no time. When I say being transparent, make sure you list every cent out of what you’ve done with the money. Don’t give the reason it’s not easy and requires a lot of resources, if you dare to take the responsibility to handle the money, then fucking put up your accounts.

4. Voice out without fear or favor

As a party claiming to be representing Malaysian Indians, we expect you to be more vocal with issues related to Indians. Don’t fight for petty issues, people hate that. Take on big issues that are of national interest. Fight for it.

I have quite a number of friends in MIC as well, who wants to bring in some changes to the party but when I speak to them, it’s obvious that they’ have no real voice in the party because if you want power you need to suck, not speak. To summarize it…

There you go, 4 sure ways to gain back the respect and trust from the community. Of course, some MIC fools would take this the wrong way and threaten to harm my wife and family which is what they do best. Fighting girls.

But, this is the way I deliver my messages. Stop giving reasons why you can’t deliver, start finding solutions.

I hope one day I will be doing the same video. Good luck MIC

2 comments to 4 Ways MIC Could Gain Back the Trust of Indians

  • rujjcoomarh

    M1 comment! Thumb up Thumb down +5

    “The reason why some of my readers still remember the existence of MIC is because I write about you guys, so thank me instead.”

    semme twiste.. semme line..semme punche. neenge valgha bro.

  • Krish

    Thumb up Thumb down +2

    “In the event you got no balls to question, immediately sethere.” this is an EPIC Iron Hand Rule that should be implemented within the Indian community.

    Hats off bro, well said once again.


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