Awesome Thaipusam!

“Thalle! thalle! thalle! DEI THALLE!” (Move aside)

A young guy in his 30’s was being held in a plastic chair, he had slash wounds all over his body. It was horrifying and even by looking at it both my balls was up in my throat, and he was being rushed perhaps for the ambulance by his gang members. I saw this live, the last time I was in Batu Caves during Thaipusam festival.

It was a scene too common for many; Thaipusam is literally an event where gangs battle out each other in public view. Just last year, one man was killed during a chariot procession, and though the man is lying dead on the ground, the ruthless Machas continued to pounce on him with helmets.


It has been many years since I visited Batu Caves during Thaipusam festival; and I must say it is because I am afraid to bring in my family members, sisters, or my wife for that matter. With thousands of Machas literally hanging out just to throw some obscene words and show off their toilet trojan hair, it’s extremely difficult to absorb the spiritual atmosphere with your family members.

I was trying to do a write up about Batu Caves a few days before Thaipusam, and though trying as much as I could; I just could not complete the article. There was a lack of inspiration. So I left together with my wife, my cousin sister and brother to Batu Caves early in the morning. My brother Suren who is attached to PDRM was also stationed in Batu Caves, so I felt it was quite safe to give it a go.

I’ve always been a big critique; it is my nature not to give a fuck about any individuals who might get hurt during the process of my writing. I hated the temple committee because they’re some of the biggest scam machines in the country today, raking in millions of dollars from the gullible public each time there is a major festival but they fail to give back to the community. People say the money actually do not go to community development, but it goes to committee development. Some truth in that.

Anyway, by the time I left, Thaipusam 2015 had suprisingly left a major positive impression on me that I could not even believe what I’ve experienced.

Here’s why I think Thaipusam 2015 was awesome…

The Jaga Machas

I must admit, I was quite close to the temple, and I parked in front of someone’s house, and there was a parking guy there (Malay man) whom I willingly paid to let me park in front of their housing area. Unlike other years, though I parked in areas miles away from the actual temple; it was controlled by young Indian youths in dozens who would demand anywhere between RM 15 to RM 20 to park just by the side of the road.

Attas and Munis

As you would have noticed, the amount of self-made Kaliattas and Munis in this year Thaipusam had decreased because a lot of restrictions had been placed by the authorities. A new force called Thaipusam Task Force had done a fantastic job in ensuring that weapons like machetes, tridents and AK-47’s are banned from entering the temple compound. Malaysian Hindu Sangam had also been very influential in educating and creating awareness among the public.

I basically have no qualms with this attas around, but the amounts of weapon that they carry in a group sometimes do make me go a bit worried. Again, though I saw a couple of sharp tridents around, the rest of the Munis were literally hanging around weaponless. Quite sad to see them in that state but I guess safety should come first.

Vuvuzela and Pei Munji

As if their fashion sense is not horrifying enough, most Machas resort to wearing these scary masks and blow up the Vuvuzela’s , which had always been extremely annoying. This year, I not only did NOT hear any sound of these vuvuzelas, but also I did not even see a single shop selling these items . But it is quite alarming to note that there was an increasing number of tattoo shops around the vicinity of the temple.


The Gangsta Boys

PDRM did an awesome job in ensuring this; mostly young toilet haired boys who are usually seen disturbing and taunting on girls had decreased drastically, perhaps due to the heavy presence of well-equipped police force. Anyone spotted wearing anything related to gang numbers were immediately arrested.According to my brother, hundreds of Machas had been arrested over the few days leading to Thaipusam, and nearly 1700 policemen had been stationed around Batu Caves to take care of the security of the devotees.

Gambar sekadar hiasan

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  • Shenta

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    Even I felt the same way too. I didn’t see any RELA members this year. The only annoying thing happened was, our people weren’t following the designated entrance and exit routes to the temple viciniry which was causing traffic among pedestrians. Another highlight of this year’s Thaipusam is the blackout.

  • Kumaran Rajamoney

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    I would say that I’ve experienced the same calm, pleasant Thaipusam in Penang. All the Thanner Panthal seem to play only devotional songs. Avoiding cinema song help to reduce the number of ‘Macha’ who offer free street dance.

    As a journo who’ve been there almost every year reporting the event, this is the best I’ve experienced so far. And since I’m not on duty this year, I had a wonderful time. Kudos to the temple committee, PDRM and whoever worked hard to make this happen. :)

  • kt

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    This year, at Batu Caves, there was bottleneck as paal kudam carriers used the normal way up at the stairs and the kavadi route up the stairs. They then waited to pour the milk, converging in a V at the hill temple. The public/tourist route was in the middle of the V and blocked. The “crowd jam” went all the way down the hill.

  • My_osaurus

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    Wow, I never knew of the dark side of Thaipusam. Thank goodness this year’s celebration went off so well.


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