Who Am I?

I have but a simple policy, as long as you induce no harm on others, its perfectly fine to do anything.

My name is SK Durai, and my mission is to uplift the Machas and build a self sustaining Malaysian Indian community.

I love everything about this world, and have much passion about it. Hence the result you can see in my blog usually will relate to anything and everything. Indians girls and guys, Love and Relationship, My life, Spiritualism, Religion, Nature, Life and Living, Meditation , Yoga, Bizarre Foods and presenting the unexpected would be the content of this blog.

I run :


www.maire1.com(Where I write political news and let other controversial and highly talented notorious Indian bloggers to publish their piece of magic in words)

www.saifund.org with a bunch of like minded behind the scene heroes/heroins with your money to help Tamil schools and kids.

I would love to hear from all of you. You can contact me at :



51 comments to Who Am I?

  • Joseph

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    Não pare, continue a escrever, porque escreve bem.
    Já li alguns artigos e gostei. Ainda chegará onde quer chegar.
    Desejo-lhe sucesso!

  • Mrs.Florence Raj

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    Your blog is quite interesting. Somethings cannot be changed sometime but anytime anything can be changed.

  • lizard

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    Bravo bro!!
    Good Luck neway…
    Eppedi okkeran parre ….

  • TrueGemini

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    i knw indian bloggers have been existing for some time now, bt ive jst gotten into the mode/..hehe
    neway, nice stuff u have here…u can count on my comments frm nw on :)
    please do update it wit interesting stuffs ya!!

  • Shankar

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    Have to say you blog/postings are original and smart. There aren’t many blogs by Indian youths writing about what’s happening on the ground. And interestingly your command of the English language is also very good…and your Tamil is colourful! Rare combination. Keep it up.

  • Danger Mouse

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    You’ve got a intresting blog with even more intresting topics!
    Hope to see more coming

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    @TrueGemini : Thanks girl. Well, u keep visiting, I always have something exciting to share! :)

    @Shankar : Thanks brother, your words certainly inspiring. If there is anything that continues my writing, it’s that kinda of short comment of yours.

    @Danger Mouse : Well, you can count on it. It will be there:)

  • nith.

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    Hello again! I wanna read more & more! Heee. Everything here makes sense and i wonder why some brainless cow’s can actually say what you’re writing is nonsense. Dont ever get demotivated with those people :) Now i’ve got my dad reading this site. Aha. I am a blogger, but just a life blogger. I’ll never have the guts like you do. I really salute your guts of being willing to undertake things that involves risk on blogging! ;)

    ps: I’ve always been afraid of Indian gods tho i myself am an Indian, no offence. Wondering why there’s people with trance and all that freak me out. One day i read your post on What’s God & What’s Not. Man, that’s the best post regarding Hinduism i’ve ever read.

    I find your work super fascinating! Great job :)

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    @nith. : Thanks nith. Your words certainly are encouraging. I’ll write as much as I can and keep everyone entertained :)

    P.S : Plz Subscribe to my mailing list

  • Karupi

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    i don’t really read any types of blog out there,don’t ask me why..i was never really into them until my friend asked me to check out ragedindian.com..now, the only blog i read is yours.it’s interesting..glad to know that there are still educated, open minded indian guys/girls around..the topics you cover are interesting as well and funny at times(especially the comments from readers)..so, keep up the good work and thanks for the effort u put into this!!1 more thing, if u dont mind me asking,how old r u?it’s totally cool if u dont wanna answer this question..just curious..hehe

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    @ Karupi : Thanks for reading and your words are certainly encouraging. I’m 24 .

  • V-RocK

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    This is my introduction to blogging =)

    but one small prob is.. i seem confused over certain comments and posts..

    I hope you dont delete any posts cos when i read some of them, there seems to be some missing stuff.. i hope you would consider this bro. and great job with the blogspot, by the way (^^)

    • Durai

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      Don’t run riot on my blog brother. This is my blog, and you’re allowed to comment here, but no personal attacks. Only give your opinions/suggestions if you have any, regarding what I’ve written. Happy reading and welcome aboard brother :)

  • Frank Tham

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    happen to found ur blog whn i was searching 4 d accident news… so i read some of ur othr blog as well & i guess u deserve to knw dat its quite good & entertaining. Just keep up d good wrk & all d best!

  • Shakthi

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    I never really read blogs and stuff…..i got here by pechiamman n started to read ur posts…..well its very impressive and genius…im running a learning centre in bukit tinggi klang…..i hv subscribe ur mailing. hope to share lots of valueable info with…congrats n keep going bro…

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    nice blog… ur blog is kinda interesting. :)

  • ShaMeeNu

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    Awesome blog:)
    You made me lurve reading after such a long tym:)

  • Ajeethaa

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    Durai, I am proud of you man. I was born in KL 3 decades ago. Had to leave the country to our younger sibling just across, 20 years ago. I am no longer living in both countries. i came across your blog (incidentally) whilst surfing the net on Shaila Nair. Boy, long live Indians in Malaysia. Indians in Malaysia were known for their excellent command of English and after reading your blog, I can safely say Indians in Malaysia have not lost their glory.
    Perhaps you could write something on the country’s development for people like me. You see from where i am, i do not get news on Msia or Spore. I am deeply concerned about the our people’s welfare in Msia. Any good development so far? India’s PM is in Msia I heard. Any good news?
    I am not sure why Samy Vellu is still showing his face in the world of politics after last defeat in the election. By seeing Shaila in one of your photos, I would certainly believe she is being ropped into the game as well. Boy…there are so many things to read about Malaysia!

    Well Durai, keep up your excellent work. You have just got one fan from a faraway land.



    Thank you so much Ajeetha :) Appreciate your words, unfortunately I no longer blog:) Thanks for all your kinds words though:)

    You may get in touch via FB, it’s the same email address:)

  • jamuna

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    Your blog is freaking funny. Enjoyed reading most of your posts (though some were pretty annoying-male chauvinism indeed ;D) fun reading through them.

    It’s a shame though that you have quit blogging. Else, I would have had a blog to constantly visit :D

  • rivinvijay

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    your blog make people think, and what indian community doing in their daily lifestyle!. i like it. kp it up bro! may all indian read it!

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    Hye there Mr. Durai.. I have been following your blog for the pass two weeks already.. I find all your post to be so truthful and I don’t beg to differ.. I love the way you portray your thoughts in your writings.. Being a girl myself, I do find you to be sexist but deep down I tend to agree to each and every word you say.. I was introduced to this blog by a friend.. Now its my exam week and I tend to read your blog at times where I just need relaxation..Its sad that you’ve stopped writing and its sad that I’ve just discovered your blog..I admire your charity work too.. and I really hope you will continue writing someday..tc..

    p/s: I blog too.. I realise we share our inspiration from almost the same source-FRIENDSTER..

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    this is very powerful temple ….I most visit this temple at least once in a month …
    even though its far away for me..,I never miss that wonderful opportunists to go to this temple every month.
    Om Sakti Anggalam Paramaswari Pechaiammanaku JAI…10Q..

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    You are amazing. There is truth in what you say and the best part is, I have to say you have the “Siapa yang termakan cili, dia yang terasa pedasnya.” *high 5*

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    (Please excuse the first comment it is incomplete.)

    You are amazing. There is truth in what you say and the best part is, you have the “Siapa yang termakan cili, dia yang terasa pedasnya” effect. Awesome.
    *high 5*

  • anantha

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    m hapie 2 c an indian wit such wide tinkn.. finaly.. sum1 out ter agree wt d way i luk at d world..! =D
    kip up ur gud wok.. wld luv 2 c mur controversional topics 2 be debated and discusd..

  • Mirror on the wall

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    Dear Durai,
    I stumbled upon your blog a few days ago and have been hooked on since then. Well, the moment I saw the tagline ‘a macha who blogs’ I laughed cynically. I though you are just another Indian dude who is going to rant and ramble about how fucked up your life is. However, after reading some of your posts I was sitting in front of my laptop, jaw dropped, eyes fixed on every word and speechless. Still, I wasn’t satisfied so I decided to look for some flaws so that I can bash you for being an idiot. But instead I ended up suggesting your blog to a few of my friends. I have to admire you for your brain ‘tickling’ arguments and solid evidence that you include to justify every point. I like the way you analyse and send the message across to the readers (us) …Its comprehensible and gets through our thick skull. I’m eagerly looking forward to educate myself through your blog. Thank you. Cheers.

  • Thiru

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    Kutali good job

  • Nitya

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    Hey Durai, just discovered your blog and i have to say, bravo man! Though i may disagree with you on certain notorious opinions you put forward, i cannot help but nod my head and laugh at your every sarcastic remark and honest outlook about the most trivial things. Sometimes i even remain dumbstruck for at least 30seconds after reading any one article. You are an incredulous, cynical person who scrutinizes everything (which in a blogger is a remarkable attribute) Also, you’re highly articulate in expressing your views, aren’t you. I’ve stumbled upon numerous blogs by indians and i must say the english used is rather horrendous, but yours my friend is almost impeccable. It makes it easier to fathom the contents and allows smooth reading. So, i guess what i am trying to say is that this is an AWESOME blog, i’ve already subscribed to it, and please do keep blogging will you. Kudos to you mate. =)

  • janggo jega

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    why tok bout me la paa? tamizh makkals down down, i wandoo up up… don mek a jock about me ah! if kaiggeh all know, im see dowan gang war all.. if i mas go back last time and bit a peaple, i are redi. Yinthonesia ponnu vaazhge!

  • Vboss

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    Hie there Mr. Durai,

    Would be great if you could write up an article about marijuana.. Would be wonderful to read an article about marijuana, looking into the factor that marijuana is recognized in the medical field as well and is legal in few other countries , but in Malaysia it carries the capital punishment of – hanged till death….

    Fans request…

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    Hi bro,
    Like wat u write. Keep it up!

  • May

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    hey durai. awesome blog. love your sarcasm, i so get what u r trying to say. keep up the great job!

  • Clara

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    If God gave someone brains and sarcasm at the same level, its solely you!

  • alan

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    brother.. few months ago while im accesing kalimuthu information,i got to know ur webpage.
    I really stand up and salute u. your information and cleverness shocked me.
    I can say you are genius.. keep it your work. god bless u always

  • Thumb up Thumb down 0

    Bro… You Gangsta!! For Sure I Predict Some Pimp Shit For You. The Sense Of Irony And Rage I Believe Can Drive You To The Darkside. We Like It That Way. Don’t Stop With This Blog, Make Your Presence Known. I’ve Got Your Back If You Want To Go Mainstream. Augmenter la nouvelle Génération De Guerriers Voix.

  • hema

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    Your rantings shout honesty. I came across your blog by chance. I have to admit I was very much intrigued by the line up of topics you’ve blogged about. I like the way you narrate your views, to give your own perspective on whatever issue you chose to address (even on matters deemed ‘sensitive’). Keep it up…eloquence is rare, you have it :)

  • Vine

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    Hi Anne , your blog is SO …..No words to desribe it ..Awesome ! I like your view about Indian youths nowadays , its so funnny and 100% TRUTH :D Gotta Add you n Like ur page on FB :D

  • KS

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    Durai for president!

  • Thevan

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    Dear Durai

    My name is Thevan and currently working on my research subject “Tourist Perception of Safety in Kuala Lumpur. I am glad and find some of your postings interesting after having a quick glance of the content on you web. I only got to know about your web after reading in the Star today. I would like to have some recommendation and your point of view of fighting crime as you have witnessed through your childhood & teen days. Would greatly appreciate you could send me an e-mail.

    Thanks a lot buddy!

  • Sahizan Sahedan

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    Hi there macha Durai,

    Good work bro. It seems that nowadays, youngsters as early 12 years old are getting involved in gangsterism. What a shock. Not only Indian but Malay, Chinese no exception. I am very impressed on your effort and hoping to see my Malay races are doing the same what you did. Everyday there will be a crime in newspaper which sometimes involving casualties. We know that it will be really difficult to have 0 crime but maybe, I hope that with this effort it will be reduced. I have lot of Indian friends during my school days and I really salute them after 20 years, they become somebody. One of them still in mind was a big gangster in school and we always had gang clash during those days but when we met at gathering, he is now a doctor!!!!…Last but not least, I hope your effort will be paid off one day and all the best Macha!!!god bless you….

  • ramayee sinnasamy

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    I share the same views as you Durai. Stop building temples or wasting the badly required funds on them, instead use them to educate our kids.
    Some time ago, I suggested this to a newly build temple committee but they refused, not even to let the kids to spend time reading at the temple. Reading materials were available to be given for this purpose.

    Its such beautiful work that you are carrying on. Please do not stop.

  • Curious Chinese

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    Hi, I came across your blog by chance and read some articles.
    I’m a Singaporean Chinese and have Malaysian Chinese friends but sadly no Malaysian Macha friends. I have heard their views about life in Malaysia and now finds it interesting to hear from you.
    I applaud your passion and care of the Malaysian Indian community.
    Keep up with the writing and wish you all the best!

  • Purple Butterfly

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    i just recently started reading your blog and you got me hooked on it instantly.. your views and opinions about the happenings in Malaysia is really out of the box. reading your blog was really an eye opener for me.. good job Seriously..!!

  • Jack

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    Ive just returned to Malaysia after spending nearly 30 years away. I found your blog to be educational and matter of factly painting a true problem of the issues and addressing ways in which some of these issues maybe resolved. Keep up the good work.

  • kalaimani

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    i am in fvour of a law saying ” all castes are of equal status’. what is happening in MIC is now s caste politics. samyvellu and dr subra are relative iesame kallar caste. they dont want palanivel czhe is of the mudaliar caste. in india the parliament passedtheir constitutionin january 1950 saying ” al acstes are of equal status’. castes means community or family eg nair family, naidu family, goundar family, thevar family etc. what do u think durai. pls comment


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