Best of the Best (M1 TOPICS)

I figured that most of my highly entertaining articles(by readers rate) is sinking because of the new articles, and it’s kinda waste if any of the new readers do not to read this articles. So, I have compiled together a number of articles which I think deserves to be in the M1 list.

Guaranteed to knock you into senses and humor would remain the priority in all this articles. Thank you for reading. Enjoy!

Funeral of a Macha

The Slavery of Malaysian Indians

The Notorious Macha Gangsters

Mallu Sister on a Rampage

The Man with 9 Kids

Bersih 3.0 : The showdown

BERSIH 3.0 and the pathetic MIC

Swami Jil Jil Jiga Jiga

Amsterdam – Where nothing is Illegal

The Call for Jihad

Atta Buka Mata Part 2

What if she’s pariah?

The Ultimate Guide to Thaipusam

How to be An Indian Gangster

Snake Babu

The History of Machas

Madhu – I’m a Girl

Todi Bawah Pokok

Slashed to Death


Samsu, Temples and Indians

The Legendary Botak Chin

Million Dies…

Hidup Sampai Mati

Dear God…

Comedy Piece

Dribble through Trouble

The Macha Dance

Beyond Ordinary

God ,Help Me 2

The Real Facebook Pwincezz

Why I Walked…

Your Dream Macha

Revolutions of Riding 2

Aiyo Thangachi


Runaway Meenachis

Gangster Papa

Huge Embarrassment to the Machas

GuruSwamy from TamilNadu

Atta Buka Mata

Giving Away Greed

Say No to Indian Porn

Facebook Pwincezz

A Disclaimer


Intercock and Double Life

M1 Valentine Tips

Respect Macha!

Poodle Mania


Farewell then

Photo Predators

India – Part 3

India – Part 2

India – Part 1

India – Prequel

Glasses and Poses

Exorcism of Anneliese Michel

Desi TV Movie Reviews

Cast Away

The Notorious P.Kalimuthu

A Reminder

Facebook Retards

All in All

My Tragic Fishing Story


FAQ’s  about Hinduism

New Beginning/Old Style

Star Whores

Kamananda Swamigal


Types of Males

Cheating Indian Girls For Dummies 2

Thaipusam and the Vow


Fucking Young and the Consequences

Gangster’s Paradise


Indians and their Stunts

5 Deadly Sins

Law of Karma

The Power of Change

Bullet in the Head

Dead yet Restless

Temple’s vs Schools

Heaven on Earth

Wasted Sperms

No Money, No Honey

Loverboy Lines

Macam macam ada la Hinduism

Dumb and Dumber

Figure It Out

Good Guys/Bad Guys


What’s God and What’s Not

Muar Kali- Redefined

My Last Moments…

Population Solution

Durai Likes This

Faces of Death


Signs of Death

I’m an Ox

Beware of DingdingKumar

Dream come True

Cooking with Durai

Kambethe Mohana 2 Modern Madonna

Soda Club

Old Resolution,New Year

Durai Loves Pussy (LOL)

Illegally God

Indians Invasion

Tempted to Touch


BrainInTheAss Childrens…

Indian Machis

God,Help Me!

Indian Machan

Cheating Indian Thonggis For Dummies

Thunder vs Raaga

Nai Story

Bullets and Indians


Dark History

Kamachi’s Dream Guy

In Between

Cheating Indian Girls For Dummies

My story


Gossip City

The Friendly Indians


Ayo Tuhan,black cat crossed!


Indians are Cra’p’b La…

Portable Porn

Teenage Mutant Friendster Indians

1942 Love Story



Hindu Yes, Or Hindu Not?

We’re Pariah’s!


Girls and Lies

Kampung Mali!

Forward or bad fuck!

1 little,2 little ,3 little Indian girls…..

Why do I eat beef?

Indian Gangs In Malaysia -Deep Down

The Indian Stare

The revolution of Riding?


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    >.< it's 6am in few minutes and I can't sleep reading your works. arghh. AWESOME! and I started at 12+am.

  • Norman Louis Dorasamy

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    Durai, one of my team mate give me this link yest hats off for u man, ur are doing a great job, keep it up and dont give a F for any one….

  • mama jama chumma (Kicik punya)

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    Thalaivar Durai, if I write comments you’ll put under “awaiting verfification / confirmation”, but the guy above seems to be immune to that, you have wasted valuable space by approving the above comment. Anyway, I hope you don’t anything personal against by taking longer than usual time to approve my comments..hahaha I love you, man !! Peace bro !!

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  • Gayathri RR

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    Durai, salud la! Every indian should read ur posts.

  • Geeta

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    Just yesterday i noticed on this blog and i read on what’s god and what’s not.I totally agree on it.I have a question.Should Hindu worship shivalinga? Since shiva linga is known as phallus and yoni(male and female genital parts).


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