Awesome Thaipusam!

“Thalle! thalle! thalle! DEI THALLE!” (Move aside) A young guy in his 30’s was being held in a plastic chair, he had slash wounds all over his body. It was horrifying and even by looking at it both my balls was up in my throat, and he was being rushed perhaps for the ambulance by […]

4 Ways MIC Could Gain Back the Trust of Indians

The ongoing Anwar sodomy trial is getting nationwide attention and BN as usual is very much focused to try to gain as much political mileage possible by this event. I was browsing the news related to it the other day when I came across… This is definitely not the first time I’ve seen something like […]

Tamil Schools and the Forty Thieves

“Result yenna achi?” I asked… “Na, na number 1 class le. Ninety ke mele” Said the sweet angel. “Nee, uneke result yenna achi?” I asked her best friend. Showed me a thumb down sign and a sad face… “Yelameh uttikichi na…” I could hardly contain my laughter; these are 7 year olds communicating to me. […]

Top 5 Wannabe Ustaz

There had been too many individual cases of insulting non-Muslims in this country lately that I decided to come up with a countdown for the best of the worst. The reason why I’ve chosen not to highlight about other cases is because most of them were not as seriously highlighted, and cases involving non-Muslims are […]

Supportlah Local Artist!

This is my personal opinion about this movie and our local industry. I represent no individuals. “Ore ticket bro, Malaysia movie ke…” “One ticket bro, for the Malaysian movie…” “Malaysia movie oh, Vivagarathu ah ne?” “Oh Malaysia movie, Vivagarathu right bro?” He showed me the screen and told me to choose a seat. “Yethe bro […]

Dasamahavidya – Nothing I’ve seen

Arhhhhhhhhhhhhh…… A loud shrieking voice…. My girlfriend closed her face, she could not watch it. I sat there, awe-struck and totally absorbed. I do not even want to blink as I fear I might miss some precious moments. One by one, absolutely stunning piece of magic in the form of dance began to unfold in […]


When I first saw the news about the flight missing early morning yesterday, I was quite shocked. At that point, it has already been 8 hours since the flight had last made contact. I immediately muttered quick prayers and hoped all of them would be fine. I travel quite a lot, and I have to […]

Bulb Baba

RPT silap masuk, itheke meleh unggeleke attack meleh attack than. In upcoming blogs which would be published in , I will expose all their internal teachings . Last week, I received yet another warning from a fellow friend, who have close contacts with the most famous bulb eating circus performers in Malaysia; the RPTians […]

Paid Dogs

MIC is a sette pambe, but I respect and have contacts with some individuals who are genuinely trying to do something. But these genuine people would never be able to help, because they’re headed by greedy and shameless leaders.  KAJANG: Why should police investigate the Muslim NGOs who offered a cash reward for anyone who […]

Beribu Syaitan Naik Batu Caves

Had to insert this post in between the Sabarimala posting, because I’m so pissed. Without a doubt, many issues raised in this blog had always revolved around race, religion, ethnicity and our Indian community here in Malaysia. We’re living in a country where there are 3 major races; the Malays, the Chinese and the Indians. […]

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