Of Starbucks,Petronas,Charity and Deepavali

This year, Malaysian Indians had been riled up badly because of two major issues. The first was because of Petronas Deepavali advertisement which totally destroyed our culture, heritage and the image of Malaysian Indians. Malaysian Hindu Sangam and MIC came out of their caves to fight for our rights and finally succeeded in making Petronas […]

Of Kids, Spiritualism and Tamil Schools

I would like to dedicate this post and salute my Sai Fund team members; Vivek, Viknes,Selina, Kannan, Sharon, Banu, Laura, Preeta for being the backbone of this organization and continuously work behind the scene to ensure the success of each project. I bow down in respect of all those individuals who had sponsored, donated, and […]

The 4th

This article is dedicated to all of you who had helped Sai Fund in one way or another; my readers and friends who had supported this cause and be part of it. We were in SJK(T) Brafferton the other day(9th March 2012) for yet another round of charity. This is the biggest charity that we’ve […]

Festival of Lights

In 2005, the Government allocated 64.84 million for Tamil schools; on top of that another 100 million was given to aid the schools. In 2008, another RM 100 million was allocated and recently announced this year in 2011, we have another RM 100 million allocated for Tamil schools. This three alone, which was announced, totals […]

Sai Fund Event

……………………… I was extremely busy past weekend with my certification exam which I failed miserably, my cousins wedding and the charity. Past week was one of the busiest week in my life. It is without a doubt that almost everyone loves kids. As preplanned earlier, through Sai Fund, we successfully organized another event for the […]

Tamil School Charity(3)

Total spend for the charity and cost would be listed soon. This article contains lots of pictures, please be patient while it loads. As expected, this post would be all about the charity we conducted on the 22nd of February. The previous night, I was in KFC to order all the items needed for the […]

The Plan – Charity

So, yes, with the first part of the charity over, let’s go on to the second part. Before that, I would like to say huge thanks for all those who had supported my cause for this current charity. The initial target of RM 1000 was broken way out of record, with a total collection of […]

Thaipusam and the Vow

Well, as you might have expected, Thaipusam is over and this post would be dedicated entirely for my experience during Thaipusam. I would separate this article and tell you the story in a chapter by chapter sequence. That way, I guess it would make a better understanding. It will be accompanied by lots of pictures, […]

Happy New Year Macha!

We’re at the end of it again, and a New Year starts, and some of you might be writing down new resolution, some of you might be thinking about your accomplishment in 2009. I’ll be in PD this year, due to budget constraints. Now, let’s make this simple, and basing on my articles, I would […]

Charity:Hook Me Up

UPDATE : Confirmed transactions : DuraiĀ  : RM 100 Brother IP : RM 101 Brother Deva : RM 50 Brother Lizard : RM 50 True Gemini : RM 100 G : RM 100 Brother Kavilan (Klang, S’gor) :RM 100 Viji : RM 50 Geetha : RM 50 Brother Sri : RM 100 Sis Shaila : […]