Happy Deepavali!

I’m tired and writing this despite being exhausted after my recent dance and drink vacation in Pulai Spring Resort. You should check out the place, it’s wonderful. I’ll be away after Deepavali for a vacation again thus there won’t be any update for some time.This post marks the start of my Deepavali celebration . It’s […]

Tamil School Charity

There will be two version of this story: One written by me and the other by Brother Makkez. We chose to write two versions to reflect from our own perspective what happened there. Thank you. I know most of you are waiting anxiously about what had happened to your money. I can’t wait to tell […]

It’s Charity Time!

Update: Good day. As you can see from the response : Majority is going for Option 1. I had a brief discussion with Brother Makkez yesterday and we’ve concluded further details. Plan : No1 : Tamil school charity (Which school would be decided later after round of selection) Execution Date : 28/ 06/ 09 What […]

Thailand and Thaipusam

I will be going on ‘vacation’ to Thailand this coming Friday. Thus, I’ll be writing about Thailand later. Now, read about Thaipusam. ———————————————— You must be expecting this post about Thaipusam this year since I had informed you in the previous post. It was not like any other year, I must say. At least for […]

MalaysiaMix.Com Penangite 2009!

Guys, this is one event you should not miss if you’re a Penangite! More than dozens of Malaysia’s Mannin Mainthargal performing. Show your support and datanglah beramai-ramai! ———————————————- Info and details as follow : MalaysiaMix.Com Penangite 2009! Date: 15th Feb 2009 Venue: Dewan Sri Pinang , Georgetown Price : RM 30(Entrance) RM 50(Entrance , MalaysiaMix’s […]

Old Resolution,New Year

I’m publishing this entry couple of days earlier than New Year because in few days time, most of you wouldn’t be here anymore. All would be on break.The Machans would be with their bottles, the girls would be out for party too. And since I want most of you to read this entry before New […]

It’s Deepavali

This is going to be a very long post. I’ll be away for a week. Read on. As I have mentioned earlier in my previous post, you could expect this post to be about the charity that we had last Saturday on the 18th of October. This small charity event was initially suggested by Brother […]