Atta Buka Mata Part 2

A part of this article was written sarcastically. I’ve tried explaining this in the simplest manner. This article is dedicated to Dhurga R, Geetha and Prasana. Around the year 1858, one good looking young man walked into the village of Shirdi, in Mahasashtra, India. He was unknown, and he looks like a mere beggar. He had […]

Beyond Ordinary

I’m not responding much to any of your comments lately, but remember that I do read them and get encouraged.  It takes days to write and finish up an article sometimes, there is too many things in what you’re reading for a mere few minutes.  This blog is also 100% ad free, it’s not for […]

Sri Anggalamman Temple, Kuala Selangor

This is an old post from my temple visits. As you already know, I’ve closed my other blog, and temple hunting articles would be combined together in this blog. If you have any pictures(your own visit) that you want to share, please contact me. Let’s visit Sri Anggalamman Temple, Kuala Selangor. This temple is located […]

Happy New Year Macha!

We’re at the end of it again, and a New Year starts, and some of you might be writing down new resolution, some of you might be thinking about your accomplishment in 2009. I’ll be in PD this year, due to budget constraints. Now, let’s make this simple, and basing on my articles, I would […]

Oh Penang 2

With immediate effect, the usage of the word ‘asshole’ had been banned in this blog. If you happen to use this word, your comment would fall under moderation queue.  If it’s needed, I would release the comment. I love Penang. Even though I’ve been there quit a number of times, each time it always provides […]


It’s been quite a break from blogging world and I’ve kept myself busy with some of the important things that I always wanted to do. Nevertheless, keeping away from writing is something that I could not do. I have written quite a number of articles in between whenever I had time, so, hopefully the publishing […]

Pechayiamman Temple, Klang

I’ve decided to close down my other blog about exotic temples and combine it together over here in This is due to millions of hits I’ve been receiving for the other blog and I guess closing it down would bring the millions of hits to instead. I would talk about all the temples […]

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