Atta Buka Mata Part 2

A part of this article was written sarcastically. I’ve tried explaining this in the simplest manner. This article is dedicated to Dhurga R, Geetha and Prasana. Around the year 1858, one good looking young man walked into the village of Shirdi, in Mahasashtra, India. He was unknown, and he looks like a mere beggar. He had […]

Exorcism of Anneliese Michel

I would like to remind all of you to confirm your subscription once you’ve entered your email address in my blog. There would be a confirmation email send to you which you need to confirm.I’m still working on the charity mail blast, so please hold on. It’s Friday. I have another article ready, but couldn’t […]

The Eerie Snore(True Story)

Somehow I feel like I’ve written the most fucked up article(albeit a true story) in the ‘history’ of writing here in So, my mistake, sorry and I promise a better article next time. This article is beyond repair. (This is added after the article had been published) I have lots of new readers here, […]

Happy New Year Macha!

We’re at the end of it again, and a New Year starts, and some of you might be writing down new resolution, some of you might be thinking about your accomplishment in 2009. I’ll be in PD this year, due to budget constraints. Now, let’s make this simple, and basing on my articles, I would […]


It’s been quite a break from blogging world and I’ve kept myself busy with some of the important things that I always wanted to do. Nevertheless, keeping away from writing is something that I could not do. I have written quite a number of articles in between whenever I had time, so, hopefully the publishing […]

Cerita Hantu

It’s been a while since I’m talked about ghost and spirits. I have few stories pending to be posted, please give me some time. Meanwhile I got hold of the below story which was nevertheless, creepy. The person who wrote the story must be obviously scared to death while writing his experience. I can’t imagine […]


I would like to remind all of you that the due date or the closing date for the charity donation would be on Sunday (28/06/09). The execution had been postponed to next week Friday (03/07/09) since we could only purchase the items next week. Just in case, if there is any last minute donation that […]

Eyes of Kali

I was indeed shocked when one of my office mate showed me this video the other day. I’m not someone who would believe blindly on things but this video is indeed something that shouldn’t be brushed off aside .This video had not been circulated around as of now. If this video is indeed true and […]

What’s God and What’s Not

This story is dedicated to all the blind fools who follow everything that other people say without doing a research or without any advice. Like what people say plunging into death blindly, this is how this people does things and also influence others the same way. This story is based on what I’ve studied in […]

Signs of Death

Death. The moment our soul leaves our body and we’re no longer in this world as they say. No one knows exactly where we will be heading or going, as none had experienced it. True, there are countless amounts of awaken from death type of stories, but the credibility of this stories remains unknown. Some […]