Malaysian Indian Hot Girls

You see, many of you had written to me about this issue. I really didn’t want to write about it because it will make it even more viral. But; your call.  As some of you may have already known, a number of pages had come up recently uploading pictures of Indian Meenachis in Facebook. Their […]

Bawani KS

You probably would have heard about Bawani IPS, a Tamil movie starring Sneha who acted as a tough and stern police women protecting the public from the rowdies and criminals. And probably now you would have heard about Bawani KS, one of the most talked about girl by netizens for the past few days. The […]

The Pussy Hunter

Those who are affected by this guy, do contact me personally. This is not something new. This is something I’ve always heard, and I personally know many people who abuse their position or power to gain something. I’ve a wide range of readers here who are studying abroad and locally, who had been sexually abused […]

Ripped Apart

Sources are put together to write this article,any inaccuracies , I apologize. She had just finished watching the ‘Life of Pi’ with her friend, and boarded the school bus to get back home, a ride that proved fatal for her. We all know the story by now, it is now a massive hit with millions […]

Satu Darah Jangan Marah

This blog was written a few weeks back.  My car is usually parked just in front of my house, which is opposite a playing field. Today, there was a bunch of Indian boys playing football, with dustbins placed on both side of the field, and my car is parked right behind one of the dustbin. […]

Runaway Meenachis Part 2

The interesting thing about a lot of Indian girls nowadays is how much they’re more interested in getting into a relationship with someone as useless as shit, and how they glorify and prioritize their new found love over their parents and family members. When I wrote about my cousin sister who went on to stay […]

The Greatest Sin

I was visiting a close relative of mine in Klang General Hospital the other day, and it brought back a lot of memories. I’ve been here before, approximately 10 years back taking care of my grandfather on a rotational night shift on the 8th floor. It was a scary experience when my grandfather freaked the […]

Indian Love Story

The world is moving in such a phase today that nothing seems to be permanent. Everyone wants joy and happiness, none wants sorrow and misery in their life. Although unavoidable, we try to minimize problems in our life, but there is one thing in this world that comes packaged with problems. Relationship. You see, cheating […]

Indian Girls Sex Scams

I remembered a story that was told to me about an Indian girl who had an online relationship with a guy, which ended up in total disaster. The girl was an average looking girl who had for a long time been without a relationship and possibly kering for some time, which made her a perfect […]

Mallu Sister on a Rampage

This is a targeted post, the words are strong.  When I was in secondary school, I had been targeted a few times by my friends from other races, calling me ‘pariah’ , ‘keling‘ and other words they thought suited Indians. I’ve never really bothered this, although deep inside I would feel very angry, but knowing […]