The Man with 9 Kids

I was supposed to publish this earlier, but never got the time. Here’s something for Mother’s day, in a different perspective. I was in Seremban; meeting kids that we have enrolled in our newly arranged free tuition classes under Sai Fund. There were plenty of kids, together with their mothers. Needless to say, the kids […]

The 4th

This article is dedicated to all of you who had helped Sai Fund in one way or another; my readers and friends who had supported this cause and be part of it. We were in SJK(T) Brafferton the other day(9th March 2012) for yet another round of charity. This is the biggest charity that we’ve […]

What if she’s pariah?

Thappe ya, anthe mathiri mudiyathe. Avengge vereh. Its wrong ayya, we can’t do that. They’re different. I was talking to my mom the other day about a very interesting topic when suddenly my grandmother (who is chilling at our home for time being) interrupted and said the above. I stopped, and then knew that now […]

The Ultimate Guide to Thaipusam

This article may be sensitive to some, but get over it and try to understand what I’m trying to convey.  When I was in primary school, my primary transportation to school was school bus. Sometimes I might miss the bus, which means walking back home. The bus driver, a well built Indian uncle, used to […]

The History of Machas

This article  contains half truth and the rest were self-imagination.  Don’t challenge the ‘facts’, since there are none anyway.  In the early 1890’s right up to 1940’s, hundreds of thousands of Indians from India was brought in by British to Malaya. Indian labors opened up the forests, established the rubber plantations, built the roads, railways, […]

Madhu – I’m a Girl

This article is written based on online interview with Bro Kumaraesinggam. All pictures were taken with permission. This article contains images which might be disturbing, reader’s discretion advised. I know you wouldn’t care less anyway. “Macha, baps da dei, bapse…angge pareh…punde,pidiche sappe udenum ithenggelam” “Macha, it’s a transvestite…look there…fuck, we should make them give us […]


This blog was written just for fun, some of you might be doing it, but don’t be offended. Learn to laugh at yourself.  Some people complain that it’s a sad world to live in. We have all kinds of people, some might be bad, some might be good, some might be intelligent, a few might […]

Comedy Piece

I’ve written hundreds of articles in this blog; some very risky articles that can put me in trouble and some very interesting articles that can ease up your stressed day. There is no doubt about the amount of talented bloggers out there, which might be your daily addiction. Although I do not promote work of […]

Dribble through Trouble

I had two issues I needed to immediately highlight to you, so I combined both together in this article. Hopefully the message gets across. And if you wish to donate to Sai Fund or simply interested to fund a child, please contact me. The blessings that I receive during any charity deeds;all credit goes to […]

The Macha Dance

I’ve been having countless useless online arguments lately, triggered by many online Indian cultural upholders. The argument revolved around a video clip which had been making rounds lately, and which I’ve seen like months back. So, I viewed the clip. It features one Indian Macha, dancing in what I will call a Macha dance. It […]

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