Happy New Year Macha!

We’re at the end of it again, and a New Year starts, and some of you might be writing down new resolution, some of you might be thinking about your accomplishment in 2009. I’ll be in PD this year, due to budget constraints. Now, let’s make this simple, and basing on my articles, I would […]

Malaysian Tamil Pariah

I seriously laughed big time when I saw this. Looking at it from the funnier side though, I love when people get creative and make harmless joke about others, which in this case,  was about me. You see, it gets interesting when you have enemies.

Secret Admirer of Durai

I’m kind of happy lately because my reader’s base had shot up drastically for reasons I couldn’t really figure out. Of all my articles, Ipoh Fuck Girl gets the most hit. Which do not really surprise me because obviously people are searching for a girl that they can fuck in Ipoh and end up in […]

Loverboy Lines

This article was written as a matter of fact of what’s happening today.  Since I had limited time to write about it, I could only ask couple of readers to provide me the ‘evidence’ that you would see  towards the end of the article. It is written not with the intention to laugh at those […]


You can call it whatever you want, but there are times that I’m stressed as well. So, let me set things right and get back to you.  My sincere apologies. Will be back with a bang.

Dumb and Dumber

I’m back from Indonesia and stressed , will write soon. Wherever I go, or wherever you may go, if you observe things that happen around you, everything is actually very meaningful. Everything has hidden message behind them. Almost all the things, even the simple ones, carry some meanings behind their behaviors. It all depends on […]

Man U

Tuesday July 21, 2009 Woman stabs hubby for coming home late Other News & Views A WIFE stabbed her husband in a rage after he came home late from the friendly match between Manchester United and the Malaysian team on Saturday, reported Harian Metro. The husband had initially promised his wife to be home by […]

Tamil School Charity

There will be two version of this story: One written by me and the other by Brother Makkez. We chose to write two versions to reflect from our own perspective what happened there. Thank you. I know most of you are waiting anxiously about what had happened to your money. I can’t wait to tell […]


Let’s take a break. This was sent in by one of our readers: Mr. Punithan. Indeed funny. Below is the ‘kolam’ done by Indian girls. And the following is the ‘kolam ‘ done by Indian guys :

Kemalangan Ngeri

Note : This post contains some extremely disturbing ‘graphic’ pictures. Viewer’s discretion advised. So, Durai was out with his cousins and uncle for a wild beer party. A massive amount of beer free-flowed and Durai, as usual licked the beer glass till the last drop like he had never seen beer before in his life. […]

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