The Word Allah 2

Read Part 1 I basically ignored this issue until… “A Muslim rights group has urged Christians in the country to accept the Court of Appeal’s decision on the Allah issue or consider migrating. Ikatan Muslimin Malaysia president Abdullah Zaik Abd Rahman said Christians must accept the supremacy of Islam in the country and safeguard the […]

The Notorious Machas

The article was written based on what I saw and heard. Something else might have transpired there. I was in Changkat last night, together with three of my friends; one of them is a cop. After finishing our prayers, it was already around 2 am when we parted ways and I left. I decided to […]

Nai Story

I’ve been receiving a video clip showing dogs being captured by municipal council workers and people are going emotional that this is animal cruelty of the highest order. The workers can be seen in the video clip mistreating the dogs captured, and at least one of it is bleeding from its mouth. People as usual […]


I abruptly left and decided to go low. “Sanjeevan, 29, was shot by assailants at a road junction near his family home in Bahau, Negeri Sembilan. The memories since that day are hazy, but he remembers the moment his life flashed before his eyes vividly. “I wound down my window at the junction when I […]

Garang dan Parang

I’ve written about many issues in this blog, highlighting crime and social issues which are plaguing our community today. The vast majority of young Indian boys are now getting involved in gangs, some of them without knowing what they’re getting themselves into… Last week, netizens were busy sharing a video clip showing a 33 year […]

Desi Baba

I don’t like hurting people, but truth hurts. I was in a temple a week back; and the only priest there happens to be a friend of mine. There was another young couple, in their early 20’s with a baby in their hand. The priest started the ritual , and then went to the couple. […]

Malaysian Indian Hot Girls

You see, many of you had written to me about this issue. I really didn’t want to write about it because it will make it even more viral. But; your call.  As some of you may have already known, a number of pages had come up recently uploading pictures of Indian Meenachis in Facebook. Their […]

Mati Dalam Lokap

Yet another death in police custody and all we can do is sit and watch. You see, taking it from a practical point of view, it is impossible not to beat a detainee in the lock up if he is involved in some heavy cases, such as the one Mr. Dharmendran was involved with; shooting. […]

Duplicate Hindraf vs MIC

So, finally our minority Prime Minister who has some 70% fake followers in his Twitter account had come up with his ‘transformational cabinet’. The lack of Chinese in the cabinet was expected, but there was a lot of surprise this time around, the biggest of all; the inclusion of Waythamoorthy in the line up. You […]

Hindraf – The New MIC

On November 25 2007, Subramaniam woke up very early in the morning. There is a new beginning for the Indian’s in Malaysia. Years of oppression, suppression and careful marginalization will finally have some answers, or so they said. For the first time since Reformasi period, he will be in the streets again. With his bulging […]