Journey to the East

One year ago, I posted the below as my status. I was disappointed at that time, living a life where our family and corporate responsibilities supersedes our real goal in life. We’re all chasing after something, but we’re just chasing after it because everyone else is doing the same thing. We start studying from the […]

Runaway Meenachis Part 2

The interesting thing about a lot of Indian girls nowadays is how much they’re more interested in getting into a relationship with someone as useless as shit, and how they glorify and prioritize their new found love over their parents and family members. When I wrote about my cousin sister who went on to stay […]

The Greatest Sin

I was visiting a close relative of mine in Klang General Hospital the other day, and it brought back a lot of memories. I’ve been here before, approximately 10 years back taking care of my grandfather on a rotational night shift on the 8th floor. It was a scary experience when my grandfather freaked the […]

Indian Love Story

The world is moving in such a phase today that nothing seems to be permanent. Everyone wants joy and happiness, none wants sorrow and misery in their life. Although unavoidable, we try to minimize problems in our life, but there is one thing in this world that comes packaged with problems. Relationship. You see, cheating […]

The Man with 9 Kids

I was supposed to publish this earlier, but never got the time. Here’s something for Mother’s day, in a different perspective. I was in Seremban; meeting kids that we have enrolled in our newly arranged free tuition classes under Sai Fund. There were plenty of kids, together with their mothers. Needless to say, the kids […]

The Call for Jihad

This article is not meant to justify the atrocities and crime committed by any individuals or organizations. I personally applaud all the efforts taken to bring justice for the Tamilans in Sri Lanka. When I was walking down the streets of London during my very fortunate trip there, I met these extraordinary protesters who had […]

What if she’s pariah?

Thappe ya, anthe mathiri mudiyathe. Avengge vereh. Its wrong ayya, we can’t do that. They’re different. I was talking to my mom the other day about a very interesting topic when suddenly my grandmother (who is chilling at our home for time being) interrupted and said the above. I stopped, and then knew that now […]

Madhu – I’m a Girl

This article is written based on online interview with Bro Kumaraesinggam. All pictures were taken with permission. This article contains images which might be disturbing, reader’s discretion advised. I know you wouldn’t care less anyway. “Macha, baps da dei, bapse…angge pareh…punde,pidiche sappe udenum ithenggelam” “Macha, it’s a transvestite…look there…fuck, we should make them give us […]

Your Dream Macha

If I’m going to talk about my Europe trip nonstop, everyone’s going to show their middle finger to me and take a leave. Everyone’s been forcing me to write, write and write, but really, unless you’re a writer yourself, you will never understand how difficult it is to compose a liner. When you finish writing […]

Aiyo Thangachi

I was watching a clip  the other day when one of my friend suddenly buzzed me in Facebook and said, “Mike, Indian girl clip” True enough, it’s been a long wait. I’ve been making countless repetations of all those old porns.I’ve even started thinking has Indian girls started being that good? Then he gave me […]