My Yoga Journey

I humbly bow down in respect of my spiritual Master B.K.S Iyengar and to my guru Master Mani. You may learn directly from Master Mani – visit I first met Master Mani when I invited him to conduct a charity event in SJKT Pulau Carey, back in April 2011. It was early in the […]

The Legendary Botak Chin

This article was written translating ,quoting, researching and with permission from various sources. Wong Swee Chin or famously known as Botak Chin was one of the most notorious and feared criminal in Malaysia in the early 60’s and 70’s. He was born in Kuala Lumpur in the year 1951. Botak Chin had 10 siblings, and […]

A Disclaimer

Over the past few articles, a lot of interesting questions had been raised up by the people who read this blog. A lot of inputs had also been shared by people, which is a very good sign indeed, because the more info you have regarding an issue, the more knowledgeable you will become. See; let […]

My Tragic Fishing Story

From times I can’t remember, fishing had always been one of my favorite past time. I would not lie to you that I’m very good with my rod(my fishing rod I mean), which makes me an average skilled fishing guy , but although I’ve not caught any record number of fish so far, I still […]

New Beginning/Old Style

What is the meaning behind your new header? There is no specific meaning for it, but as you can see the header as well as the layout had been changed. All credits goes to Brother Makkez for the header design, which is precisely what I had wanted. I’ve made the right and left column fonts […]

Hear This

This is going to be a long article. Read all, and when you have much time You know, life is all about growing up. If you don’t grow up or don’t mature enough mentally by your age, people start to criticize you. Much like that, we all go through a period of growing up, improvising […]

Ghost Writer

I’ve been thinking hard. I’ve been thinking while I’m drinking : I’ve been thinking while I’m sleeping: I’ve been thinking while I’m watching porn: I’ve been thinking while I’m fast asleep: I’ve been thinking while I’m working: I’ve been thinking hard.

Words From You

Let’s start 2010 with something that will lift up my spirit. You see, let’s say you have a talent in singing. You start singing in a event, and out of the 10 people there, 1 decided to come forward and drop you a word of encouragement about your talent. How would you feel? Encouraged and […]

Happy New Year Macha!

We’re at the end of it again, and a New Year starts, and some of you might be writing down new resolution, some of you might be thinking about your accomplishment in 2009. I’ll be in PD this year, due to budget constraints. Now, let’s make this simple, and basing on my articles, I would […]


I’ll be in Penang on Saturday for a short gate-away.  I’ve not written any article yet so if your dog is looking for some bones, you should let them watch this pictures of my body. It’s tempting. I love tattoos and I can also claim I’m kinda addicted to it : Below is my favorite […]